How Social Engineers Syphon Human Energy

How Social Engineers Syphon Human Energy

By  Zen Gardner

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

Have you ever wondered about all these rousing freedom fighting movies and “outnumbered little guy gets back” scenarios? Don’t they seem counter-productive to the cause of the contained, control world we’re being shoe-horned into?  In a world of manipulation and social engineering, why would heavily promoted dramas about  rebellion against totalitarian control, and even specifically against a mechanistic, fascist future, be so prevalent?

Think about how you feel after one such moving media event. Spent.

You might identify with Braveheart or Leonidas and the 300, and every sinew in your body is pulsing with a drive to Get Back at The Man. You feel vindicated in your convictions. “Yes, it’s always been this way and it’s so right to stand up to such obvious oppression and fight to the finish! I so relate and feel that!”

But do you see that actually happening? Why do you think the droids of Orwell’s 1984 were encouraged to participate in the “2 minutes of hate” against the staged enemy of the day? Do you think maybe they knew this innate craving to rebel had to be vented? Sure don’t want it directed at the ‘elite’ now, do we?

Syphoning the Spirit

This is how religion works, or erudite phony intellectualism and the like for that matter. They seem as  self expression and empowerment, nicely encapsulated in an innocuous little bundle of self  absorbtion with zero empowerment. Baked in their belief systems, they won’t hurt anybody; there’s too much self loathing and ‘original sin’ think going on.

“I’m innately bad, carnal and easily misled. I’m wrong by default. Besides, who am I to do anything great like these (deliberately exalted) larger than life figures? But oh how I love living vicariously through the romantic machinations of others!”

“Put on another movie honey, and pass the beer…”

Brilliant, isn’t it? The theater of the mind, easily reinforced by religious literal cinemas, TV screens and scripts thrown about in revisionist history, the nightly news and the readily manipulated false reality shoved in front of our faces through staged  mass media spectacles.

Hell, I’m Spartacus too. Who isn’t?

How Social Engineers Syphon Human Energy - Twin Towers 911

9/11 – Channelled hate toward a fabricated external threat.

These manipulating social engineers really know how to wrap humanity up in itself, using and manipulating its innate intuition and conflicted, compromised values  in dastardly ways.

Glorified, But at Arm’s Length

And how do you work this innate rebellion against tyranny into the hearts of any normal human? You deftly set it aside contextually. It’s either classified as historical information for a day gone by, or would-be-nice romanticism that’s really not for the ‘real’ world. In effect, such rebellion is being mocked as a futile fantasy, but most would never recognize that. Or it is directed at a pre-designed enemy that works in the PTB’s favor. An age old trick.

Again, clever clods – but we’re awakening and asleep no more!

Don’t you find it strange  that so much of this type of expression – stories of fighting for personal freedom – are set in either bygone days, or futuristic, off-the-charts surreal settings? The point is, it’s not now! It never is. “Now” is a time for eviscerating any attention or even memory of any public protest or dissident voice of any sort. “Now” is when governments suppress dissent in ways never  seen in so-called developed countries before. “Now” is a time of drones, surveillance, check-points, tracking and invasive monitoring such as the world has never experienced.

Reality check, please. But you won’t get it from “them”. They don’t like us to make the connection.

So Why the Heroic Rebellion Movies?

Emotional and spiritual exhaustion.

We’re wonderfully, marvelously human. We have hearts, we have empathy, we have love, we have consciousness. That they could be this cold, evil and manipulating is something we’re catching on to at an exponentially accelerating rate. We’re getting it. It’s not in our nature to behave in such dark ways, but they’re forcing us to face their ugly temporal reality and understand their minds – for the sake of our survival.

That’s good, and part of our communal spiritual evolution.  This is yet another wake up for those ready for it. They’re tapping humanity’s innate craving for freedom and love, allowing us our emotional outpouring, but in controlled conditions. That’s what it amounts to. It doesn’t propel people to want to rebel and stand up for a cause. It thwarts it. That’s what all these virtual games are all about. These are all safety valves for release for the revulsion and natural rejection that is building up in every human.

Instead, these staged events and forms of entertainment leave humans emotionally and spiritually spent, and effectively exhausts them. Sad but true.  Cinemas and TVs are spiritual sucking stations. As you suspected, they’re toxic and to be avoided in almost every case. Some worthwhile productions appear, but for me, it’s not worth sorting through the dumpster to find them.

But don’t despair. The Truth is there. The real channeling of information and empowerment is amongst the alternative research community. Granted it too is compromised somewhat, but that can be expected. Don’t be naive. You won’t find the Truth you need to spur your soul.


These are just a few aspects of what they’re up to but important ones to grasp. Living vicariously has become our virtual FEMA camp, and people are thoroughly addicted to it and completely immobilized  –  a very sad state of affairs. To break this cycle takes education, informing people  where they can begin to climb out of this spiritual swill we been  dumped into.

It’s happening. It can be tedious but this is the task before us. They’re blowing their own cover now, coming out in the open, so expect to see a lot more waking up from all walks of life. It’s happening. We may not see it in the throngs on the street or storming the big box stores, but that’s not fully representative of the dynamic now at work.

Keep your  heart and your eyes wide open. Not necessarily in a paranoid or wary state, although that should be a hefty part of looking at today’s world.  But know that we are what they fear the most, and they don’t want us running at full capacity. We are the enemy. An awake and aware populace is their living nightmare, hence all the drugs and deliberate pollution of everything, from our air, water and food to the electromagnetic vibrations surrounding us.

Don’t let them distract or disempower you emotionally, spiritually or otherwise.

Stay awake, aware, alive and conscious and in synch with the Universe and you  will  fulfill your purpose. Starting now.

It’s always now.

As will I.

Much love,

You Are The Awakening

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