Science: Behind the Magic

Science- Behind the Magic - magic book

By Áine Sands

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

The word “science” can mean different things to different people. In general, it’s understood as a systematic construction of testable knowledge and information. It provides us with explanations and understandings of nature, ourselves and reality in general. Yet, it can’t explain absolutely everything (as of yet) in relation to our own conceptions of reality – both existing and developing.

In the old paradigm, science was understood only as the ‘Newtonian’ and ‘natural’ scientific disciplines – those rigid and ‘hard sciences’ based on facts and empiricism – and there continues to be debates about what constitutes a field of knowledge or study as an actual science.

Today, it’s difficult to say what cannot be regarded as scientific, due to the varying and changing characterizations and understandings of what it means. Is sociology a science? Is astrology scientific? What about psychology? Can philosophy be considered as a science? What about the science of linguistics, semiology, or semantics? Is there a science to sports, to art, to music and dance?

These questions are worth pondering, and the answers usually depend on who is giving them (I personally say yes to all of the above) but they are not the focus of this article. The focus of this piece is to explore what new science is revealing to us, and the implications they have on our lives and consciousness as we grow to understand them. It is not to convince you, the reader, of any beliefs as such, rather to provide newly revealed information in a way that (hopefully) is easy to grasp, and therefore contemplate.

What kind of Information?

As the newest and latest discoveries of the physical sciences (quantum mechanics, HeartMath, energetic and resonance research etc.) seem to continuously reveal and reiterate to us, a conscious Higher Intelligence appears to exist throughout our reality – indeed AS our reality – allowing existence, as it were, to exist.

(Be aware that there is an extensive upsurge of literature, films and other resources dedicated to detailing a lot of the information touched upon in this article, which isn’t necessarily referenced as I always encourage others to carry out their own research on what strikes them. This is intended as an introduction for readers to the overall essence of the topic. I urge all readers to self-educate and see where their comprehension takes them.)

According to new scientific evidence, an Interconnected Energy Field permeates every particle of the physical world in and around our bodies. It is, right now, interweaving everything within and throughout this ‘reality’ in a beautifully incomprehensible ‘ocean’ or ‘web’ of fluid (non-solid) energy. This energy is continuously in motion – flashing in and out of physical being every millisecond, just like frames of a movie reel, but vastly more intricate.

When we look closer and closer at atoms and sub-atomic particles, we see that these particles appear less and less physical, i.e. less “real” – from the old Newtonian physics point of view. A founding father of quantum physics, Niels Bohr, is often quoted:

“Everything we call real is made up of things that cannot be regarded as real. If quantum mechanics hasn’t profoundly shocked you, you haven’t understood it yet.”

I am quite fond of Alan Watts’ philosophical explanation of the phenomena, as he states:

“As you make more and more powerful microscopic instruments, the universe has to get smaller and smaller in order to escape the investigation … Through us and through our eyes and senses, the universe is looking at itself.”

All is Vibration

At the apparent baseline of our reality, every solid thing in existence is comprised of particles which actually consist of non-physical vibrating energy. Cymatics is a field of study inspired by Dr. Hans Jenny which examines the creative symmetry of vibrational phenomena made visible, and it happens in the most amazingly stunning and geometrical forms, clearly demonstrating an artistic intelligence beneath the vibration.

Nikola Tesla, a most brilliant and insightful man of recent times said:

“If you want to understand the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

Research of vibrational energy can be seen as a reflection of reality itself (or a Fractal), as we come to understand that all is vibration – everything is made of particles which, in turn, is vibrating energy. Not only is the observable world around us made of condensed vibrations, but resonance studies also prove that our thoughts and emotions project a vibrational frequency out into the shared energy field – referred to as the Field, or the “matrix” – and that the vibrations of our body can extend out to a few feet beyond the physical form (widely referred to as the “aura” of an organism).

“All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force … We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent Mind. This Mind is the matrix of all matter.” ~ Max Planck (Quantum Physicist)

The projections of thought and emotion effect our personal energy fields, as well as influence others’ around us (from up to four feet away), as HeartMath Institute’s research on the electromagnetic field of the heart reveals.

Also verified is the fact that a coherent (peaceful, happy, healthy, positive, loving) inner state of being contributes to creating those traits in others in the wider world around us! This comes full circle as the frequency we emit reflects back to our own consciousness – known as the Law of Attraction, or the Law of Giving and Receiving, or ‘as you sow, so shall you reap’ and so on.

The Power is in Our Hands

Now, as we realize our intrinsic place as sentient beings in this reality field, we have become conscious participants in the creation and manifestation of our world. Quantum super-position exhibits that a particle comes into existence in the reality field as a result of the consciousness of the observer. In other words, what we (the observers) expects to see in our world, actually influences the outcome, i.e. the form which the vibrating energy manifests as.

I highly recommend watching this short and stunning video to enlighten the mind to the concept of quantum super-position.

Think of this in terms of your life. When you expect great things, you are open to great things happening to you – open to great and new manifestations of energy, frequency and vibrations in your reality, that is.

Where do you focus your conscious attention (your energetic power) – the goodness or the challenges of life? How do you interpret events in your life? Scientifically speaking, we are all consciously, (or subconsciously) shaping our reality, so what if you leave behind the victim mind-set and accept all events as gifts, life-lessons and opportunities for growth and learning? What if you start to believe that you are exactly where you are supposed to be, forgiving all of your past, and accept full responsibility right now of the power to shape your life?

Science determines that attention (where you concentrate your valuable thought energy), intention, expectation, interpretation and mind patterns influence the reality that you find yourself in, i.e. which manifests around you. This gives us our conscious creative and co-creative powers.

