God, Mankind and Delta-Consciousness

God, Mankind and Delta-Consciousness

14th May 2015

By Steve Chandler

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

Richard Dawkins famously once said; “Faith is the great cop-out, the great excuse to evade the need to think and evaluate evidence”. Dawkins professes not to believe in God or Gods, nor to have any faith that there is substance to our spiritual world. (That he has forged a career through tales of why he doesn’t believe in something – something he clearly believes in enough to seek to disprove its existence – is a paradox that, due to hubris, eludes the Professor).

God – the existence of, the role of, the power of – has challenged brighter minds than Richard Dawkins over millennia. And simpler minds have poured over scriptures, debated the flight path of birds and made icons out of implements of death, all in the search for meaning as to who and what is ‘God’. Yet the true nature of God remains elusive. Which is a curious thing; for God is of mankind. But in a manner that would shake the Professor to his core.

Research(1) led by social psychologists and extending over 30 years has highlighted the extent to which people are aware of the important influences on their judgments and decisions and of the reasons for their behaviour. This research has led to the view that the unconscious mind is a pervasive, powerful influence over such higher mental processes. Furthermore, several theorists(2) have postulated that the conscious mind is not the source or origin of our behaviour; instead, they theorize that impulses to act are unconsciously activated and that the role of consciousness, our ego-consciousness, is as gatekeeper and sense-maker after the fact; conscious processes kick in after a behavioural impulse has occurred in the brain and then our ego-consciousness experiences it as its own.

Far from being the servant of the conscious mind, the subconscious mind therefore is a powerful, creative force that is far more than Jung’s storehouse for knowledge and prior experience. Rather than label this extraordinary faculty ‘sub’ we should recognise it for what it truly is; consciousness of a different, less well-understood dimension. I refer to this as our ‘delta-consciousness’; connected to other dimensions, it is a distributed consciousness that connects all sentient beings within the Universe.

Current theoretical physics portrays our Universe, all that exists, as an infinite field of being, composed of one-dimensional strings that vibrate in an infinite spectrum of frequencies. This infinite energy field contains all that there is; it is the source where all forms of life exist.

The lowest frequencies, which crystallize into matter, are known to us as the “physical” world which is measurable, and can be recognized by the human senses. All other forms of being, which vibrate in higher frequencies that are beyond human perception, create the parallel realities of other realms. Science assumes that these parallel realities were created by the “missing” 80% – Jan Oort’s “dark matter” – of the mass released after the “Big Bang”. This mass was transformed into energy fields that compose the other dimensions.

These other dimensions, these other realms of existence, interact at different levels of consciousness – they interact with our delta-consciousness. And our delta-consciousness, in turn, interacts with one or more of these alternative dimensions.

And within one or more of these other dimensions, these fields of energy strings, mankind’s collective delta-consciousness has woven ‘God’ for purposes our ego-consciousness cannot at present fathom. It is not that we lack the imagination, the language or the desire to do so. It is that mankind’s ego-consciousness has created barriers to our understanding, to the flow of energies that would help us regain the knowledge of what it was our delta-consciousness desired to achieve.

These barriers take numerous and often deceitful forms as the powerful and influential seek to control mankind across the globe (and increasingly out into our Galaxy). From seemingly benign but formulaic religious frameworks to media conglomerates, from tech-giants to politicians, all seek to prevent the flow of energy that may unlock our knowledge and understanding of our greatest creation.

They do so out of fear.  Fear that they will not be part of our enlightened future.

For the Richard Dawkins of our World, a God cannot exist. But that’s because the many are not using their undoubted intelligence to breakdown the controlling barriers, to step aside the fear and peer into the unknown and evaluate the great question — “What if?”


  1. Nisbett RE, Wilson TD. Telling more than we can know: Verbal reports on mental processes. Psychological Review. 1977: 84:231–259
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Steve Chandler lives in the UK and has been pursing a path of awareness for many years. His path has involved many twists and turns, many false starts and a few blind alleys. But his journey continues and he writes partly out of self-expression but most importantly to explore the nature and meaning of awareness.

When not writing, fell walking and planning his travels, Steve runs Breathe, acting as a guide for those looking for expedition style travel to remote places of spiritual importance.

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