A Festival of Light: Astrology Forecast May 3 -10, 2020

May 4th, 2020

By Lorna Bevan

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

This is going to be a week of strong seismic energy flow. Meet it and greet it by deliberately expanding your own Field and clearing your personal ecology.

The 5:5 Star Gate opens on Wednesday 5th. Then the next day, the karmic Node of Fate leaves Cancer for Gemini delivering a new 18 month Mission personally and collectively. The significance of this will become clear during the 2 wild card eclipses in June. For exact dates and meaning of the 2020 eclipses, buy my essential Guide:” Making Eclipses Work for You”.

On Thursday May 7th, our trip through earthy embodied Taurus/Vulcan brings Wesak – the annual High Festival of Resurrection – the Buddha’s birthday and yearly return as Avatar at the Scorpio Full Moon streaming the light of Revival, Resurgence and Renewal on to the planet.  Sedna the Resurrection Goddess on Algol in Taurus – our binary 3rd Eye – aligns with the Galactic Centre and with Jupiter/Pluto.

This sacred Taurus High Festival will download many of our Origin Stream Codes from the Pleaides via the pineal gland, the ancestral master cell of untapped DNA. Taurus is literally plugged in to the enormous light of the seven hotly burning blue-white stars of the Pleiades – the Great Central Sun – acting as a channel or gateway to the source of this tremendous spiritual Centre. The inner journey of Taurus is deeply hidden, mysterious, highly significant and sacred, it illuminates by showing you the nature of Light.

Aries, Taurus, and Capricorn – now all activated by Chiron, Uranus and Jupiter/Pluto – are the Great Transformers under the Creative Plan and act as catalysts.

Be aware that Taurus’ ruler Venus is now stationing to turn retrograde as are Saturn and Jupiter- so postpone any big decisions. Expect strong contractions, strengthen your boundaries. This is not a time to act out.

There is nothing to do, be or practice – just look for the grace in the silver lining.

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The Chandra Symbol for the Wesak Taurus Buddha Full Moon SCORPIO 17:

The Mountain Abode of a Hermit.

“A stronghold for hidden purposes and inward streams to thrive and prevail. You live several lives in one, melding together the brightest, the darkest, the strangest, and the most wondrous worlds. Accustomed to the shadows and to meditation, prayer and extraordinary discipline. Remaining in here forever. Absolutely uninvolved with surface affairs, no outer life whatsoever. But inwardly deep, intense, and overwhelmingly driven. Following through on ancient vows. The capacity for root transformation and extraordinary realisation. Your central focus is to be with Spirit in the silence and there is nothing else that comes even close to feeling all the way through, on and true.”

Aries Week Ahead Forecast: May 3-10, 2020

Money-all forms of it-is front and centre for you. With Mercury, Uranus and the Full Moon lighting up your axis of personal and joint finances aligning with wealth planet Jupiter and Pluto in your 10th House of career, the message is flashing in neon lights: take your head out of the sand. Make this a week to look at where money comes in, where it goes out, where it leaks away and think about how you can keep more of it. Are you earning what you’re worth? Are you undercharging and underearning? If you’ve been thinking about changing your job or even working for yourself, factor it all in. Don’t skip over the details or cut corners-next week Saturn, Jupiter and Venus will turn backwards giving you the time to make better longterm choices.

Re-wiring your money circuitry.

Taurus Week Ahead Forecast: May 3-10, 2020

Make the very most of Mercury meeting the Sun in your sign followed by the beautiful annual Full Moon across Taurus and Scorpio on Thursday. You should be feeling in your element-literally- and happy in your own skin. This astrology is all about feeling the love and giving the love as it lights up your relationship zone. Start with yourself and make your body your sanctuary. As the Node of Fate enters Gemini, you’ll become much more aware of value and exchange, of give and take and I and Thou. Your personal ruler Venus is slowing to turn backwards until mid-June and you begin to notice the change of pace. Think back to summer 2012 for a clue to what this might be about. Money-and what it means to you- is definitely going to be a factor over the next 40 days-you might find creative new ways of adding income streams or how to live on fresh air as you make new plans.