We Are Made of Energy

Through our education, we generally learn early on that energy never dies or ceases to exist – it can only change form, e.g water can move through alternate phases such as steam, or ice, and back again, and so on.

And so this field of energy takes its form as US (human beings and earth etc.) – we are made of this conscious creative vibratory energy. We aren’t just living in ‘reality’ – we are reality itself, experiencing itself through our senses and thoughts and emotions and so on – and it is changing every single second, as our hearts beat, as we breathe, as we think, work and play, as we put our own energy out into the Field.

So, as we realize ourselves as creatures of pure energy, a world of magic opens up to us, in terms of conscious attention. We also recognize that it is scientifically incorrect to say that we die. It is true that our bodies will end their course of functionality, as new physical bodies manifest, in the cyclical nature of life. However, the consciousness which gives life to and animates our bodies while we are in this plane of existence can only change shape; transform – move on to another phase, like from water to steam.

The Bigger Picture

In application of our evolving understanding of energy, frequency and vibration comes the renewed knowledge that we share all our life-force with the Earth, with each other, with the entire universe around and within us.

In terms of frequency, the highest and most harmonious state of existence comes from that state of inner peace, joy, balance, love, gratitude and contentment with all things as they are (the lowest and most un-evolved frequencies being those of fear, hatred, worry, aggression, anxiety, etc.). This is the reason for the arising of so many new social movements with the intention of healing and unifying the world and our relationship with nature. These often follow the notion that “We are ONE” (in the spiritual sense, and as the sciences illustrate), but also that we need to sustain the planet to sustain our own living on it (on the practical level).

There is also a renewal of ancient wisdoms and revived spirituality throughout the globe at present as new science is now revealing the deep-seated truth that, we are, in fact, spiritual beings having a human experience.

This is the crucial union occurring during the present paradigm shift of our time: the unification of science and spirituality. Where before science and religion held competing knowledge systems of reality, science is now coming to confirm many perennial spiritual truths, even studying the physics of the soul. Thus accommodating this rise of individual spirituality in the world.

Science- Behind the Magic - an energetic universe


Most fundamental to our appreciation of reality, is that it – and accordingly we – originated from the singularity (outside of space and time), commonly understood as the starting point of existence, or ‘the big bang’.

Further, quantum entanglement reveals that every single particle of existence (which has been created from this one single point of origin, i.e. the birth point of everything) remains connected – both throughout and outside of time and space – via this source of all creation. Of course, our human minds can’t precisely conceive of anything outside of space or time, but this is a higher consciousness at work.

Creation (to the human mind) is an unfathomable field of conscious energy. We, as conscious creatures within the field, have a co-creative power to contribute to further advance and explore the creation of this reality – thus we are described as “children of God” and “made in the image of God”.

If ‘God’ is the origin of all Creation – the singularity point of the big bang, and creation including ourselves – then, with our own ability and potential to create, we are an extension of creation and of the original conscious creator. And therefore, we are eternally connected to this point of singularity, which connects every single particle in existence, beyond our conceptualization of existence.

So, the question then becomes, with your thoughts, attention and intention, with your skills and competence and drive, with your intrinsic and worthy energy – what are you going to create in life?

Join the Party

As we awaken to all these revelations and connections and understandings and expansions of consciousness, the average human is taking a look at the disjointed capitalist world system around us which is based on profit, war, fear, consumption and separation.

We see the world for what it is, we see ourselves for what we are, and we make the conscious decision to change things – to “be the change you wish to see in the world”, as Ghandi is quoted. Not only does it make sense on the practical level of continuing to live and evolve on and with the planet, but it now makes scientifically spiritual sense.

And that change starts from within. The first step is always to overcome personal problems or energy blockages – to heal, release, and connect with yourself – and then to find ways through which we can positively contribute to the world, share our energy and be of service in our everyday lives.

With more and more people taking such actions, the energy moving around the world is completely overturning, the vibrational frequency is rising, connections are opening and strengthening and hence, positive change is happening.

The 99% may have less ‘profit’ than the 1%, but in terms of energy, the majority have the power. Money is not power, energy is. The power of truth. The power to love. The power to create. The power to stand and unite and awaken. Consequently we, the people, rise as one – here and now.

Unified Worldview

To conclude, emerging insights and awareness means that fields of study which were previously considered as unscientific are now being respected in their own rights, under the light of ‘prestige’ that only the “natural” sciences were once viewed under.

The inclusive approach to science also incorporates all interpretations of reality from the social and psychological to the esoteric and metaphysical.

New science advocates for a holistic approach to all areas of life (including health and humanity) and, with new classifications of science, such as Unified Field Theory, all knowledge and wisdom becomes relevant as we now grasp that all of life is undeniably connected. And so, we human beings continue to explore our inner and outer worlds with new conceptions and furthering our evolution, creation and perception of reality itself.

What fun! Wishing you all the best on your quest for truth and creation.

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About the author:

Aine SandsÁine Sands (pen name) seeks to explore the experience of life and to use the tools of knowledge and understanding for healing and the conscious evolution of heart, mind, body and soul. She has a passion for writing as a means of expanding creative expression and serving a deeper purpose in the world. Áine finds wisdom on the path of loving with an open heart, awakening to the pure truth of ‘reality’, and learning to consciously create the world around us. She knows the value of connection, trust, compassion, justice and unity.

As a mother, Áine understands the importance of children as the next generation, and our current, co-creative generation’s respectful duty to honor and follow through on right action. Teaching from the heart and allowing consciousness to flourish through the creative and intelligent imagination of life, her intentions are simple: to embody love and peace; to heal and expand; to lead by example; to be at One.

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