4 Steps for Healing the Womb’s Power

By Diana Beaulieu

Guest writer for Wake Up World

The Womb Centre (which I define as an organic energetic centre present in men and women — as opposed to the womb organ) is your deepest point of power in this physical incarnation. The Womb lies deep in your body, but can often be hidden out of sight and out of consciousness, where she holds old wounds and traumas that need to be healed for us to reach your highest creative potential. I refer to the Womb in feminine terms as I consider the Womb to be a feminine centre of consciousness and energy present in both sexes.

Below is a 4-step process that men and women can use in order to connect consciously and physically with the Womb Centre and heal her of old energies and traumas so that she can fully shine, creating a sacred and defined space for your personal, sexual and creative expression.

STEP ONE: Reintegrating the Womb Into Your Conscious and Physical Awareness

The Womb Centre lies deep in the lowest part of your torso and for this simple reason, she often lies deep out of consciousness. I have heard many women and men men begin to work with their Womb centre who say: “I have never paid any attention to my Womb”, or “I feel totally disconnected from this part of myself”.

Another reason that you may be disconnected from the Womb is that you may have a series of accumulated tensions and suppressed emotions stored in your physical body that create an emotional barrier between your higher consciousness and the Womb.

You need to release the accumulated tensions and bioenergetic blocks in your body in order to be able to travel consciously into the Womb. An excellent and simple way of doing this is by systematically directing your breath to all the parts of your body, starting with the head and neck, traveling down through the heart and lungs, and then finally through the digestive system. As you breathe in to specific organs and body parts, you bring in cleansing light and awareness.

When you breathe out, you can also use vocalisation (from sighing to singing to even shouting!) and movement as well as your breath to quickly liberate out old tensions. When you work with highly emotional areas such as the liver, diaphragm and gut you may contact uncomfortable and previously unacknowledged emotions. However, these tensions quickly release and your consciousness begins to travel unimpeded down the body.

When you finally arrive in the deeper parts of your body, you can begin to breathe into physical area of the Womb, noting and releasing any tensions in this area. It is quite common to suddenly connect to feelings such as rage or shame that have been held there. The best approach to these feelings is to acknowledge and release them without rather than analysing them.

STEP TWO: Bring Breath, Light and Awareness Into the Womb

Once you have opened your connection to physical area of the Womb, you can begin to consciously breathe into the Womb Centre. Since this part of us has lain out of sight, she has not received the vital energetic nourishment that awareness and breath can provide.

A Simple Womb Breathing Exercise:

  • Sit in a relaxed position
  • Cup your hands over your Womb Centre (the bottom edge of your hands around 2 fingers up from the pubic bone)
  • Become aware of your breath and imagine or see your breath as a beautiful cascade of liquid light entering your body
  • Imagine that your Womb Centre is like a beautiful cup, empty and waiting to receive
  • Invite your breath deep into your body, so that your breath pours into your Womb
  • See the liquid light of your breath filling up the cup of your Womb until she begins to overflow
  • As the Womb overflows and you continue to breathe liquid light into her, see the Womb turning into a softly coloured sun, that starts shining out in every direction
  • Feel the physical shifts as this part of you begins to shine and expand, allowing your awareness to become more grounded and deep within you
  • Sit with this experience for as long as you wish

As you breathe down into the Womb, bringing attention, light and nourishment, the Womb begins to respond by expanding, relaxing, and becoming more luminous.

Other modalities that increase the vital energy in the Womb include Chi Gung, Tai Chi, belly dance (the original purpose of this dance, before it became a performance art, was to maintain the strength and health of the Womb and pelvic area) and yoga asanas that are oriented to opening and strengthening the hips and pelvis.

STEP THREE: Healing the Womb with Light and Intention

Once you have forged a conscious physical connection to the Womb through your breath, you can now turn to the important task of healing old and residual energies from the Womb. This is one of the most important things that humanity can do at this time as the Womb encodes much of humanity’s patriarchal trauma.

You can now harness your long-forgotten magical power, that is your ability to use light, intention and attention as a direct way to foster healing and transformation in your entire being, from your subtle energy bodies down to your cellular structures and DNA.

Image by Robyn Chance.

You can program light for a specific purpose and this is something simple and straightforward that does not require years of spiritual training or initiation. When you embrace the fact that you are the sovereign ruler of your own energy, and that light and energy respond to your intention, then deep Womb healing through light becomes accessible and possible for all of us.

You can invite in the exact and specific frequency of light that will penetrate all the organs and tissues of the Womb Centre, and that will clear and transform multidimensional energetic imprints, emotional cellular memory, DNA distortion and epigenetic patterning, and even physically stored tensions and traumas that are occupying the area of the Womb.

A Simple Womb Healing Exercise:

  • Put out your hands, cupped together in a receiving position
  • Place a clear intention about what you want to clear from or heal within your Womb Centre (examples will be provided below)
  • Ask to receive into your hands a light, or even a crystal, that holds the exact frequency of light to do this healing work
  • Press this crystal or light into your Womb Centre with your hands
  • Invite this light into every aspect of your Womb Centre: your energy, emotions and physical matrix
  • Notice the shifts, images, insights and feelings that arise for you when this light arrives
  • Affirm to yourself that what you intend to clear is now being totally transformed and cleared now and for all time — “It is done!”

