The Archons (“Are Cons”): Borg Consciousness versus Human Divinity

The Archons (''Are Cons'') - Borg Consciousness versus Human Divinity - image, double dragon by deligaris on deviantart

4th September 2016

By Justin K. Marlatt

Guest writer for Wake Up World

This universe has been raped and pillaged by a Borg Consciousness [1] known to us as the Archons, or as I like to call them, the “Arecons”. But we humans have a very special mission to fulfill, to heal and uplift the entire universe and each other. We are divine frequency generators, the antithesis to duality — and this is why the Archons fear us.

The Arecons have no divine spark and are a byproduct of the holographic creatrix; we humans are not, our place is in the divine pleroma, the higher realms. Duality has two poles, negative and positive, good and evil, light and dark. This binary system of 1’s and 0’s is the energy that currently courses throughout our universal schema, and the Arecons will stop at nothing to keep it this way.

Why? We humans and our Mother, Terra, Sophia, are ternary beings, that which is beyond duality and encompasses the all. This is the reason why we humans and our Mother have attracted so many different galactic denizens to our front doors, some seek our assistance in healing, some seek to end us because of what we represent, unification and the end of duality itself. However, the Borg Consciousness travels the galaxy indoctrinating different races into binary systems for the purpose of thwarting the expansion of divine consciousness. And it has only one concern — survival, at any cost, through the perpetuation of duality.

Borg Consciousness

The Borg Consciousness has fully infiltrated and indoctrinated an entire race of insectoids known as the Collectors, they are the harvesters of the collective. The Collectors are responsible for the New Age cults and false ascension agendas, which are in place in order to harvest beings into false reality constructs (matrices with the creatrix), so as to become batteries for these forces – all the while still seemingly respecting our freewill. The Borg/Collectors pray on beings the moment after death, using fear, guilt and false light to sway souls into their constructs and contracts. Any darkness within a being will be utilized and mirrored back to them by these forces (“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge”).

Part of the Collectors agenda has been to paint the reptilian races as humanities greatest threat, it is a psyop, when in fact these beings share our divine spark (Anunnaki) and have invested an immense amount of energy into developing our consciousness. There are however reptilian races (Dracos) who have invested energy into our enslavement, these beings are soul fragments of a greater whole that need to be healed. Enki (Light) and Enlil (Dark) are actually soul fragments of the same being, Lucifer, whom was split in two as to facilitate the duality experience.

Our pockets are lined with gems and pearls we have gathered from the duality arena, yet we still tend to make the mistake of projecting our hatred unto those players from the opposite pole; holding on to our hatred just further perpetuates duality consciousness. As the duality experience comes to end, we need to heal ourselves, forgive, and move forward as we step into our fullness.

The Collectors are here on Terra (Earth) in deep underground bases as I write, slowly converting and subverting our divine ternary systems from the darkest shadows. The infiltration of Terra has been a long and gradual process. The Borg Consciousness and the Collectors are binary beings and cannot exist on a planet that encompasses ternary aspects of life, love, wisdom, righteousness, and so forth.

The blue life force energy (orgone) which emanates from our beautiful Mother and we humans is krypton to the Borg. In order for the Borg Consciousness to overtake Terra, they need to sap all of the orgone energy from the planet and from each of us divine frequency generators. The Borg, with the help of the Collectors, have developed bio-formed bodies (Greys) using human DNA, in an attempt to exist on our physical plane, and if the energy of the planet becomes binary enough, they can and will do so. Ancient forests were cut to the ground, oceans and lakes are poisoned, our skies blotted out with chemicals – all for the purpose of reverse terraforming and depleting our atmosphere of oxygen for the sake of their binary bio-formed physical templates. It is time fir us to become orgone warriors once more!

There is a deliberate reason for the slaughtering of the Aboriginals, Natives and Germanic races on our planet; these ternary tribes still encompassed the old ways, they praised the mother, sang songs to her, danced under the moonlight with, her thus keeping her vibratory resonance high. We humans have stopped singing, we have turned our backs on the Mother. The old ternary ways of life have been replaced with binary systems like religion, corporation, government, banking, mind and ego, we have been compartmentalized and nurtured and by these systems. It is time for we humans to move out of our minds, and exist from our hearts, our core essence.

