Lost in Translation: Astrology Forecast December 8 – 15, 2019

December 9th, 2019

By Lorna Bevan

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

It’s going to be a week of paradox, contradictions and confusion, so take each day as it comes with no expectations.

The conflicting frequencies of Venus conjunct both Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn and Jupiter trine Uranus are sending mixed messages. One the one hand, duty and due diligence feels unavoidable and on the other the urge to break away, break free and do your own thing is nearly overwhelming. So this could go two ways… or maybe the middle ground is to prioritise what’s important as opposed to urgent and then take yourself off on an adventure or an artist’s date.

The Gemini Full Moon on Thursday 12th is at odds with Neptune-expect smoke and mirrors. There will be so much collective chatter, fake news, social media narcissism and superficiality that there is little point in tuning into it. The greatest festive gift you can give yourself is doing a digital de-tox.

Keep in mind that the December 26th Solar eclipse is already switching off an old life, defragging you and rebooting you ahead of the January 12 Saturn/Pluto Conjunction. So stay on your Witness perch and watch as the Mysteries unfold…..

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The Chandra Symbol for 19 Gemini:

Strange creatures peeking out from behind trees.

“Surprises, destiny shocks, stunning events present a way to evolve rapidly for the daring and the wild. Whatever you assume and prepare for, the moment shall be different. Nothing is meant to be straightforward here. You must be kept on the alert, prompted, beguiled, tricked–anything to help you leap off. The greater self finds its ways to get at a little self who wants to hide in safe places, when instead a much larger destiny is in the works–which insists upon knocking at your door, preferably a back door or side door, to jump right in, scare the living daylights out of you, and wake you up for the next scintillating adventure along a vast and unlimited spectrum.”

Aries Weekly Forecast: Dec 8-15, 2019

As an Aries, something potentially positive, progressive and full of potential is going to change your working landscape. Jupiter, the planet of expansion and exploration, has just moved across the very top of your chart to stay until 19 December 2020.That’s right- you have one of the gift bringers of the cosmos at your back for an entire 12 months. This is a gift you only get once every 12 years, so make the very most of it. And this time around, Jupiter is aligned with powerful change agents Saturn and Pluto to deliver a switch in life direction. Some ways this could work are: changes at the top where you work, a business move or expansion, opportunities to change roles or earn more status and increase your income. News will start arriving around the December 26th eclipse so, if you’re suddenly laid off or you decide to walk away, it will turn out to be better than you could have imagined.

A year of radical shifts in direction.

Taurus Weekly Forecast: Dec 8-15, 2019

Something big is happening. Jupiter, the explorer and expansionist, has just moved into Capricorn for the first time since 2006/7 to stay until December 2020.Capricorn is a very compatible fellow Earth sign and your zone of travel, teaching, studying and widening your horizons. If you write, whether it’s a blog, a book or a thesis, your odds of being published to a much bigger audience have just massively increased. Seize any opportunity to teach, mentor or coach- you know far more than you think you do-and your reputation will grow. Most of all, follow your curiosity and study something that’s intrigued you for years…who knows where it will take you. The first clues will arrive on December 15th when Uranus in Taurus aligns with Jupiter and then around the December 26th New Moon eclipse, so be ready to step up to the plate.

Think big, think bold, think out of the box.

Gemini Weekly Forecast: Dec 8-15, 2019

Now that Jupiter has finally exited your relationship zone and entered the deeper 8th House until December 2020, there’s going to be a change of pace for you in the year to come. You’ll notice the shift at next Thursday’s Full Moon in Gemini, which draws a line under the hectic activity of the last 12 months. If you’ve been giving too much of yourself away to other people, especially to friends and family members, it’s time to pull back and even cut some of those ties that bind. You need to look after yourself, to take time out to really think about how you want to live and to determine your own path. Jupiter, now in your angle of life’s big questions, finances and resources, is conjunct the New Moon Eclipse on December 26th -it’s time to let go of an outworn way of life and find out what personal freedom really means.

Who and what really matters?

Cancer Weekly Forecast: Dec 8-15, 2019

The big news-and I mean that literally-is that Jupiter has moved into your relationship zone to stay until December 2020. Jupiter spent all this year in your work angle, increasing your commitments and piling a lot on your plate and now it’s time to take a step back and lift your nose from the grindstone. The planet of expansion is travelling with Saturn, Pluto and Venus so expect to meet some interesting people or one special person who may be larger than life. Just what you need to raise your spirits during the festive season and beyond. Thursday’s Full Moon is in your mystical intuitive 12th House so pay attention to your dreams and take some quiet time for reflection. We’re also right in the Cancer/Capricorn wild card eclipse season with one on December 26th and the following on January 10th and both are evolving your relationships. There may be endings to make way for something or someone much better.

Time to let others care for you.

Leo Weekly Forecast: Dec 8-15, 2019

With a huge gathering of the heavy hitter planets in practical Capricorn, not to mention two eclipses, you’re going to be increasingly busy. Jupiter will stay in this work angle of your chart with Saturn and Pluto for the whole of 2020, widening your field of action, bringing more responsibility and generally asking more of you. This won’t be as challenging as it sounds since Jupiter’s all about expansion and exploration, not to mention rewards for due diligence. You may have to ditch aspects of your current work life -old marketing past its sell by date, routines that no longer serve you, your office space. Think of it as a wonderful opportunity to get rid of unwanted responsibilities, possessions and contracts that have been weighing you down and holding you back. Start now and you may get some good news near December 15th when planet of surprise Uranus in your career zone aligns with gift bringer Jupiter.

Prepare by doing a wellbeing and health check.

