Guns, Government, and the Matrix Control System

Guns, Government, and the Matrix Control System

12th December 2015

By Bernhard Guenther

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

In light of the latest mass shooting in San Bernadino, CA, the same old debate about gun control is rising up again. On the one side there are liberal/progressive/leftist types who call for laws to restrict or even ban guns. On the other side we have the right-wing/Republican/NRA types waving the second amendment of the Constitution, shouting “don’t touch our guns!” I don’t care much for either sides.

Anyone who is asking Obama/government to ban/restrict guns under the illusion of stopping these (false-flag) “mass shootings” from happening is reacting exactly how “they” want you to react. Hook, line, and sinker. This method is called the Hegelian Dialect. Problem-Reaction-Solution: a problem is staged to generate a public reaction that would consent to a predetermined “solution”. (To learn more, please see: The Politics of Polarity: The ‘Hegelian Dialectic’ and its Use in Controlling Modern Society.)

However, if you are for “gun control” and believe guns are the issue here, then I suggest to be consistent, you need to ask yourself — Who has a “right” to own and use a gun to begin with? The police, government and military? Why? Because they are so “responsible”? To “protect” you from any “evil-doers”?

If you believe in the need of an authority, a Daddy figure in form of government (statism) who has rights which you don’t have (and believe guns are the problem), then “the matrix has you” and that includes the seemingly two opposing sides (left and right), mentioned above in their various forms and off-springs.

Gun Control in 47 Seconds

Government is the most basic set-up of the Matrix Contol System on a 3D level. As long as people believe in government, political solutions, and voting (by which you support the system energetically, regardless of your well-meaning intentions), nothing will change on a deeper level.

Statism: The Most Dangerous Religion

How awake and aware are you really?

It surprises me how so many people, many of them who consider themselves “awake and aware” or “spiritual”, are statists and still believe in government, authority, and support it, looking for someone to “fix the system” (There is nothing fix. It’s designed to be doing what it’s doing: social/population control) or “save the country” and lead the way. It’s the ongoing Stockholm Syndrome, all along giving away their freedom out of their own (manipulated) free will. We’ve been living under these control mechanisms in form of governments for so long that we don’t even question them anymore. Ties into pathology becoming normalized, accepted and supported as the people police each other so no one “steps out of the herd”.

(To learn more, please see: The Psychological State of The State: the Societal ‘Stockholm Syndrome’.)

It doesn’t matter what candidate or party you support: left, right, middle, independent, Democrat, Republican, Progressive, Socialist, Liberal, Conservative… whatever. These are all labels of identification based on an illusory idea.

Personally I couldn’t care less about guns, nor am I identified with any form of political party/movement (left or right), for the simple reason that I’m not a statist, so I’m not interested in “saving the country”, “fixing the system”, “defending the constitution” or whatever. I don’t own a gun, don’t want a gun and I certainly don’t believe in any form of “violent revolution” but I also don’t believe in laws that restrict people’s freedom in any way. That’s another trap in itself, for this is a crisis of consciousness with forces at work that pull humanity’s strings in ways the masses have no idea about.

Guns are not the problem!

However, guns are not the problem and are not the cause of these shootings as anyone can attest who questions the official narrative of them (which implies doing deeper research), with all the same patterns again and again (by “chance”, there are always training exercises going on during or prior to the event, etc… and/or they find a “passport” like at 9/11 and the Paris shootings, etc.)

(For more information, please see: San Bernardino Mass Shooting – A False Flag with Hallmark Shooter Drills?)

Obviously, by restricting access to guns it would be easier to take full control without too much resistance. But a violent revolutions plays right into their hands as well. Ultimately it’s about centralizing power, aka World Government (which is already in place “behind the scenes”) by creating more “enemies” (ISIS, etc.) and false flag attacks…instilling fear and chaos and destabilizing countries (which is the agenda behind the “refugee crisis” in Europe), so people give away their rights out of their free will to feel “protected” and Daddy government gets more power. That’s it in a nutshell on a 3D level.

All good loosh!

From a hyperdimensional level (which all of this is orchestrated from since even the “elite” and government/politicians are just puppets themselves, including statist Putin who seems to be hailed as the “savior”, playing his part with the good cop/bad cop act) it creates all the emotional “loosh” to be consumed for food by the hyperdimensional “overlords”, keeping humans imprisoned on a lower frequency via their own (manipulated) free will. That’s why a violent revolution would also benefit the unseen Matrix controllers, creating more energetic “food” for absorption.

“There are a thousand things which prevent a man from awakening, which keep him in the power of his dreams. In order to act consciously with the intention of awakening, it is necessary to know the nature of the forces which keep man in a state of sleep. First of all it must be realized that the sleep in which man exists is not normal but hypnotic sleep. Man is hypnotized and this hypnotic state is continually maintained and strengthened in him. One would think that there are forces for whom it is useful and profitable to keep man in a hypnotic state and prevent him from seeing the truth and understanding his position.” ~ G. I. Gurdjieff

The rabbit hole goes deep and what we see unfolding has been in the works for a very long time. If “they” succeed or not is up to each one of us, and frankly not everyone is going to “awaken”. But as long as you look for, follow or support any form of authority/leader/religion to “fix” things or “save the world/country”, demand more laws, the matrix has you. Be your own leader and authority. Step into your own embodied individuality, connected to your Wholeness within and the Wholeness of Nature, free from any cultural/religious/social conditioning in order to transcend the Matrix. It’s not an easy process and disillusionment is part of the process.

“People are always infused with all kinds of fantastic ideas about themselves, the world, people, love, idealism, society, etc. Led by his eagerness to evade a disagreeable reality, man gives free rein to his imagination and is inclined to believe the first agreeable lie he encounters along the way. The individual projects his personal illusions onto a cold and immutable reality, and thus deceiving himself, he endeavors to contemplate reality through rose-colored glasses. “Disillusion” is a painful process and can be prolonged, depending on how much time the individual takes to realize he is living artificially and that this condition is a product of his internal dreams. Great courage is required to face reality and to destroy the mirage of a pleasant dream.” ~ John Baines, The Stellar Man

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