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B17 Laetrile

By Niaby Codd

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

Recently my father was diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer and given 6 months to live without treatment. As is the case for so many people, this news came as a huge shock as our worlds were suddenly plummeted into that of uncertainty.

An emotional roller coaster of a journey has now begun but despite this, I found that I actually made peace with the situation very quickly. I knew and accepted that everything is as it’s meant to be. The only time that I felt my gut contort with fear and helplessness was when the doctor explained that even if the chemotherapy and radiotherapy worked, the cancer would come back within 2 years. For a few moments, I felt powerless and helpless against this disease that had now come into our lives.

Being a big advocate of natural therapies over chemical, I immediately started to research alternative cancer treatments. In my research I have found evidence  of over 300 natural, known treatments  [1][6] for cancer, with good success rates. But for me, as soon as I was introduced to vitamin B17, I was confident  that it was the one that I wanted my dad to try and I’m incredibly grateful for the fact that he was open minded enough to try it, albeit along side chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Finding this alternative treatment has allowed us to take back the power into our lives and so I want to share this information with as many people as possible so that others can also feel empowered in their battle against cancer.

Vitamin B17

B17 is a vitamin (yes you heard right), the most rich and natural source being found in apricot kernels and can be used not only to protect against cancer but in many cases has also been used as a successful remedy, when teamed with a good diet and metabolic therapy programme.

There is proven research that shows that a Himalayan tribe called Hunza, as well as the Eskimo’s and various other tribes around the world, when eating their native diet, which naturally contains a lot of B17, have a zero rate of cancer. However, if these same people integrate into western society and change to a western diet, they are equally as susceptible to cancer as the rest of us.[2][3]

Animals in the wild rarely get cancer as B17 can also be found in many types of grass but animals in captivity are still very susceptible to cancer as they are bound to the diet that man provides, which does not contain B17.[2]  One farmer reports that when he changed his grass, many of his previously healthy livestock started to die of cancer. He recognised the correlation and when he had the two types of grass tested, the only difference that they found was that the old grass contained B17 and the new grass didn’t.

If a monkey is given an apricot, he will rip off the juicy, fleshy part, crack open the shell, despite this being a difficult task and go straight for the kernels as his instinct tells him that these kernels are good for him.[2]  I regularly see my incredibly healthy 17 year old cat go outside and eat the grass, despite having a full plate of food – now I know why…

B17, also known as laetrile in the medical world, was being widely used in America by those seeking alternative treatment, however, in the 1970’s, after much pressure from the big pharmaceutical companies, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) took it off the market and made it illegal, stating that it was toxic. Er hello – chemo!!!! Chemo completely annihilates a persons immune system – you don’t get more toxic than that!

B17 contains cyanide and therefore it is toxic but unlike chemotherapy, it is ONLY toxic to the cancerous cell. A specific enzyme is the only thing that will actually release the cyanide and the only place that that enzyme can be found in the body is in the cancerous cell itself,[2]  therefore making it the perfect treatment. Nature knows best and yet we have all been brain washed to believe that natural cures are nothing more than quackery.

Of course, we all get a little freaked out when we hear the word cyanide but not all cyanide compounds are poisonous. In fact, there are about 1200 different types of food that contain cyanide which are constantly consumed by humans, not to mention the fact that vitamin B12 also contains cyanide which is part of the vitamin B complex stocked in any health store.[3]  Asprin and sugar are 20 times more toxic than B17 and salt is considerably more toxic too [2]  yet there is very little that you can buy in a supermarket these days that isn’t packed full of sugar and salt.

According to Edward Griffin in the documentary ‘a world without cancer –  the truth about B17’, laetrile, in its laboratory forms, has been described by standard pharmacology reference books as non toxic for over 100 years. There has never been, in any part of the world, a reported case of related death or even serious illness’. G Edwin Griffin

B17, a product that is less toxic than salt, wasn’t just taken off the market, it was made illegal. If a doctor even recommended this course of action to a patient, he could have his license taken away and face imprisonment.[2][1]  In fact, it became a felony for a doctor to recommend any other course of treatment other than chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery.[5]

Champion wrestler, Jason Vale, who cured his cancer by using B17 after conventional treatment had failed, was imprisoned for 5 years when he started to sell B17 through the internet as a natural  cancer cure.[3]  His story is very similar to that of the Dallas buyers club for those of you that have seen the film.

Whilst Laetrile is now widely discredited by the medical association, the main source and opposition to it comes from the California report, written in 1953 by MacDonald and Garland.[2][3]  Up until 1982, no other government studies were done on it. Strange, don’t you think, that a product that many people can testify to working wouldn’t have been taken into a laboratory to simply try to eliminate the issues with the supposed harmful toxicity….??