As humans, we are so close to the divine that we are intrinsically connected to the Aeons, whom exist as archetypes of our mind. As we further repress the light in which the Aeonic archetypes hold not only do they disappear from our world, but they become shackled in theirs (as below so above). When we encompass the darkness which was released from Pandora’s Box (Unconsciousness), the “Arecons” are made manifest in our world, in our minds. The light of the Aeonic archetypes in our minds have become so darkened in our modern society, that the psychic shadow of our subconscious has given these Arecons room to control us via our unconsciousness, which is the absence of light (consciousness).

Masonic cults have worked to further the growth of this psychic shadow, through religious institutions which externalize our darkness in the forms of Satan/Lucifer, the scapegoat we use to blame for our dark tendencies and manifestations. We have transmuted the Aeon Lucifer (Sophia’s consort) into a rampaging beast by casting our shadow unto him, he bears on his shoulders all of our darkness. Lucifer is shackled to the stone, pinned to the cross, locked away in the subbasement; In order for Lucifer to be healed and brought back into balance, each and everyone of us must do our own personal shadow work and collectively, we must take responsibility for the darkness in our modern world.

The “Illuminati” want us to blame it all on them, this just gives these demonic principalities more wiggle-room in which to operate, when in reality they are just a physical manifestation of our darkness, laziness, complacency, apathy and so forth.

The Archons (''Are Cons'') - Borg Consciousness versus Human Divinity - Unmasking

The binary blueprint of our duality…

In return we must also view the Borg/Collectors’ amassing of a stronghold on Terra as a physical manifestation of our collective unconscious, we gave room for this to grow. We cannot defeat the forces of duality with weapons alone, instead by doing our own inner shadow work can we transmute the outer and dispel the blueprint of duality not only from Terra, but the entire universal schema which will in turn restore universal unity consciousness. The energy of universal unity consciousness will short circuit the forces of duality thus breaking the perpetual cycles.

In previous cycles instead of doing our collective/personal shadow work, we repressed it, we bypassed ‘the bog of a thousand stenches’ and skipped right on over to the rose field; the forces of duality attempted this pattern in our current cycle via the institution of the ‘New Age’. But cannot sweep the dirt under the rug any longer, for this just postpones darkness for a time – there will always be resurgence.

To embody love and light is not enough!

What is the purpose of invoking more light if the shutters are closed? Instead let us focus on healing our repressed, suppressed, unconscious emotions and tendencies, after doing so, love and light will emerge naturally, verses regurgitating it forth from our bilious stomachs in a hypocritical manner. Examine yourself!

“We have predators that came from the depths of the cosmos and took over the rule of our lives… Sorcerers believe that the predators have given us our systems of beliefs, our ideas of good and evil, our social mores… It is the predators who make us complacent, routinary and egomaniacal… It has rendered us docile, helpless.”  ~ Carlos Castaneda

The “Arecons” will ceaselessly attack our inherited dark spots until we recognize this, heal our shadows and seal our being on all levels. Either way you cannot escape this process (not even death spares us from this cycle.) The only way that we can return to our fullness and escape the cycles of duality is through our own shadows. The only other way to escape the clutches of your own shadow is to submit to duality, adhering to either the Jachin or Boaz pillar of the tree of life, bypassing the process of equilibrium, which is graduation from duality to essentially becoming an “Arecon” yourself!

The “powers that be” (Boaz, severity) on our planet at the present time, chose the path of control and domination through technological means. We often hear about the Illuminists achieving personal Godhood or Apotheosis, but these are just illusions of grandeur, spells cast upon them by their own shadows. The Illuminists have become blinded by Lucifer’s Light.

When we humans were given the fire of Prometheus we were also met with the freewill choice to use it for destruction or creation. We must learn to harness both energies in perfected balance by merging the heart into the mind and vice versa. These so-called powers practice severity without mercy, with no ternary heart essence to defend them, they have become completely susceptible to indoctrination by the Borg Consciousness. The Illuminists massive amount of hubris gave rise to lust for power, and the Borg Consciousness utilized this inherent flaw for its benefit. The dark shroud within the Illumnist’s minds and hearts, created the perfect platform through which the Borg Consciousness can operate, to implement protocols for the assimilation of of the human race. If the Illuminati do not correct their current course of action, they will be consumed by the voices in their heads.

