The Dominoes Are Falling: Astrology Forecast January 6–13, 2019

January 6th, 2018

By Lorna Bevan

Guest writer for Wake Up World

The Dominoes Are Falling

We are accelerated into the week on the heels of Saturday’s solar eclipse in Capricorn on the karmic South Node of Fate. Eclipses are dramatic cosmic wild cards. They shake you out of your feelings of compliance and complacency so that you can move from one stairstep to another. They are some of the most dramatic tools that the universe uses to get you to pay attention to areas in your life that need to change. They work very rapidly — often in a blink of an eye switching off an old life, defragging you and rebooting you. They uproot you, surprise you and nudge you to a new level of your personal evolution or unfolding.

The fallout and repercussions from this eclipse will ripple through your life for the next 6 months and the dust is still settling as the seismic window is wide open and active for the next few days. As Awakener Uranus stations to turn direct on Sunday January 6th, there are now zero planets retrograde until early March plus no fewer than 5 planets at maximum influence in their own signs — watch as the momentum for mundane magical change builds and builds. Whatever 15-23 degrees earthy initiator Capricorn activates in your birth mandala is going to be your point of leverage for the next 16 months. The South Node of Fate approaching Pluto brings a personal and collective encounter with Shiva — a choice point, a separation of worlds and time-lines that will be visceral — a radical scything away of what kept you in thrall to the outlived.

Release, cut away and permanently leave by the wayside anything or anyone that does not serve your highest expression – no choice. Whatever feels old, negative, inflamed, toxic, repetitive, without purpose, head in the sand, fears, doubts, emotional drains: whatever was created in 3D distortion, must go — NOW.

If you commit to doing this, you make space for the downloads of possibility and inspiration from Hierophant Jupiter and limitless Neptune aligned with the Great Attractor. The Sun conjunct Pluto in Capricorn on Friday 11th makes decisions irreversible — you’re either all in or all out. And as for your comfort zone, it doesn’t exist anymore.

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The Chandra Symbol Aries 29 Uranus Direct: Dr. Jekyll Drinks the Poison

“The unconscious mind contains seeds of worlds which the conscious mind had yet to penetrate. These worlds can turn from dark to light and back again, but they are there, crying out to be fathomed, accessed, given their part in the dance. It is no longer possible to push into far shadows that part of the light which dwells in darkness. And so you must bring up, playfully or mischievously, candidly or surreptitiously, all of the hidden places. So that nobody can deny how much of our energy and resource indwells the deep and how all of our being longs to be known, to be seen, to be activated, to partake in the dance of life freely.”

Aries Weekly Forecast: January 6–13, 2019

The intense eclipse on Saturday at the pinnacle of your chart has defragged and rebooted aspects of your career or purpose. It may be far too early to see where it’s going but watch for people leaving-co-workers, managers or bosses -and/or new possibilities appearing out of a clear blue sky. The ripples and repercussions will last for 6 months. On Sunday 6th , unpredictable Uranus turns forward in your own sign for the last time reminding you that the magic happens outside your comfort zone. This is a rare opportunity to choose the path less followed as Uranus aligns with change agents Pluto and the Nodes of Fate.

Trust your instincts.

Taurus Weekly Forecast: January 6–13, 2019

As a pragmatic grounded Earth sign, the recent eclipse in compatible Capricorn should be giving you the leverage and momentum to finally make those big changes you’ve been mulling over. You already know that 2019/20 are set to be huge years of transformation for you when Uranus returns to Taurus for the first time in 84 years, shaking you out of your comfort zone. Rather than waiting for change to come at you from outside, collaborate now by thinking out of the box and setting some wildly impossible goals which are designed to set you free from all those responsibilities, roles and relationships you’ve long since outgrown.

Open your cage door — it’s not locked.

Gemini Weekly Forecast: January 6–13, 2019

The take no prisoners energy of change agents Saturn and Pluto is mitigated for you somewhat by Venus entering your opposite sign of Sagittarius. Venus is all about your desire nature – your tastes, your money, your relationships, your values, anything you love. It is about your magnetics — who and what you attract and repel. And it is about the degree of love, empathy, rapport and sponsorship you have for your Self. This month and this year, money in all its guises will be a focus for you. With Jupiter and Neptune behind you, you need to dream large. But before you do, check the security of your bank accounts, payments and contracts as Saturday’s eclipse is rearranging situations around you and you may be surprised by the knock-on effect.

Show me the money.

Cancer Weekly Forecast: January 6–13, 2019

The dust hasn’t even begun to settle from Saturday’s solar eclipse in your opposite sign so make no judgments yet about whether the impact is good or bad. In any case, just like falling dominoes, the repercussions and implications will take until June to work themselves out. Of all the signs, you have the Gods of Change reaching down into your life and shaking it up. Saturn, Pluto and the Node of Fate often act as wrecking balls demolishing whatever is unstable or outgrown in your life. Only after the initial shock, do you notice how it’s made space for new green shoots to grow. So take a step back, make your emotional and physical wellbeing your absolute priority and let the chips fall where they may.