These 2 physicians, MacDonald and Garland, were making headlines at the time of the report by claiming publicly that there was absolutely no connection between smoking and, in particular, lung cancer. MacDonald described smoking as a harmless pass time, stating that up to 24 cigarettes a day was fine. He also said ‘one could modify an old slogan – a pack a day keeps lung cancer away’.[2][3]

Garland, who had boasted that he was living proof that smoking was safe as he had been a chain smoker since he was a boy, of course, died of lung cancer.[2][3]

The actual results of the testing on Laetrile weren’t released to the public until 10 years later. Previously, these 2 physicians had simply told the world that their findings proved that laetrile did not cure cancer. When the results were later released, it was found that not only did they fail to administer  therapeutic levels of Laetrile but there  were also instances where both of these physicians had falsified their summary of the laetrile experiments.[2][3]  Unfortunately, by then, the damage had already been done to Laetrile’s reputation in the medical world.

In 1982, a study that was sponsored by the National Cancer Institute and approved by the FDA, under considerable public pressure, was undertaken. Having administered laetrile to patients for 21 days only, the results of the trial, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, showed laetrile to be ineffective as a cancer treatment.[4]

Supporters of laetrile, understandably, criticised the trial as the 178 patients who had been accepted into the trial were variously described as ‘terminal’ or beyond hope by conventional means.[4]

They also believed that the material used was not laetrile but instead, a degraded product. A California company, with ties to the Committee for Freedom of Choice in Cancer Therapy (CFCCT), had offered to provide free laetrile for the study and when the government refused the offer, the Committee, unsuccessfully, tried to block the trial, believing that the test substance was not pure laetrile but instead a form that would not release cyanide.[4]

According to Michael Culbert, D.Sc, founding member of the laetrile advocacy group CFCCT “The laetrile clinical trial wound up being, in essence, a US government sponsored test of an uncertain laetrile product whose application was in the hands of doctors and scientists known to be or assumed to be hostile to laetrile, whose patients were anonymous and the test results of which, being coded, could not be individually released or cross checked”.[4]

Bad Science

Dr Ben Goldcare, in his book ‘Bad Science’, discusses the fact that many homeopathy trials are not valid in evidence based medicine due to the fact that often the trials are not blinded, randomised or meta-analysed, as they should be in scientific studies and therefore he suggests that the outcome of the trials are often influenced, either consciously or unconsciously, by those running them. He states that “this kind of cherry picking also happens in mainstream medicine, but with one crucial difference: there it is recognised as a major problem and hard work has been done to derive a solution”. I would suggest that the work to find a solution had not yet began in either 1953 or 1982 when the laetrile trials were undertaken and that this, in fact, is a prime example of the same bias and invalid method of testing that Dr Ben Goldcare criticises alternative therapists for.

We live in a world that gives so much value to science and yet we are prepared to accept such little scientific evidence to discredit a product whilst expecting so much scientific evidence to be presented to even be able to open our minds to the possibility that something natural may actually work. We are so blinded by science that we are prepared to ignore the evidence that thousands of people are physically being cured by something in favour of a lab report!

Throughout history, many of the worlds greatest discoveries were initially disregarded by the scientific community and those who pioneered the discoveries were ridiculed as quacks and charlatans. Columbus was attacked for believing that the earth was round. Galileo was imprisoned for teaching that the earth moved around the sun and William Harvey was disgraced as a physician for believing that blood was pumped by the heart and actually moved around the body through the arteries.[2]

Scurvy claimed the lives of over 1,000,000 sailors between 1600 and 1800, even though the cure was already known and written in the records. In 1535, the French explorer, Jacque Cartier, was shown by the local Indians how to make a drink made out of tree bark and needles from the white pine, rich in vitamin C, which cured his remaining crew after they had developed scurvy whilst their ship was stuck in ice for 5 months. When Cartier returned to Europe, he reported this information to the medical authorities but they chose not to follow up on such ‘witch doctor’ cures.[2]

In 1747, some 200 years after this discovery, John Lind, a young surgeons’ mate in the British Navy, discovered that oranges and lemons produced relief from the symptoms of scurvy and recommended that the Royal Navy carry citrus fruits in all of the stores of its ships. It still took a further 48 years for this recommendation to be taken up.[2][7]  It is estimated that roughly 5,000 lives a year were needlessly lost over this 200 year period due to scientific arrogance.[8]