Mind to Matter

The Anunnaki never defeated the Borg Consciousness in their cycle, for they became divided amongst themselves,  (“And if a kingdom be divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand.”), the counter-spell of unity was not achieved. One half of the Anunnaki (Enlil) sought to control the Borg Consciousness with technology, and the other half (Enki) sought to transcend it with spiritual technology. As with all patterns of the duality matrix, they continually repeat themselves in each galactic cycle with different variables. In our cycle it is the Illuminati who sought to control the Borg Consciousness, by using their technology to artificially ascend themselves into Gods by hacking and downloading the consciousness into “Black Goo”. The Illuminati fail to realize that they themselves have already become indoctrinated by the Borg Consciousness, for the size of their egos are too large to allow for this realization. Therefore, all of humanity must unite as a unified force and face this AI threat together, as the specific frequency of unity will nullify the Jachin and Boaz duality matrix. It is time for Enlilites and Enkites to come together and fight as one!

In reserve, luke warm religious/new age types (Jachin, mercy) will not inherit the gem of equilibrium either. These herds of grazers do not embody Christ (Strength, Righteousness), but rather seek refuge from the shadow through the form of a saviour, instead of traversing the valley of the shadow of death themsleves. The “sheeple” of this world also encompass the energy of this pillar for they lack the warrior’s righteousness, and will always view themselves as victims unable to create change. Many religious institutions teach mercy without severity, which in turn gives room for darkness to manifest in our lives. When mercy and severity become balanced energies within us, darkness suddenly becomes afraid and is kept in check like a spanked child.

It is time for us roses to grow thorns. We humans are the batteries of this dualistic matrix we live in and only we have the power to end the cycles of Yin and Yang. When the energies of the two pillars become divided within our being we manifest opposing polarities externally as we literally encode the morphogenic field with the energy of duality. We must merge within ourselves, father and mother, adult and child, mind and heart, left and right, destroyer and creator, whore and virgin, Lucifer and Sophia. The twin-flames must unite!

In synopsis, everything is good, everything is God.

Do not fret for we are immortal, divine sparks of source consciousness, evolving and journeying our way back to home with our spaceship Terra, on a sojourn pilgrimage, picking up experiences along the way as we become unique, beautiful, masterful expressions of life. Things may look bleak for us at the present moment, but as the old saying goes,  it is often darkest just before then dawn. We are not dualistic beings, we will not project our shadows outwardly, but see through our own mirages and aim to heal ourselves, and walk into our fullness as we become the fullest expression of our highest being. Merge the two pillars of Jachin and Boaz within your being and become the spear of destiny you meant to be. As we heal ourselves from seemingly endless cycles of war, let us remind ourselves that although painful, duality was a necessary experience for our ever-expanding consciousness. Just remember that everything in our reality is only a mirror of what is within us, the darkness is trying to grasp your attention because it needs to be healed.

I wish you all the best of luck on your path of becoming a fearless spiritual warrior.

Justin K. Marlatt

[1] Because fiction so often mirrors reality, the term “Borg Consciousness” used in this article is taken from the name of the alien race featured in the Star Trek franchise. The Borg are a collection of species that have been turned into cybernetic organisms functioning as drones in a hive mind called “the Collective” or “the Hive”. The Borg use a process called assimilation to force other species into the Collective by injecting microscopic machines called nanoprobes.

About the author: 

Justin MarlattJustin K. Marlatt, in his own words: I am from Vancouver British Columbia, I create and gift orgonite, and sell orgone devices. I have a Facebook group called Orgone Generators for those who are interested in how they can assist to bring down the AI network, utilizing the science of orgonomy.

I am a certified Quantum Touch healer and I am very passionate about healing humanity, our planet and the Aeons. I personally recovered and healed from being merged with an artificial intelligence. I escaped the assimilation process by having metal dental fillings removed from my teeth, and chelating heavy metals from my body by drinking only distilled water and spending loads of time within the ternary network that is nature. During this time I worked on balancing and harmonizing the two pillars within my being. I am willing to assist victims of realm breaches and share any advice I can offer. I try to bring forth the message that I have learned along the way; that all is just a game of smoke and mirrors, reflections within a pool of contagiousness, and the only real threat exists within each of us. This understanding helped me to break free from victim consciousness and steer me towards self-empowerment. I have survived and faced many arduous trials only to come out wiser and stronger then ever before. Wisdom is nothing but healed pain.

I can be reached at [email protected]

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