When something’s over, it’s over.

Leo Weekly Forecast: January 6–13, 2019

Saturday’s potent solar eclipse activated your 6th House of work, routine and service, so many of you will have started the New Year with your nose to the grindstone. That’s not as dour as it sounds as that’s where your greatest opportunities lie this week, this month and this year. With Jupiter and Venus expanding your natural creativity and enthusiasm, and Mars and unpredictable Uranus shaking you out of your comfort zone making you yearn for new horizons, let your imagination run wild. Collaborate with the relentless pressure to change by thinking out of the box or, better still, stamping on the box. And find some enjoyable ways to upgrade your physical health and wellbeing so you can keep going like the Duracell bunny.

Be the change agent and take back control.

Virgo Weekly Forecast: January 6–13, 2019

The recent eclipse in Capricorn was in a compatible Earth sign so you may be finding creative ways to deal with the change in circumstances it’s delivering. But, however you slice and dice it, Saturn and Pluto are heavy hitting planets, bringing change whether you like it or not. The saving grace is limitless Neptune in your relationship zone aligned with gift-bringer Jupiter in your zone of roots and belonging. Make it your top priority to turn your home into a sanctuary regardless of what’s unfolding around you so you can retreat from the dramas swirling around you for a while until the dust settles. When you emerge, you’ll see more clearly.

Getting perspective.

Libra Weekly Forecast: January 6–13, 2019

As one of the 4 cardinal signs, you are in the eye of the eclipse storm. Relentless change agents Saturn and Pluto are not an easy ride — they ruthlessly clear out the old so that eventually new growth can occur. The challenge is in relinquishing control as circumstances change around you. For you as a Libran both your home and your partnerships are in the frame and it looks as if some hard choices need to be made. There’s no leeway for skating over the surface or hiding your head in the sand. Just face it head on and do the next right thing — you’ll know what that is when you come to it.

What’s gone is gone.

Scorpio Weekly Forecast: January 6–13, 2019

Instead of reacting emotionally to the fallout from Saturday’s solar eclipse, look for the new learning and fresh insights it’s offering you. With so many planets in your 3rd House of communication and connection plus awakener Uranus turning forward in your creativity zone, just behind the upheavals radically fresh thinking is available to you once you slow down and look. With your ruler Pluto in the eye of the eclipse, search for clues to what’s been hidden under the radar or for information that’s been kept from you. What you find could change your direction.

Knowledge is power.

Sagittarius Weekly Forecast: January 6–13, 2019

Your brave new world just got better. On Tuesday Venus returns to your sign to join expansive Jupiter. Think of it as being given a golden key to the door of opportunity. Whilst others (probably in the work space) may be resistant or difficult, use your charm, enthusiasm and strategic thinking to make headway towards your biggest dreams and goals. Make sure your finances are rock solid, double-check the bottom line and put strong foundations under your blueprint for success. If the recent eclipse has exposed weaknesses, deal with it then move on.

Holding all the aces.

Capricorn Weekly Forecast: January 6–13, 2019

Saturday’s rare and powerful New Moon eclipse in the heart of your own sign is cutting away anything or anyone that was holding you back. If someone leaves, let them go -there’s no second act. It’s far too early to make a judgment on the eclipse fallout as the dust is still settling so let the chips fall where they may and carry on carrying on. Now is when your most valuable Capricornian qualities of determination, persistence, endurance and strategic thinking can come into play. Let others cut corners or skate over the surface-you, of all the signs, understand that superficiality is counter-productive. So, no short term fixes, just an eye to the long term future.

Game on.

Aquarius Weekly Forecast: January 6–13, 2019

If you’re feeling below par, flattened, demotivated or just plain weary, it’s down to the recent eclipse detonating the deepest part of your chart. With the Sun, Moon plus several heavy planets in the unconscious engine room of your psyche, you can definitely feel big shifts and changes but they remain frustratingly elusive and just out of sight. Between now and January 21st when the Sun returns to Aquarius, recharges your battery and a lunar eclipse nudges you back on track, make your physical and emotional wellbeing your top priority. Then you can deal with anything.

In the dark.

Pisces Weekly Forecast: January 6–13, 2019

As a sensitive sign rules by shapeshifter Neptune, you find it harder than most to confront heavy hitters Saturn and Pluto in down to earth Capricorn and doubly so in the shape of a jarring uncomfortable eclipse. You just don’t operate on the same frequency. So the changes in circumstances since Saturday’s New Moon eclipse are a challenge. Whatever you do, don’t bury your head in the sand or ignore the elephant under the carpet. Face the issues head on, once and for all. Turn your weaknesses into assets and don’t let anything or anyone knock you off course.

Think of it as cross training.

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