According to Charles B Simone, MMS., MD and founder of Simone protective cancer centre, there has been little or insignificant improvement to the amount of people surviving cancer from the 1920’s to now, despite the introduction of chemotherapy and radiotherapy.1 John Cairns of Harvard university published a study in Scientific America showing that chemotherapy drugs benefit, at most, 1 in 20 cancer patients that they are given to.[5]

Since the 1950’s, only 1 out of 3 people diagnosed with cancer have a chance of living for 5 years.[5]  The truth is, conventional medicine simply isn’t working. So why aren’t we looking at the alternatives? The answer is simple – money and greed.

cut poison burnThe supposed war against cancer is a multi-billion dollar business. If a cure is found, big pharma’s stand to lose billion’s of dollars as people will no longer need chemotherapy or other conventional treatments. They are literally getting rich from people dying! This is the very reason that they put pressure on the FDA to take B17 off the market. They can’t patent B17 because the active ingredient is a natural substance and if everyone took just 2 tea spoons of crushed apricot kernels a day, it’s very unlikely that cancer would be the pandemic that it is today.

Unfortunately, it is those with vested interests who fund the research that is done into cancer. Their money is made from patented pharmaceuticals, not natural cures. The big pharma’s are the people in the industry who have the amount of money that it takes to do the research which is necessary to get FDA approval and for this reason, everything from nature will always be condemned by the FDA as “unproven” [5]  as the big pharma’s are obviously not going to fund research that could lose them billions of dollars in profit.

Half of the income of the American Medical Assosiation (AMA) comes from pharmaceutical companies in the way of advertising in the Journal of the American Medical Association and large amounts of the AMA’s money is invested in pharma stocks.[3]

It is understandably hard for many people to get their heads around the fact that there are people out there in the cancer business who don’t want us to find a cure as most of us are good people who can’t fathom such an atrocity but we all know that there are some pretty despicable people in the world, and unfortunately some of them are clever enough to be on the right side of the law.

We only have to look back through our history books to see the misuse of power. One example being the thousands of lives lost in the name of religion when Henry VIII reformed the church, with no other intention than to be able to get divorced, with the help and plotting of his trusted advisors, who were also working their own agendas.

Corruption isn’t just something that happened in history – it’s happening now! Human nature hasn’t changed that much in the past few hundred years –   greed and the need for power and control still very much exist in today’s society.

Another interesting example is that the Egyptian pyramids and the sphinx are said to be 4,500 years old. Many archeologists are aware that they must be at least 10-15,000 years old due to the substantial rain damage found on these landmarks. If they were, in fact, only 4,500 years old then it would have had to have rained everyday for 1,000 years to have caused this kind of damage but because the Koran says that creation happened 6,000 years ago, this information HAS to stay buried.9 We live in a world where the truth is kept from us on a daily basis.

“Truth is not something that you can think of possessing. Truth is search. Truth can only be found by stretching the limits of your horizon, by widening your way of thinking” . This was the message that Dr Camelo Lombardo delivered to his colleagues in conventional medicine after he was successfully treated by Dr Simoncini’s discredited bicarbonate of soda treatment, after conventional medicine for cancer had failed him.

Dr Bigelsen, who, of course, has recently been discredited by the medical association, states that “we haven’t cured a single disease in the last 100 years –   there’s no money in cures”.[3]  According to Dr Leonard Coldwell “more people die from the side effects of the conventional cancer treatment than they do from the cancer itself”.[3]

A study, carried out over 12 years and published in 1994 in the Journal of Clinical Oncology, claims that chemotherapy doesn’t work 97% of the time.[6]  Dr Tutasii Mancini states that the “medical profession only has a 2% cure rate for cancer, whilst it is the experience of many doctors that if you do nothing at all you have a 27% chance of recovery”![1][6]  Admittedly, the figures do seem to vary extensively, with the cancer industry citing a much higher success rate, depending on the type of cancer. A member of the research team at the Cancer Research charity has informed me that their figures show that 41.5% of people diagnosed in the period 2000-2001 now have a 10 year survival rate but whatever the true figure may be, we need to start accepting the fact that we are no closer to finding a cure for cancer through conventional medicine than we were in 1971 when the war against cancer began.

With all the money being donated to cancer research over the years, wouldn’t you expect them to have come up with something other than just chemotherapy, radiotherapy and invasive and mutative surgery? Particularly when the figures show that these treatments aren’t working as effectively as we would hope.

Linus Pauling, PhD and two time nobel prize winner has said “everyone should know that cancer research is largely a fraud and that the major cancer research organisations are derelict in their duties to the people who support them”.[6]

I am certainly not suggesting that all of the employees of cancer research or the big pharma companies are corrupt, and of course the majority of them are wonderful people who are working incredibly hard to try to find a cure. But like most of us, they have been brain washed from an early age to believe that anything other than pharmaceutical medicine or invasive surgery is quackery.

