The Nourish Practice for Deep Rejuvenation

The Nourish Practice for Deep Rejuvenation

By  Jack Adam Weber  L.Ac., Dipl. C.H.

Contributing Writer for  Wake Up World

As a Chinese medicine physician, I developed The Nourish Practice to deal with difficult times, to help people learn to receive and to relax, to cope better with difficult times, and to more deeply connect with their own bodies and with the natural world.

Combining the benefits of many body-mind disciplines, The Nourish Practice is an easy, evolutionary, Earth-based, felt-sense meditative and ultra-gentle breathwork process that dissolves stress and fosters a deep sense of fulfillment, calm, connection,  and rejuvenation.

It is specifically for those who are burned out, overwhelmed, and feel too tense and driven, unable to settle peacefully into themselves. It is also for those who are too much in their in heads and want to inhabit their bodies more.

The Nourish Practice provides a life-changing, body-centered experience for learning how to receive and to feel fulfilled—so we don’t need to try to fill ourselves with the consumer goods and things that can never fulfill us, which lead to addiction and further numbing ourselves to the inherent beauty and simple gifts of life. In this respect, the Practice is a radical form of activism, what I call inner activism. The Nourish Practice is also a practice in self-sovereignty that allows us to feel less needy of others and allows us to give more to our relationships. You can read here  what others have said about it.

In our outward-oriented, assertion-focused lifestyles, we forget how to receive what we need to re-fuel and re-charge. The Nourish Practice allows this to happen physically, emotionally, and spiritually. We forget that many  forms of nourishment cannot be grasped and taken; they must be received. This is especially true of intangible forms of nourishment, like love, appreciation, awe, and beauty. In the Nourish Practice we work with the breath in a unique way, what I call “being breathed by the breath,” as a vehicle for  nourishing our core selves with these psycho-spiritual qualities.

We can eat well and do all the “right” things, but unless we know  how  to receive these benefits, we tend simply to employ more doing and consumerism, without really receiving the core nourishment from “good habits.” We never really become fulfilled or know peace and ease in our own skin.

The Nourish Practice therefore creates a deep psychic template for receiving and gratitude, which allows us to begin to gain perspective on everything lumped onto our lives, which we can then to begin to more easily let go, allowing us to unburden and simplify. This is also how the Practice fosters sustainability.

As a form of “Inner Activism” the Nourish Practice leads to what I call “Inner Sustainability,” which allows us to become people capable of caring about the world and living without the many unsustainable comforts that are contributing to the pollution of our world and the numbing of ourselves. As an environmental act of justice and compassion, the Nourish Practice allows us to become friendly and intimate with the amazing physical, energetic, and surprisingly wise terrain of our deep bodies. As we become more integrated, honest, and kinder to ourselves, we can more easily treat others and the planet this way.

What  Does ‘The Nourish Practice’ Involve?

Level I is the foundation of the Nourish Practice, which is primarily a physically-oriented practice. Level I integrates our mind with our body through sustained, intimate, focused attention deep in the belly, or “dan tien.” By activating the parasympathetic  nervous system, known as the “rest, digest and restore” aspect of our psyches, it creates a template or “energetic patterning” for receiving tenderness, goodness, patience, attention, and vital energy deep in our core. Level I has several parts, all of which build upon the foundational experience of “being breathed by the breath” taught in Part I.

Level II will be released in the first half of 2015. It uses the tools of Level I to teach how to come in contact with one’s core emotional wounds through body-centered emotional work. On the emotional level, healing happens paradoxically—by embracing and welcoming our hurts with open arms, the loving presence of our self-care. Level II employs deep body-mind intimacy, relationship with “other,” image-work, and body-centered wisdom so we can show up for feeling and working with the hurts stored in our bodies. Level II is a nourishing process via the clearing of pain, simultaneous with the recovery of inner resources (talents, vitality, passion, love, wisdom, and compassion) through our own abiding courage and loving care. Grief work is the heart of Level II work. The more we love, the more can grieve, and the more we can grieve, the more we can love.

Level III is the “spiritual” level, which I understand as our deeply inspired creative passion. It is how we give back to life for the gifts realized in Level I and the deep heart (inner resources) and vitality we recovered in Level II. When we come deeply in touch with ourselves in Level I, then work through our emotional wounds, we free our hearts and can more easily realize and pursue our callings and felt-sense purpose for being alive. Now free of obstructions, once-repressed hurts, as well as their attendant limiting beliefs, through this now clear and integrated channel we can be of more effective service to the body of the world (individuals, collective values, the natural world) by helping others live with integrity and genuine care. Work at this Level is mostly about how to court and channel our newfound creativity and passion cultivated through Levels I and II.

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TThe Nourish Practice for Deep Rejuvenationhe Nourish Practice can be ordered for the Holidays as a Download or an actual CD by clicking through here. If it’s a gift, enter the email address to which you want the download sent on the order page prompts.

If you have wanted a comprehensive yet relaxing and easy, eclectic yet traditional, Qi Gong-meditation practice that grounds you into being here on Earth and in your body and “resets your nervous system,” look no further.

All readers can purchase The Nourish Practice here at a discounted rate for a limited time. It is satisfaction guaranteed if you practice for at least one week! You will not be the same after practicing it.

The Nourish Practice will change your life in unique ways needed for an experience of “enough,” helping you to feel good at the same time, of course. This is no ordinary practice; it is physiological as well as practically mythological. The practice is an act of radical empowerment in self-love and self-nurturing helping us to unhook from unsustainable addictions and desires and return to a basic, simplicity-sufficient experience of beauty… essential inner activism for our times.

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About the author:

Jack Adam WeberBased on the island of Hawai’i, Jack Adam Weber is a licensed acupuncturist, master herbalist, author, organic farmer, celebrated poet, and activist for Earth-centered spirituality. He lives close to nature and protects the Earth with his body and writing, integrating poetry, ancient wisdom, holistic medicine, and depth psychology into passionate presentations for personal fulfilment as a path to planetary transformation.

Jack’s books, artwork, and provocative poems can be found at his website He can be reached on  Facebook  or by emailing  [email protected].


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