Does Big Pharma Hide Cures?

By Tracy Kolenchuck

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

Maybe you’ve noticed, maybe not? What’s the latest cure discovered by Big Pharma? What’s the most important disease cured in the last year? The last 5 years? The last 10 years? The last 20 years? We hear lots of news about “potential new cures”, “promising new treatments”, “moving closer to a cure”, as well as “walk, run, jump, swim, bike… for a cure”. Sometimes the press, in desperate enthusiasm to find a cure, reports a cure. Look closer, read carefully. Most are simply “hope for a future cure”, because cured is not defined.

Where are the cures? Where are the cured?

Now that we’re thinking about it… What was the last important cure discovered by Big Pharma? After the discovery of antibiotics, I can’t think of one since insulin was supposed to “cure” diabetes. We still use insulin. It still doesn’t cure diabetes. It’s a treatment. Many diabetics still get their legs cut off to stop gangrene and still die from other complications.

So… Where are all the cures? Surely, in the past 20 or 30 or 40 years, Big Pharma has discovered a cure for something? But no. It’s worse than that. Cures are disappearing. Diseases we used to cure easily?—?for most cases?—?have become incurable.

Like depression.

Depression used to be cured naturally, within a few months, in most cases. Today, the DSM-5, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders says we should work together to “advance the treatment and eventual cures for these conditions.” It does not recommend a single cure. It does not contain a general definition of cured, nor a definition specific to any disorder. Today, we treat mental disorders for decades. We never cure. How can this be?

Cured is not defined for any mental disorder. Not defined. Cured cannot be proven in clinical studies. Clinical studies measure the effectiveness of treatments on signs and symptoms of depression. But no Big Pharma study of depression treatments can find a cure. There is no test for depression cured. There are lots of ways to cure depression. But no medicine.

What happens when a case of depression is cured? The patient gets cured, and the cure gets lost.

It’s not just depression.

A Scientific Definition of Cure

Cured is not scientifically nor medically defined for ANY non-infectious. Not one. Arthritis, Alzheimer’s, bloat, cancer, Chron’s, depression, diabetes, epilepsy, fibromyalgia, gout, hypertension… I could go on. I often do. Big Pharma can’t find cures for any of them. Cured is not defined. Many medical dictionaries do not contain an entry for the word cure. Cured cannot be tested. Cannot be proven. So cures can’t be found.

Maybe it’s not Big Pharma’s fault? What about the FDA? But, the FDA doesn’t have a definition of cured either. If Big Pharma submits a cure to the FDA, the submission must define cured. But cured is not defined. What about our medical associations? Not one has a definition of cured for any non-infectious disease. None of our medical bureaucracies has a definition of cured. None are working on a definition of cured.

Cured is defined for some diseases. But it’s not so bad. It’s worse. Cured is defined for a few infectious diseases, cured by a poisonous medicine that kills the infection. But that’s it.

Can Health Cure?

“ There is no cure for the common cold (influenza, mumps, measles). “ They are cured by health. When we are healthier, we cure these diseases faster. When we are less healthy, we get more colds, more flu, and curing them takes longer.

But Big Pharma can’t put health in a bottle and patent it. Health isn’t poisonous. It doesn’t fit the current definition of a medicine. It’s against the law to prescribe health for many diseases. Insurance won’t pay for prescriptions of health. Even if they cure.

As a result, Big Pharma can’t find cures for these diseases either. Big Pharma markets treatments that “work”, but don’t cure, can’t possibly.

Big Pharma doesn’t need to hide cures. No one can find them. But now the strange part.

I’ve Been Cured.

We’ve all had a cold and cured it with health. Most of us have had the flu, and cured it with health. I’ve had measles – twice – and mumps once, and cured them with health. Everybody knows diseases are cured.

But we don’t know it all? Every year many people claim to have cured their diabetes, arthritis, fibromyalgia, even cancer and more. There’s just one problem.

Cured is not defined for diabetes, arthritis, or cancer, obesity, depression, or scurvy either. These people can’t prove they have been cured. Even when a cure occurs – none can be proven.

Big Pharma can’t investigate cases of cured, because cured is not defined. No cures can be found to hide. There’s nothing to hide.

It’s not hard to define cured. Our medical systems contain many of our most intelligent people. Surely, it can’t take long to define cured. When we define cured, and someone claims to be cured, we can test for a cure. But today, there is no test for cured. Clinical studies measure benefits of “treatments” statistically. But, without a definition of cured?—?we cannot determine if a successful treatments is moving the illness towards cured, or away.

A cure isn’t a statistic. Every cure is a single case. Every cure is an anecdote. Big Pharma ignores anecdotes, because it ignores cures, or perhaps it ignores cures, because it ignores anecdotes.

Cure Defined

It’s not hard to define cure. Of course some illnesses are simple, some are complex. Some cures can be simple, others need to be complex. There are three basic types of illness, and three types of cures. But conventional medicine, and Big Pharma can’t find cures. Big Pharma doesn’t hide cures, it just ignores them.

to your health, Tracy

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