A Sense of Oneness Leads to Greater Life Satisfaction, Research Shows

By Nikki Harper

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

As humans have become more ecologically and environmentally aware over the last century or so, we’ve come to understand that a small change in any particular ecosystem can have important – and unexpected – consequences for another. Slowly but surely, many have also been grasping this concept of interconnectedness and oneness in a more abstract or spiritual way too.

Recent research from Germany has shown that this sense of oneness can have important positive repercussions for us all. In a study of over 75,000 people, researchers found a positive correlation between an expressed belief in oneness and reported levels of life satisfaction. Simply put, the more you sense the interconnectedness of humanity, the more likely you are to feel that you are living a fulfilling life.

Interestingly, a further study found that this correlation is not linked to religion. In the follow up study of over 67,000 people, those from all faiths and none were questioned. The researchers found differences in the belief in oneness across different religions, but they also found that belief in oneness was a much better predictor of life satisfaction than any religion or non-religion. (links to study)

Benefits of the Sense of Oneness

It’s not hard to see why an inherent sense of oneness may lead to a feeling of more fulfillment – to feel interconnected to the rest of humanity in this way has many clear psychological benefits.

For a start, a sense of oneness helps to reduce fear. Fear of death, in particular, is minimized if you understand that you’re part of the greater divinity, but general all-round fear and anxiety can be eased too. It’s easier to allow yourself to be brave or to make mistakes or to take a risk if you feel that your actions fit seamlessly into a larger, collective consciousness.

A sense of oneness also promotes our highest human qualities, such as kindness and compassion. When we understand that by hurting one, we hurt all, thoughtless actions decrease, and we tend to end up with a greater awareness of and compassion for our fellow humans, animals and plants.

Knowing that we have a link to something greater than ourselves can also bring a feeling of peace, acceptance and gratitude. There’s a sense of wonder and appreciation here too, a very humbling and moving kind of awe.

Mindfulness becomes easier too, if we recognise that we are all linked. To live in the present moment is an easier habit to adopt when we understand that the rest of the world, quite literally, has the same ultimate goal and is heading in the same direction.

Ways to Experience Oneness

Although oneness and interconnectedness are our natural state of being, it can be surprisingly difficult to actually experience that sense yourself, even if you believe in the principle. Our modern, busy, stressful lives don’t often allow for the transcendent overview needed to experience yourself as at one with the universal flow of energy.

Once experienced, however, it’s not something you’ll ever forget, and it can change your life forever.

Regular practice of meditation and mindfulness can take your mind out of itself, for want of a better term, and will give you a better chance of experiencing reality.

Taking conscious steps to immerse yourself in nature can also bring you closer to the experience of oneness, as can simple things like a gratitude journal or extreme focus on an important task.

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