In the 1800’s, society sanctioned both holistic and what we now know as conventional medicine as an approach to healing,[2][5]  however, in the early 1900’s, the I.G. Rockerfeller cartel, realising that there were huge tax exemptions in drug research, started to pump vast amounts of money into the medical schools which, up until then, were pretty low end and basic. Any school that was willing to go along with whatever the cartel wanted received the money and any school that wasn’t prepared to, quite simply, received nothing and soon found themselves phased out. The cartel insisted on having ‘their people’ in certain positions within the schools and on the boards and of course, the teachings in these schools became drug heavy in order for the cartel to be able to receive their tax exemptions.[5][3]

A massive propaganda campaign was started against holistic doctors, calling them quacks and associations were created that changed licensing laws that meant that holistic doctors could no longer practice.[3][5]

Of course, this massive influx of money into these schools revolutionised the medical field in many ways. There are many amazing advances in medicine, particularly in surgery, that can be described as nothing short of incredible but this is also how we have come to have the drug heavy medical practices that we see today and this is why people working in these industries can not see beyond the conventional medicines that they practice. Like the majority of us, they believe what they are taught and what they are taught at medical school is pharmaceutical heavy.

Where to Next?

We live in an age where science and technology rule the world. Whilst science has given us a lot of answers and saved a lot of lives, it unfortunately seems to breed an arrogance amongst those who study it who believe that science is the only truth. If science can’t explain it then it doesn’t exist!!! In my opinion, only when science comes together with metaphysics and the medical world starts to embrace the benefits of natural medicine and nutrition will we have all of the answers, and potentially even all of the cures.

Whilst I know that I personally would not go down the route of conventional medicine to treat cancer, it is not my intention to try to talk anyone out of doing so – that would be irresponsible of me. Everyone must make their own decision but that decision should be an informed one. A person diagnosed with cancer should be aware of all of the facts before they agree to undergo such an aggressive form of treatment and currently a large proportion of those facts are kept hidden from the public.

B17 is what feels right for myself and my family, but there are over 300 natural remedies  out there that could potentially help in a person’s battle against cancer. I appreciate that this is an incredibly sensitive subject and it is not my intention to upset any of the many families who are dealing with this distressing and life threatening disease, I simply wish to raise awareness to the fact that there are other options to those that are presented to us through modern medicine. Whether you choose to go down such a path is, of course, a decision that only you can make.

Whilst researching B17, I have seen a lot of incredibly fierce anger towards each other on both sides of the fence. There are those who put all of their faith into science and modern medicine that are enraged by the suggestion that our current system may be failing us and there are those who feel that people simply aren’t awake enough to see past societies platitudes. Whatever your view, I believe that it is important to be aware of all the avenues available to you when making a decision on how to battle this disease.

Despite my growing frustration with both the cancer and the pharmaceutical industry, I have tried to write this from a place of love not anger but I realise that there will still be people who may feel anger towards me for what I have written. I ask you to take that anger and turn it into something constructive. Do your own independent research on this subject as one day, this knowledge could save your own or someone close to you’s life. If the dissemination of this information saves even just one life, it will be worth the persecution I may receive for sharing it.

Before taking B17, please make sure you seek guidance on how to do so…

I strongly recommend that, if nothing else, you take the time to watch these 2 incredibly informative documentaries:

“Cancer – The Forbidden Cures”

“A World Without Cancer –  the Truth of Vitamin B 17”

By G. Edward Griffin


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About the author:

Niaby CoddNiaby began awakening and connecting with her own truth after walking away from a 12 year career as a stockbroker. Since then she has written several inspirational articles about her own spiritual journey, and when her father was diagnosed with stage-4 brain cancer, she embarked on a quest for the truth about cancer, its toxic mainstream treatments, and the truth about the alternatives. Her mission now, is to raise awareness in others, and as such Niaby is now dedicating her time to raising the consciousness of the planet by helping to bring these hidden truth’s to the surface in a bid to break free of the current mind-trappings of society.

With this mission in mind, “Cancer – Seeds of Knowledge” is the first in a series of articles that Niaby is currently working on. She would like to see humanity stand up to cancer by recognising the failings of the current system –  which is clearly failing the cancer patients we love and care about – and be daring enough to change our thinking about cancer, its causes and treatments.

Connect with Niaby on  her website  Wandering Soul25, on Twitter  or email: [email protected]


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