Adjusting to your own unique cycle of incubate/ ripen/ create/retreat/ regenerate.

Gemini Week Ahead Forecast: May 3-10, 2020

There’s a lot of activity in your sign this month and you’ll feel the change of energy-so be ready to wake up and smell the coffee. This week Mercury, Uranus and the Full Moon across your 6/12th axis of withdrawal and retreat stir up some old stuff for you to clear. On May 6th the Node of Fate returns to your sign for the first time since 2002, bringing wild card eclipses to Gemini in June, July and December. The next 18 months will be a re-orientation, a change of direction and a big nudge back on track to your purpose. It all starts now with Venus in your sign about to turn retrograde and linger in Gemini until August. You’ll be looking in the mirror to see yourself in a new light, to have fun experimenting with how you look and how you look after yourself.

Shine on.

Cancer Week Ahead Forecast: May 3-10, 2020

This is a week too choose freedom and possibility over same old, same old. Over the last 2 years you’ve got so used to huddling under a psychological umbrella that you haven’t noticed that the weather’s changed. Thursday’s Wesak Full Moon is lighting up compatible water sign Scorpio and your 5th House of fun, play, creativity and enjoyment. You’re coming to the end of a long period of compressed personal growth and as the Node of Fate exits Cancer and enters Gemini until 2022, so too will the eclipses that have brought so much upheaval into your life. Meanwhile Venus is slowing to drop into the underworld for 40 days and nights in the most imaginative part of your chart. This is going to remind you that in 5D, ‘Slow’ and ‘Down’ are modes of the soul. Slowing downwards means growing down towards the roots of your being. Instead of outward growth and upward climb, life turns inward and downward in order to grow in other ways. There is a shift to the vertical down that re-turns you to root memories, root metaphor, that shape your life from within.

Returning home to your self.

Leo Week Ahead Forecast: May 3-10, 2020

The Sun is right at the very pinnacle of your chart for the first 3 weeks of May and this is the time of year when you feel on top of the world. Your public image can go one way or the other in an instant as you are now more visible than usual, so be aware that what you say, promise and deliver is being noticed. Absolutely no overpromising then under delivering. With Mercury, the Sun and Uranus here, invest in new technology and keep up to date. While your thoughts are on building a bigger platform for your work or service, Thursday’s Full Moon is right at the bottom of your chart, highlighting home and family. Scorpio is an emotional Full Moon so connect as deeply as you can with those you love and show them exactly how much they matter.

Feeling the love.

Virgo Week Ahead Forecast: May 3-10, 2020

Despite being restricted in your movements, your life will feel as if it’s picking up pace in May because your personal planet Mercury is moving so quickly through first Taurus then Gemini. It looks as if you’re busy and wherever your unique expertise, skills and experience lie, they could make you increasingly valuable during these changing times. Everyone’s usual ways of working and communicating are changing and you are going to be ahead of the curve. You have not one but two planetary shifts on your side. First, Venus is crossing the very top of your chart lighting up your career, service and purpose in the world. The Goddess will turn backwards on May 13th and stay here until August! Secondly, the karmic Node of Fate arrives at the same point on Wednesday to stay for 18 months and when June/July’s eclipses arrive here, they will bring a distinct change of status and direction.

Valuing and showcasing your gifts.

Libra Week Ahead Forecast: May 3-10, 2020

Despite everything that’s happening-or rather not happening- you are entering a period of personal expansion. Hopefully not so much physically as socially and culturally. The most significant and lasting aspect is your personal planet Venus travelling back and forth across compatible Air sign Gemini until early August. In your chart, this is going to awaken your desire for exploring new ideas, researching intriguing subjects and /or embarking on a period of study. You might start to write- a blog? A poem? A novel?-and if so, the world will be receptive to your thoughts. Anything to do with beauty, art, history or spirituality is well starred. Revisit an old passion or hobby to see if you can spark the embers back into life. Seek out teachers, mentors or people who walk their talk. With Venus connecting 3 times over the summer with far seeing intuitive Neptune, trust your imagination.

