What’s Really Going On Under the Hood of the Cannabis Movement: “Big Marijuana”, GMOs and Hemp

What's Really Going On Under the Hood of the Marijuana Movement Big Marijuana GMOs and Hemp

By Tim Bryant

Guest writer for Wake Up World

By now, most people are at least partially familiar with the Marijuana Movement and how it has grown from something of a taboo and its illegality, to something that is both accepted and becoming legal. Just ten years ago, most people would have thought this was crazy, but now it has become somewhat of the norm, as people’s perceptions are slowly changing.

However, most people hear the word ‘legalization‘ and see many states are implementing these policies into law, so the conversation often stops there. It’s as if they believe the movement has been completed and its mission has been accomplished. Unfortunately, this seems hardly the case, in that the Marijuana Movement is evolving into something much more complex and sticky as we move into the future…

The problem is that, under-the-hood development of just how legalization is going to work and be structured, is happening away from the public eye and hardly getting talked about — even in the alternative media. 

“Legalization and decriminalization is happening at a decent pace, but we can’t wait around for the government to do it… on their corporate-serving terms.” ~ Wes Annac

With that being said, I wanted to take the time to go a bit deeper into the Marijuana Movement and explore just how the movement has evolved from its beginning days. To discuss this topic with me is the founder of The Last American Vagabond, Ryan Cristián.

Hopefully this video will open people’s eyes to the current battles we are up against — including GMO cannabis and a “Big Marijuana” monopoly — and realize that if we stop now, we will be selling ourselves very short of the true goal of cannabis freedom. Hopefully this can spark the conversation, because these issues are not going away anytime soon.

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