New Moon in Pisces: A World of Pure Imagination

February 21st, 2020

By Nikki Harper

Staff Writer for Wake Up World

The New Moon in Pisces brings us a chance to escape into a world of fantasy and imagination, which is likely to be pretty welcome after some stressful astrological events this month. However, Pisces energy is two-sided – all that compassion and sensitivity and intuition is very positive, but there’s also an undercurrent of negative escapism here. If you want to get away from the harsh realities of life, be sure you’re doing it through healthy means, not through harmful substances.

This New Moon is also full of creative energy, particularly musical and artistic energy. It’s a good opportunity to express difficult emotions through art, rather than keeping them bottled up inside.

Because there’s so much imagination in the air, and because Pisces energy is so spiritual, this is one of the best New Moons for manifestation – but think through what you want in detail first, because attempting manifestation techniques while you’re still woolly or ambiguous about the outcome is a recipe for disappointment. One of the hardest things about a Pisces New Moon can be pinning down what you truly want, because we’re easily seduced by what we think we want, as opposed to deeper, more sincere desires.

This Pisces New Moon is also a great time for helping others, especially those who are lonely, isolated or down on their luck. Charitable efforts get a boost from this astrological energy, as does any sincerely motivated attempt to do right in the world.

Deception, however, is a keynote of Neptune, this New Moon’s ruling planet. Not everything is quite as it seems, so watch out for someone taking advantage of your better nature.


Expect to feel super-emotional during this New Moon, even if you can’t quite put your finger on why. Strange dreams, psychic insights and synchronicity are all around you – there’s a deeper message here but you’ll need to pay attention to figure it out.



Get out and about in search of your true tribe. This New Moon encourages you to reach beyond the superficial social ties you have in some current friendships, and instead to find people who resonate with your heart’s purpose.




The New Moon occurs in your ambitions zone, but this energy is softer and kinder than the me-me-me ambition you’re used to. Consider ways in which you can get ahead while lifting up the rest of mankind too. Motives really matter, so make yours count.



The New Moon encourages you to look at different sides to issues you think you know. Spend some time if you can walking in someone else’s shoes, because you haven’t truly understood the wider point. Instead of protecting your own interests, recognise the interconnectedness we all share.



This powerful New Moon is a transcendental experience for you – or it can be, if you allow it. Find meaning in recent sorrowful experiences and understand that it has all contributed to your greater growth. Step beyond pain and into the light of true understanding.



Peeping out from your love zone, this New Moon holds the promise of romance and a fresh start in a beleaguered relationship. However, it also teaches you to stop taking other people for granted. Let them know how much they matter, before they vote with their feet.



The New Moon brings fresh impetus to your efforts to get fit and stay fit – but the emphasis here is just as much on mental health as it is on diet or exercise. If you think you would benefit from therapy, try it. Alternative therapies such as past life regression may also hold answers for you now.



This New Moon unleashes your creative spirit and can be a very joyful experience. You should hopefully be feeling happy and grateful for what you have – and it’s this gratitude which will invite even better things into your life shortly.




The New Moon shines from your past zone, helping you to put previous experiences into context, or to gain a fresh insight into a past trauma. Being able to see things from other perspectives is very helpful now, but you have some healing and do and some forgiveness to offer.



Your skill with words is much increased by this New Moon, so now is a good time to have a difficult conversation you’ve been avoiding. Trust that if you speak from the heart, your words will be well received. Speaking with sincerity will get your message across.



It may fall in your money zone, but this New Moon is more about your values than your bank balance. Start to notice the blessings in life which have zero to do with money, because this is the kind of spiritual abundance you’ll be wanting to encourage.




A New Moon in your own sign always brings the potential for a fresh start. If you’d like to re-invent yourself in some way, go ahead. It’s a great time for a change of image, but remember, it’s what you think of yourself which truly matters, not what anyone else sees.


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