Your Perceived Enemies Are Your Greatest Teachers

By Paul Lenda

Staff Writer for Wake Up World

As humans, we oversimplify things. We don’t want to waste our mental energy looking at the vast interplay and complexity of every situation and experience. This can be helpful at times, but it can sometimes also leave to us facing more challenges in life. The dualistic black-and-white thinking can lead us to developing an internal belief system where we see certain aspects, powers, and forces as ‘good’ while others are ‘evil’ in our eyes. We view people as either friends or enemies.

This is a mistake. That is, it means we lose out on the incredible opportunities we have for growth that would not come in any other way.

Just as failures can lead you to seeing what you could improve on, so-called enemies could be some of your greatest teachers. No matter who, or what, it is, it can be a teacher.


It’s quite simple. Those people or occult forces you see as enemies, evil, parasites, etc. are all showing you a point of weakness within you. They are finding a point of entry that you have let open, either by not paying attention to some aspect of yourself needing work (trauma is usually the originating cause), or by intentionally weakening your energy field.

Sometimes, we don’t consider the consequences of our thoughts, words, and actions. This is dangerous because it can lead to ‘holes’ in our fields that are basically allowing anything to come right in.

When we shift our perspective to see enemies as teachers, we can thank them for showing us where we still have work to do. Yes, you can actually have gratitude for them showing you this! That can be a hard pill to swallow.

The Two Choices You Have

If you decide to ignore the opportunity for growth and strengthening of your energy field, you will continue to be plagued with ‘attacks’ and all sorts of intrusions into your field that will lead to things going seemingly wrong in your life, problem after problem.

If you decide to see the opportunity for growth and strengthening of your energy field, you will notice a cessation of attacks, intrusions, and problems. You will have patched up the holes that exposed you to being negatively influenced.

Thanks to the Law of Attraction, like attracts like. When you feel rage, fear, sorrow, or other ‘lower’ states of consciousness, your actual electromagnetic field weakens. You can say your subtle energy body overall becomes weaker. This can not only lead to being more manipulated and used, but it can also lead to physical and mental health issues. That makes it all the more reason to pay attention to things that seem to be going awry in your life and identify how they were possible in the first place.

You can also learn by observation of those who you feel repulsed and disgusted by.

  • You can learn silence from the talkative.
  • You can learn tolerance from the intolerant.
  • You can learn kindness from the unkind.

You can learn from all of these and more. When you are grateful for having these teachers in your life, you can clean up and strengthen your own energy, so that you can be as pure and evolved of a being as you can be. Look at everything as an opportunity to grow.

This ties into the true role of a teacher. They are not givers of truths. They are simply guides and pointers to the truth. Teachers open the door, but you are the one that has to enter yourself.

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