Global Transmutation is Here: Let’s Make Our Lives Epic!

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We are no longer on the cusp of great change in the World. We are no longer on the brink. We are RIGHT IN the midst of the most powerful Transmutation process in the Earth’s history. On the surface it is far from petty: climate crisis, environmental destruction, financial instability and political insanity, it’s enough to make an angel weep! But did we expect the world’s shift to higher consciousness to be all roses and light? What we need right now are the mirrors. We need the reflections to let go of the collapsing old world consciousness that’s become decrepid and defunct. Let that be the inspiration to decide: to take back power, take centre stream, and make your life epic!

Feel the acceleration in The Shift happening under your feet

As politicians ponitificate and climate scientists prevaricate, Gaia is doing her stuff. She’s doing what she always agreed to. In conjunction with dramatic energetic changes in our solar system and the galaxy too, our bankrupt old world consciousness is being unravelled by its very threads. As evolving people we know everything is interconnected, everything is moving as one. Just as realities crytsalise and take shape for a greater learning process, so they are unravelled and broken apart when they’ve served their purpose.

What we’re talking about is the wholesale breakdown of our 3D reality, and just like the resplendent dragonfly, the emergence of a pristine new reality in a higher vibrational existence – one that has learned from the mistakes of the old, where all life is cherished and working in harmonious union. That’s what the collective consciousness has been yearning for all this time. That is the catalytic driver for change.

An Understanding on the Process of Transformation from 3D to 5D Earth

Catalytic Driver for Change

Plenty of you reading this will already know what I’m talking about. To others, it’ll just be coming clear.

Hold your nerve I say. Steel your will. Smelt the blade of your soul in the furnace.

Yes, it’s getting pretty ‘hot’ out there.

But this is exactly what we need right now.

Too many have been hanging onto the banks for too long. Afraid of taking centre stream and daring to be them. They’re still clinging on, distracting so they don’t have to confront the awesome magnitude of the truth.

I say to you there is no longer the time to play it small.

No reason to hide in the shadows of life and tow the party line.

Dig deep into your soul. Feel what is right, aligned and authentic for you.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Look into the outer mirror of life, see society’s limiting shadow, in all its wondrous ridiculousness.

See where it’s contracted you down and made you small. Feel deep into the tightness inside. Is it the solar plexus? The sacrum? Perhaps the heart? So where is the attachment, where do you need the world to be a particular way? What are you afraid of?

These questions can help dig deep into the karmic ties that still hold: what if I lose that job? What if my relationship falls apart? What if I can’t pay the bills?

Society can no longer pay the bills! I put it to you that with the current convergence of manmade climate change, of the Pole Shift, Changes in the Solar Logos, and the imminent arrival of the next Galactic Superwave, we probably have a window of about 30 years or so left on 3D earth. What will you do with that time?

Let’s be clear: this is NOT about turning it all back. This is NOT about finding an eco-friendly band aid to somehow plaster it all together. A synthetic system has been created with hybridised Homo Sapiens purposefully enslaved within. These are the layers that will now be peeled away. This is the defunct reality that needs to go. The world will return to Gaia, Realignment will happen. The 3D reality will be composted to make way for the 5D paradigm.

And there is a place there for each and every one of us should we choose it.

Fortune Favours the Bold

But we have to be bold now. Courageous. Dramatic change is the driver for this transformation. See it all around you now happening. From the purposefully created Amazon fires, to the melting polar ice sheet, some of it is manmade, yes, but plenty is a much deeper, wider process in the natural cycle of life, of death and rebirth.

This is NOT about waiting for some big “Event” to happen. It is ALREADY happening!

It’s about being inspired to make the higher consciousness choices right now.

You know what they are. Moment by moment, if you listen, you can feel it in your heart. You simply KNOW what is the truth for you. That is BEFORE the ‘what ifs’ and ‘why nots’ of the mind get in the way and hijack the flow. You must hold them open right now. You must feel their contracting tightness and open a wide doorway through them. Remember yourself as who you really are – the vastness of The One. Become that. Open into that. And then look for the authentic emergent aspect of soul that now wants to shine forth.

Dive into Centre Stream

So, I urge all: seize the day; seize the opportunity; seize this incredible moment. You have a first row seat for the most spectacular transformation imaginable – the death and rebirth of a star. And it will be the death and rebirth for humanity too.

What I’m talking about is transmutation: realising yourself beyond the physical; knowing yourself as the consciousness of the soul; living on, beyond the physical demise of your body. And then manifesting in a new form in a higher vibrational frequency. That’s what this daily confrontation of our physical, emotional and karmic limitations leads to.

That great possibility is there for each of us. It’s time to embrace this incredible ride; instead of being overawed by it, be positively inspired because there’s simply nothing to be gained by hanging on and playing small. Let’s step out and be all that we be, all that is real for you. Don’t hold back any longer, there’s simply no point. And definitely don’t hold onto the collapsing banks of the old world system. Now, more than ever, it is time to take centre stream.

Let’s dive in together and make our lives epic!

If you resonate with the Openhand vibe and the approach we’re putting forwards, do come and explore the work. It’s perfectly crafted to meet these times of profound change in the world.

Arise Divine Being World Tour 2019

See you down the flow!

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