The Limitations of the Symbolic Cord Cutting Technique

By Kelly Tallaksen

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

Cord Cutting is a ritual where one symbolically cuts the negative energetic cord or cords between them and another soul body with an imaginary sacred cutting tool. As much as we want to be able to quickly cut these attachment cords so we can release ourselves from any negative bond with another, it may not be as easy as one might think.

What is not fully understood is that a cord cutting ceremony does not automatically cut, sever, split off, dispose of or transmute the negative energy between two people. This is because negative energetic cords are formed due to psychological attachments associated with unresolved emotional pain. When we feel we are corded with another, it doesn’t mean the other person is affected by the energy. Only a person who holds an emotional attachment to another will feel the energy of the cord disrupting their soul body.

In our desirous attempt to heal our inner wounds, we try the many different modalities that offer us deep healing quickly and painlessly. The problem with these effortless healing modalities is that access to deep unhealed wounds is usually blocked from our awareness. Through inborn survival consciousness, our minds have the ability to create protector parts around the hurt parts within us. Although it was our own minds that strategically set up these protectors during an emotional event that was too heavy to process, we are not aware of their existence.

These protections serve a valuable purpose, which is to keep us on high alert and make sure the wounded part of us stays safe from further harm. When we engage in situations that may trigger the wounded parts within us, our protector parts jump into action and create distractions or they prompt us to get out of the situation immediately. These are automatic survival responses that stem from our unconscious fears.

The protective parts serve not only to protect the wound, but to ensure that the soul never gets into another situation that could open that wound up and cause a flood of emotional trauma. Since these protector parts are usually quite strong, doing a simple symbolic cord cutting ceremony is not going to permanently cut off the energy of the cord. The energy of the emotional trauma is still there due to our attachment to the pain. These psychological attachments are formed based on our need to ensure our safety in the world. If during the practice of cord cutting it feels like you have severed a negative bond, chances are the cord or cords will come back because the emotional wound has not been healed. If these wounded parts of you are not given the attention they need, then the energy around them will return.

When someone is able to disturb your energy body, then something is going on within you that allowed them to hook onto you. This happens because we are made up of different parts, some of which may question our value, our lovability, our worthiness or our security in the world. This does not mean something is wrong with you. It just means something went wrong for you which then caused you to create false beliefs about your inherent value.

Cords are formed by an emotional bond with another. We form emotional bonds with our parents and other primary caregivers. We form emotional bonds with our friends, lovers, relatives, spouses, children and anyone we have an emotional attachment to. When we are hurt by another and we can’t seem to shake their energy from our soul bodies, we seek ways in which we could just cut them off from our thoughts and feelings. As attractive as these cord cutting rituals are, they do not address the need for the attachment and the fear of letting go of the pain.

Now, the question is “what can do we do when we want to sever the energy connection with another soul who is disrupting our energetic field?” The truth is that it begins within our own soul healing. We must take the time to heal the parts within ourselves that took on another’s lower energy. We will need to help each unhealed part within us release its emotional bondage to another by giving these unhealed parts the love, compassion and connection they need from our own hearts. This will raise the frequency of our souls so the negative energy won’t have anything to hang onto and will have to let go.

The first step towards your healing is to understand your psychological attachment to another. This may be out of your conscious awareness, so you would need to bring it into your awareness. This involves looking into that painful wound that you are protecting. One of things that can make this process difficult is the inability to properly negotiate with a protector part that is keeping that wounded part guarded and hidden from you and the world.

Protector parts are there for your well-being. You cannot be angry at them or wish them away. They will only sense the lower energy of anger or annoyance and get stronger. When your mind set up its protector parts, it was with the intention to keep you from experiencing that pain again. These protector parts do the job you gave them to do and they do it quite well. They will not easily step aside because you commanded them to or because you set a shallow intention to let go of the wound. Protector parts are simply protecting other parts of you that are vulnerable.

Many times, we try to release old wounds from an intellectual viewpoint where we logically understand that the hurtful event is over. Although this is true, there is still a part of you that is trapped in the space and time of the event that caused the wound and its protector part is afraid if you heal the wound, then you may get hurt again.

In order to get past your protector parts so you can bring healing to the wounded parts within you, it is important to treat your protector parts with respect and gratitude because they are important parts of you, as are all parts of you. If you believe you have protector parts that are preventing you from reaching a deep wound that needs your attention, please visit my website, download and read my free e-book “Healing Our Unhealed Parts” and do the healing exercises at the end of the book. These exercises will help you become aware of those suppressed wounded parts of you and guide you through a healing process that properly addresses any protector parts and gives you compassionate access to those parts of you that feel alone, inferior and unacceptable to the world. The only thing that these wounded parts of you need is your unconditional love. That is where the deep healing takes place.

As always, please feel free to reach out to me via email (accessed from my website) with any questions or comments you may have.

Sending love to all parts of you.


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