In the Trenches of Battlefield Earth

In the Trenches of Battlefield Earth - Good vs. Evil

25th August 2015

By Zen Gardner

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

“If we want to get to the Garden of Eden, we are going to have to be party to the eviction of those who are illegally occupying it.” ~ Julian Rose

Ever wonder why you feel so all alone during this crucial time in history? Why there is a sense of isolation yet at the same time, you feel so connected to the information field and those waking up? And all while you still appear to be living all alone?

Quite the conundrum. Yet the reality of it gets louder by the day.

This is war; an all out war on a very individual level. We’re in a battle for our planet and its peoples, and you’re part of it. The more integral you are the more isolated you may feel, I venture to say. And by design, as strange as that may seem, though, we do need to connect at this crucial time.

It’s a time of immense warfare, between the forces of good and the forces of evil, to put it in its most basic terms. Clearly a lot is happening on many levels but essentially this is a fight for our survival – not just geopolitically, but even physically – and most of all spiritually.

We’re under attack and the awakening soldiers have been relegated to their fighting positions – what you might call our trenches.

So don’t fight it. Fight the enemy and stop thinking too much about your own damn issues. You’ve been called to battle. That’s pretty much how I’m currently seeing it. However you see all of what’s going on, it’s a time to let personal issues go for the sake of the greater good and make whatever sacrifices you need to make.

Stay Outside Yourself

There’s so much more at stake than any of us individually. Selflessness is the sign of a true warrior; one who fights for a noble cause and the survival of righteous principles and the lives of all those they love and care for. This includes all of humanity and every living thing on this planet. It’s a driving compassion that surpasses all of the confines of social structure or so called reason.

Passion supersedes everything. It is born out of spirit and will not cease until its goal is accomplished to the best of its ability. The destructive tendencies we witness today are shortsighted and of very limited lifespans. They’re a different vibration altogether and basically a counterfeit impulse born out of entropic forces countering the creative design.

Hence the warfare.

Why this has been set in place and at play, I don’t really know. The fact remains that it boils down to personal survival and that of all living things once you realize the agenda of these destructive forces. Life is clearly a struggle on many levels but today’s world is unfolding an awareness of many more dimensions of this struggle as occult forces surface and come to increasingly bear on humanity.

Selfish, self centered orientation is anathema to truth and love and is the most disempowering motivation anyone can possibly have. It may seem satisfactory in the short term within this matrix of deceit, but anyone with any heartfelt compassion and empathy will recognize it falls flat in the real scheme of things.

The true realm of empowerment is unselfish, heartfelt motivation for the common good. Completely contrary to the self oriented societal complex, but nonetheless a fact.

Standing Strong

This concept is contrary to everything we’re been taught. Bravery in the face of a storm, conscious awareness in a mind-numbed world, it’s all the same. We’re standing against an onslaught of abject hate, disinformation, deliberate confusion and very clever mind bending propaganda.

The issue I’m addressing is this very stance. Having the courage to be who you truly are, in heart, mind, soul and spirit. This is what withstands the destructive matrix and creates the new paradigm.

Is it futile? Can we change the tide? These are no doubt questions we each battle on a daily basis. But such is the nature of warfare. Diametrically opposed sides endeavor to not just withstand but take an offensive approach to their declared enemy.

We didn’t set up this paradigm. It was brought on by outside influences into our otherwise peaceful, cooperative communitarian nature. But again, deal with it we must. With fortitude and the courage of our convictions.

Learning and Responding

I don’t mind thinking that this life is a learning ground. It makes a lot of sense. But that’s at best linear, logical thinking when you come down to it. Survival in our current environment has a much more real ring to it. Act or be acted upon makes much more sense to me as far as spurring us on to simply responding to what is transpiring around us. That’s how nature works.

Any way you look at it, how will we react or respond; what will individuals do in the face of such obviously parasitic forces out for our very destruction?

Big questions, but essentially only answered individually. One by one.

Will you react, respond, take the offensive; or duck for cover and self-preservation, and on and on? There are a lot of options to choose from.

The reality remains – what we choose will determine our outcome.


There are a lot of choices before us, but the nature of our current situation is what it is. A very real engagement with both good and detrimental influences over which we have control.

It’s ours to choose.

Once you’ve chosen, you will find yourself in a struggle against those forces that seek to eliminate your freedom of choice as well as your very right to exist.

That’s a pretty strong reality. When you get it, you’ll understand why you’re in the trenches of the battlefield.

Love always, Zen

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