Virgo Weekly Forecast: Dec 8-15, 2019

Now that Jupiter the largest planet has moved into Capricorn to stay for a whole year, this area of your chart and life is set for big changes. Capricorn represents your 5th House of creativity, self-expression, children, fun and romance. A huge gathering of Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter, Venus and Ceres are giving you the support and also the nudge you need to have more faith in yourself and your gifts and talents. Two wild card eclipses here are going to rearrange circumstances around you so that interests, passions or hobbies you’ve side lined for years, will come back to life. The Full Moon on Thursday December 12th is at the pinnacle of your chart showcasing your career and you might decide to change direction or at least to think about it. If so, wait until after the second eclipse on January 10 2020 to take the first step in a new direction.

Say Yes to breaking new ground.

Libra Weekly Forecast: Dec 8-15, 2019

Jupiter- known as the Father Christmas of the planets- has just arrived in your 4th House of belonging ahead of the festivities, giving you a much need boost to your spirits. This part of your life-home, family, roots, ancestral inheritance-has been in flux over the last 18 months with both change agents Saturn and Pluto shaking your very foundations. Family members may have left, a marriage may have ruptured, a DNA test brought surprises-whatever’s happened has changed your tribe. Happily, Jupiter promises chances to expand your living space, move house or welcome new family members. You have a whole 12 months to make exciting plans and put them into action, creating growth on your own terms. Watch for opportunities to start the ball rolling around December 15th and again at the eclipses in late December and early January.

A chapter is ending.

Scorpio Weekly Forecast: Dec 8-15, 2019

At a time when most signs are turning inwards preparing for the festivities, you’re on a mission! Your personal planet Mars in your own sign is fuelling you with energy, life force and the desire to make the very most out of life. Meanwhile a huge gathering of heavy hitting planets is amplifying your 3rd House of communication and connection. For the whole of 2020, Jupiter will give you the gift of charisma, a silver tongue and the skill to gain rapport with just about everyone. With two wild card eclipses just up ahead, if you have a big project -such as a new website, a book, publicity for an event -to launch, get it ready to fly. Think out of the box, find a new angle, be inspired and inspiring-the world will be receptive.

Dare to go after a wildly impossible goal.

Sagittarius Weekly Forecast: Dec 8-15, 2019

Your personal planet Jupiter has finally left your sign after a year for the memory books for many of you. The gifts you received this year are yours for life so make sure you look back at your achievements, your new skills, resources and resilience and make a permanent record. All of them will stand you in good stead during the Full Moon of endings on December 12th in your opposite sign , not to mention the wild card eclipses between now and January 10th.The theme for Sagittarius during 2020 is material abundance-how to create it, develop it and keep it. With reality planets Saturn and Pluto alongside Jupiter in your zone of earned income, it’s past time to do a financial audit. Find the bottom line. Know your outgoings and incomings. Take stock of your assets. You have a wonderful opportunity to build on this year’s successes but the foundations have to be strong.

Get creative with developing new income streams.

Capricorn Weekly Forecast: Dec 8-15, 2019

There is so much happening in your sign, Capricorn, that it’s hard to know where to begin. The sheer once in a lifetime planetary power you have behind you promises you a year for the memory books in 2020.Jupiter is now aligned with Saturn, Pluto, Venus and Ceres in your sign lifting your spirits ahead of two wild card eclipses across Cancer/Capricorn and the rare Saturn/Pluto conjunction on January 12 that will be game changers. You are probably finding all this power a little overwhelming-almost like having your electric system blown. Expect to flip flop between feeling either extremely tired or extremely wired. With the Sun in the deepest part of your chart until the Solstice on December 21st, use the first part of the month to slow down, go inside and find some peace and quiet to reflect. Around the 15th you just might have one of those lightbulb moments of insight. Make your health and wellbeing a priority before the festivities get going.

Your big question is: To what do I want to dedicate my life?

Aquarius Weekly Forecast: Dec 8-15, 2019

For the next few months, there is a huge gathering of planets in your 12th House, the most hidden part of your chart and psyche that I call your engine room. Fortunately, Jupiter the explorer and expander has joined reality planets Saturn and Jupiter here to lift your spirits. It’s an extended time for retreat, renewal and dreaming. For going “offline” both metaphorically or for real. The whole of 2020 is going to be important as a time of inner preparation, like an Akido Master, for spiritual and physical renewal because from December next year, Aquarius is going to play a pivotal role. This month, especially around December 12th,15th and 26th, events may bring out of the blue insights and breakthroughs when suddenly everything changes and opens up. The eclipses will put you in touch with something bigger, deeper than you-the world beyond the world where the true power dwells. Over Christmas, if you feel drawn to visit an art gallery, a museum or a sacred stone circle, trust your instincts.

Make your home a true sanctuary.

Pisces Weekly Forecast: Dec 8-15, 2019

What a month and what a year to come, Pisces. Your personal ruler benevolent Jupiter has just exited your career zone, where he brought a mixture of recognition, opportunity and overwhelm, and joined a huge gathering of planets in your 11th House. Think: People, People, People. All your alliances, friendships, groups and relationships are going to grow and expand right through until the end of 2020.This is welcome news as you’ve been carrying a heavy load on your own for quite a long time. December 12th,15th and 26th are days to go to seminars, set up a workshop, host a party or plan a group retreat somewhere exciting. Then two eclipses will bring a changing of the guard in your people landscape-someone might leave, others arrive. It’s a time of endings, closure and new beginnings.

Finding your tribe.

Originally published at hareinthemoonastrology.co.uk and reproduced here with permission.

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