Moving to the Next Level – Beyond the Deaf Ears, Foot Dragging and Lip Service

Deaf Ears, Foot Dragging and Moving to the Next Level - Reloveution

By Zen Gardner

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

It’s reality check time. When you realize the person or persons you’re delivering an important message to doesn’t want to hear it nor do anything about it, and in fact vehemently rejects it and humiliates and even punishes you for bringing it up, it’s time to take the hint.

The so-called rulers have no interest in our petitions, protests and even demonstrations of disapproval. While supposedly being elected to represent our interests, those concerns we have are clearly the last thing they have in mind. It couldn’t possibly be any clearer than it is today.

Oh they’ll do a little sidestep or pretend to make some slight adjustment to calm the masses down and allay a few fears or grievances, but their overall program generally goes on. At least in this current paradigm of control.

Delayed and partial reactions are fundamentally non-reactions.

The real point or core of the issue is very rarely being addressed. Because they aren’t serving us. In their minds we are serving them and do it best when we think we’re free. So this kind of foot dragging lip service is just part of keeping the illusion of freedom up.

The Turning Point

What’s unique about this particular turning point is that it’s now gotten to where they’re not even concerned about keeping up the smokescreen of giving a damn and or even trying to relate to our ability to participate according to their rules. They’re rapidly outright removing these freedoms they’ve so graciously “granted” us, and they’re doing it with abject impunity.

Peaceful demonstrations are met with brutality. Even freedom of assembly is slowly being prohibited. Journalists, political dissidents and even active students are being conveniently clustered as “threats” by the new buzzword “radicalized” to imply potential ISIS or otherwise terrorist associations which are being liberally applied to anyone they deem unsavory to the status quo.

This is a serious situation.

Act Fast, Act Now

Despite the unresponsive nature of the powers that shouldn’t be, redress still matters. Raising our voices should never cease but we need to think beyond the box of action-reaction they’ve herded humanity into.

The key is hitting it hardest on a local scale. The instruments of mass information are under their tight control so whatever inroads we do make won’t even be reported, or just minimally. Seeing a sway in public opinion will be marginalized, twisted, ridiculed or in most cases completely sidestepped and ignored as if it isn’t even happening.

Insist on complete change – firstly in your own life. Disengage from participating. Boycott banks and matrix enforcing commercial outlets. Turn off your mind control idiot box tele-visor people still think is their innocuous friend and open news and entertainment source. Free your mind and heart and fill your life with love and empowering information and interactions. It starts there.

Then apply it at your local level. Move from the nearest influences that are working against humanity right up through your local administrators. When enough communities do this, even winning over their judicial and law enforcement officials who are from their own communities, independent hubs of full on resistance spread far and wide will be impossible for them to stop. With enough impetus this kind of grassroots community based action will eventually supplant their influence altogether.

This is why they move law enforcement personnel from neighboring areas into “trouble spots” and why the US is importing foreign and UN troops to do their dirty work on American soil. It’s to break these heartfelt ties where common sense and compassion bind hearts and create conscious, empathic responses. Divide and conquer is their credo.

Therefore, it’s clear their fear is that we will unite and stand together.

Moving to the Next Level – Beyond the Deaf Ears, Foot Dragging and Lip Service -fb

The Importance of Banding Together

The beauty of our grassroots revolt and affirmation of our humanity is our connectivity. We realize we’re not in the least bit alone in our perception, frustration and even desperation to stop today’s insanities. We have a common purpose and goal which is extremely simple: the betterment of humanity’s condition through the simple allowance to get on with our lives without interference. Anyone half awake can see that is completely contrary to the role of government and globalist mandates, all working toward indifferent, mechanized one world central control.

It’s extremely Orwellian in nature which has been pointed out countless times, yet we keep petitioning these psychopaths as if these megalomaniacs can possibly be “addressed” with our grievances and needs.

Let’s wake up. It’s time for Plan B.

A Full on Frontal Assault

There’s a degree of hope for addressing local officials. There’s also a degree of hope for further exposure of their wickedness and abject depravity, never mind their neglect of duty to the populations they claim to serve. At the higher levels I’m not holding my breath for change, but true information is empowering constituents with more fuel for indignation and a desire to take action, most of all locally.

We can take a stand and turn the tide, if we want to.

Conscious awareness based in love must be our foundation. But don’t think your righteous indignation isn’t part of that. The point is to turn the power on, and up. If you’re into intending the vibrational change then do so – but turn it up. If you’re into community activism on any level, from seeding crystals to meditation to community gardening to approaching officials, turn it up. If you’re into information dissemination using exposure and empowerment, turn it up.

Do it all with increased intentionally aware acumen. We have an opportunity to turn the tide but the hour is crucial. The vibrations are high and rising on the side of love and truth but the oppressors are busy making their last moves to put their building blocks in place. It’s a formidable foe of destructive entropic energy but charge their bastions of lies we must.

Take Heart, and Take Action

It’s hard to say what is the full on solution in this soup-like milieu of confusion we’re living in. All I can say it that it’s time to take your personal calling seriously and act on it. I don’t care what it is, Universe is wondrous and we are all so different, but the cry of the heart is the same in each of us.

Promote love and harmony, protect the vulnerable, and expose the perpetrators of abuse, manipulative control and exploitation. Now.

It’s not that complicated. But people need to wake up out of their induced (and too often readily accepted I might add) stupor to respond accordingly.

If you care, act out. Change your life into a statement. Be responsible and respond as if you mean it. Every man and woman counts.

If that isn’t clear to you yet, I don’t know what else to say.

Just respond. Consciously and with determination.

Love always, Zen

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