7 Steps to Change Your Life: Step 3 – Food

March 16th, 2021

By Kanta Rudy

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

[This is the third in a series of 7 articles – the first step is here]

7 steps. 7 teachings. Are you willing? Are you worth it? Of course, you are!

The third step in this process is: Food.

It has become quite clear to see that regardless of what foods we eat we must be in a position to create an environment of digestion for these foods to nourish the body. The human body is a precise organism that works with the whole being, physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Besides, our body is not separated from our outer world and the environment we live in. If one part is upset, it will throw off the balance of the rest. We need to be in harmony with our surroundings when we try to absorb nutrients from the food. We set in motion our body’s ability to digest before the food actually arrives in our stomach. The size of each bite, how well the food is chewed, and the pace of consumption, all play a very important role in what nutrients our body can actually absorb. Moreover, the whole process is also colored by the emotional situation we are in.

There are more people on the planet now than ever before. The size of the human population creates many difficulties. Specifically, in regards to the amount of food needed to support the population, science is looking for alternatives in the case of food shortages. This has birthed genetic engineering. Although in theory, genetically altered foods may be part of a solution in case of world food shortages, there is also another side where science is changing the core life structure of foods for different reasons.

Addiction in our societies has reached epidemic proportions and food has become the drug of choice for many, the unlimited painkiller.

People are addicted to food because of how it makes them feel in the moment. It affects the brain just like any other mind-altering drug. What we don’t realize is what we eat and the way in which we eat may actually be making us ill, one meal at a time.

Every piece of food we place into our bodies creates a response. Whether that response is beneficial or not depends on many aspects.

The Specific Food

How does that food interact within the body?

Timing of the food, when was it eaten?

Food modification in any way shape or form?

Just because something doesn’t kill us instantly does not mean it’s good for us.

The world has changed forever. Uncertainty continues to grow.  Moment by moment we get triggered with the fear of the future. The amount of fear is at an unprecedented rate on our planet. The uncertainty of the future has people literally scared to come out of their house. Trying to avoid that stress and the emotional pain that this upheaval has caused many have turned to foods as the last privilege left to enjoy. So we eat, we eat food, too much food. We begin trying to calm what we can’t control in the outer world by stuffing our bellies to try and calm the inner world. Too many people have already surrendered power to the belief that the only pleasure left in life is to eat, creating this distortion.

Food Quality

The quality of food has deteriorated so quickly in some cases we can scarcely say its even food fit for human consumption. The vitamin and life force energy of our current food source is a disaster. With the shifting patterns of consciousness, an epidemic of low-quality low vibratory food has become normal.

Our ancestors would never have permitted to pollute and destroy the balance of the earth and the quality of its food source. Only a relatively short period of time ago almost all foods were of high quality. Now only organic foods can give us the chance to nourish our bodies. And be assured this is changing as well with all the new laws about labeling and what is now actually considered organic with the corporations making the rules. The chemicals, genetically modified food particles, the preservatives all contribute to creating something that resembles what food used to be. One could ask the question is there any real food left?

Is it about time, to take responsibility for what you put into your mouth that affects your organism?

You already know the answer of course it is.

Some will take the opportunity to read these articles and ask deeper questions. Some will open the door to their next step.

Nowadays there’s always something new to be stressed about. If we try to eat when we are too stressed, when our brain waves are in the high beta state it’s almost impossible for the body to break down those chemical compounds to receive the nourishment.

Eating healthy takes some consideration and forethought. To change the relationship to food, you must be ready and willing to change radically. It’s not my intention to tell you what to eat. People eat different foods in different regions around the world. However that being said I would suggest being aware, to be conscious of what you eat,  why you eat what you eat, and perhaps the most important aspect is your mental-emotional state of mind when you eat.

Try this:

For 7 days become aware when you eat.

What is your attitude about life when you eat?

What are your emotional responses and/or addictions to the foods you eat?

What excuses do you make about what you put into the body?

Be open and honest.

Enjoy the process.


For the next 7 days write down your experience every time you eat, become ultra-conscious. Give yourself the time to connect with your eating patterns and how you currently use food in your life. Search these repetitive patterns and learn to tune in and listen to your internal conversation, become aware of what choices you are making and why you readily surrender to those choices. Capture the actual feelings, what’s taking shape in your body, mind, and spirit as you relate to food.

This process will open a door into your unconscious patterns and the deeper relationship you have created with food.

If you choose, go deeper and continue this process for 30 days.

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About the author:

Kanta Rudy has been assisting people for more than forty years. He is a spiritual counselor and a Naturopathic Doctor with a Master’s degree in Natural Health, and he is a certified Hypnotherapist. Kanta works with individuals and groups, guiding ones in the area of “spiritual nutrition” and in healing in an enjoyable, playful manner. He has practiced in Los Angeles, California and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, Luberon France, and currently lives in Athens Greece.

For more information about Kanta go to www.playandheal.com

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