Opening your mind to wide horizons.

Scorpio Week Ahead Forecast: May 3-10, 2020

On May 7th, a glorious Full Moon lights up Scorpio and completes the six month cycle following your last birthday. This is always the time of the year when you need to press the pause button and sit down to look back and take stock. And what a six months it’s been! Your emotions are very close to the surface now- don’t repress them but allow them their space and time. When you try to pretend big life events haven’t levelled you, you never have a chance to evolve more confidence and courage.  Minimising the pain, or trying to ignore it, actually weakens you. Stillness and attention are the first steps toward rapid evolution.  The most revolutionary thing you can do is re-membering, re-storing and re-storying by updating what you tell yourself to celebrate your survival, resilience and resourcefulness. Venus in your 8th House of life’s big issues until August will help you to explore the ragged, tender parts of yourself that you usually keep under wraps.

The Wisdom of No Escape.

Sagittarius Week Ahead Forecast: May 3-10, 2020

You are benefiting from a very auspicious and unusual transit-Venus symbol of love and harmony will be travelling back and forth across your relationship zone until early August. The last time you experienced this was the summer of 2012-what happened then? A new romance? A baby? Throw some of the magic sparkle dust and spread the love as far as you can -over partners, friends, workmates, neighbours and online tribes. Take some time out around the beautiful Scorpio Full Moon on Thursday May 7 for reflection, meditation or self-care. It’s all too easy for you as a sociable Sagittarian to lose sight of your own needs in a whirl of constant activity. Taking downtime now while you can will prepare you for the wild card eclipses coming in June and July right across your sign ,bringing yet more change.

Love is all you need.

Capricorn Week Ahead Forecast: May 3-10, 2020

On May 11, your personal ruler Saturn turns retrograde until September in your own sign along with Jupiter and Pluto and is already slowing down. I mention this now so you can adapt, prepare and plan ahead. More on this next week but it looks as if your usual money pipeline may be switched off or blocked in some way- unsurprising in this strange time of restriction. See it as a challenge to come up with some new income streams. Venus-symbol of money, what you value and harmony-is also slowing in your 6th House of work and wellbeing. Cast your mind back to summer 2012, the last time this happened, to see what happened then. The message is to simplify your routines, put your health at the top of your agenda and reorganise your daily life to be far less stressful. Thursday’s beautiful Scorpio Full Moon is a reminder to enjoy life’s small pleasures to the full.

Rediscovering an old pastime or passion.

Aquarius Week Ahead Forecast: May 3-10, 2020

With so many planets, including your ruler quirky Uranus, gathered in Taurus, life at home is very much to your liking, even under difficult lockdown conditions. It’s the perfect time to make changes in how you live, to re-decorate, brighten things up and make your refuge just as you like it. Meanwhile, Venus is starting her trip through your zone of fun, creativity and life’s pleasures until early August, so there’s no excuse for spending all your time huddled over your laptop or iphone. Make it a project to discover ways of bringing more enjoyment into your daily life. This is going to be even more important as dour Saturn slows to turn retrograde next week in the deepest part of your chart. Saturn brings restriction and road blocks so be ready to work round them using all your Aquarian ingenuity.

What you value is changing.

Pisces Week Ahead Forecast: May 3-10, 2020

From May to early August, the beautiful planet of love and harmony Venus, is making an unusually long trip back and forth through your 4th House of home and family. The last time this happened was 2012-think back to the events of that summer. As the Goddess turns retrograde and crosses and re-crosses this part of your life, issues to do with belonging will arise especially when she aligns with Neptune in your own sign. You might start having dreams of being lost, far from home or of a faraway land that you can never visit. The message behind the emotions is that home is not a place but a feeling. We all get thrown out of the nest at some point. And we all create our own home from home. Use the big picture perspective of Thursday’s Full Moon in watery emotional Scorpio to notice how you really feel about the place you live, and who you live with.

The end of a cycle.

Originally published at hareinthemoonastrology.co.uk and reproduced here with permission.

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