Bringing Healing Intentions to Your Womb Centre

The combination of Intention, Light and Attention is deeply powerful and allows us to initiate a cascade of healing in the Womb Centre, but it is important that do this work gradually and bring clear and specific intentions to the work. There are many layers to what you can clear and here are some examples:

Personal Healing in the Womb

Just in your own lifetimes, you have your own personal accumulation of physical tension and emotional wounding and this can include birth trauma, womb grief and guilt (from abortions and miscarriages) and sexual trauma from having the Womb invaded through rape, abuse or even unloving sexual experiences (male rape and sexual trauma also deeply invades the masculine Womb).

The Womb is a place where you receive and store energy, and she therefore also holds repressed anger, rage, and other toxic emotions that you have been unable to acknowledge, transform or release.

There is a huge relief and release in the Womb area when you harness the conscious intention to clear your all wounds of this lifetime. The Womb can literally begin to shine. You can experience greater health and vitality in this part of us, and also heal and let go of difficult experiences and patterns to experience a new set of possibilities in your relationships and creative lives.


Multi-Lifetime Clearing From the Womb

If you are open to and aware of your multi-lifetime nature (I prefer the term multiple lifetimes to the term “past lives” as you know that time is not linear as you perceive it from this dimensional reality) you may want to open to the  possibility that you carry memories and imprints that are not of this lifetime.

These include rape, slavery (particularly sexual slavery), torture, warfare (such as being impaled or shot in the area of the Womb), physical punishment (such as being hit in the belly or lower back), sexual control mechanisms (such as chastity belts) and death through childbirth to name just a few examples that I have come across in my practice.

You deepen your healing journey by extending your intention for personal healing in the Womb to your other lives. I have worked with clients who were unable to explain or heal certain physical and emotional imbalances in the Womb until they connected Multi-lifetime imprints and trauma memories. They gained deep levels of understanding and healed otherwise unresolvable problems when they set their intention to healing this deeper level of themselves.

Releasing Other People’s Energies from the Womb

Since the Womb is a feminine centre that receives and holds energy and information, she receives and stores significant amounts of other people’s wounded or unresolved energy, including:

  • Past and current sexual partners who have entered us and unknowingly released their unresolved or distorted energy into us (even a very loving partner can unknowingly use sex as a way to release wounded energy into the other person)
  • The toxic and invasive energy of abusers or rapists (for those of us who have suffered these experiences)
  • Other people’s wounded energy that you have unconsciously taken into the Womb in an attempt to heal or save others (this is very common among therapist and healers)

It is a powerful experience hold a healing intention to consciously clear and release others people’s energy from the Womb, along with any conscious or unconscious agreements you may have made to that allow others to invade us energetically, or allow us to take on and store the energetic and emotional wounding of others.

As the Womb clears, many people begin to challenge and change the sexual and energetic dynamics of their relationships and, for example, will no longer tolerate any kind of invasion or abuse from others, whether obvious or subtle.

Clearing Ancestral Wounds from the Womb

You can also invite your feminine and masculine ancestors into Womb healing work. Your Wombs hold the ancestral memories of difficult and violent epochs where Womb energy was invaded, damaged and suppressed and where the relationship between men and women was coloured by patriarchal religious and social  patterns.

Image by Hannah Boeving.

You can invite your ancestral lines to show up, for each individual in this line to receive the necessary light in order to heal their own wounds. When you hold a healing intention to extend Womb healing to your ancestors, there is a huge liberation and joy that expands through your ancestral lineage which also results in your personal liberation.

It is important with ancestral work that you release any agreements that you have made consciously or unconsciously to hold the karma or suffering or your ancestors. You can also make healing light available to the Womb Centres of both your living and unborn children so that the line of Womb transmission can be cleared and so that future generations can enjoy clear healthy Womb energy.

STEP FOUR: Reclaim the Sacred Space of the Womb

When you clear and heal the old energies that have been accumulated in your Wombs, you can then consciously reclaim your Sacred Temple or Holy Grail. The Womb, for men and women, is the inviolable sacred space of I AM — the place where your divine nature as multi-dimensional creator beings is expressed through your physical incarnation.

You do this by consciously allowing your Womb light to shine out her rich, dense and almost palpable light to create a clear sense of your personal energy space. This energy creates clear boundaries that help us define your personal energy space. Although you may be connected in love to everything around us, you also need to feel your individual edges and honour your own space if you are to discover who you truly are and honour your creative choices.

Once you are feeling clear in this energy space and able to consciously connect to the Womb, you can begin the beautiful journey of discovering the memory, wisdom and intuition you hold within us. The Womb is a deep centre of body-based intuition and a remarkable compass for your lives. She is also intimately connected to the feminine energies of the Mother Earth and the Galactic Centre meaning that you can draw on ancient planetary and galactic memory and knowledge through her.

You can also choose to deepen your healing journey by activating your Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine light frequencies within the Womb. This brings balance to your internal energies and provides the energetic foundation for a new paradigm of loving and balanced relationships, free from the old distortions and wounds you previously held.

I invite you to experience profound Womb healing!

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About the author:

Diana Beaulieu studied Human Sciences at Oxford University and has 20 years of professional experience in anthropology, music, storytelling, shamanism and energy medicine.

Diana  is the founder of Sacred Woman Awakening, a ground-breaking learning and healing programme for women who wish to heal their deep feminine wounds and step into their authentic and embodied power in a real, tangible and experiential way.

She also coaches men and women to empower themselves so they can experience their full divine potential in their inner lives and relationships, and contribute through their creative and professional offerings to the healing and transformation that is so needed on Mother Earth today.

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