Wheels Within Wheels: Astrology Forecast July 3rd – 10th, 2022

July 4th, 2022

By Lorna Bevan

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

July begins under a take-no-prisoners cardinal Mars/Pluto square and the stakes will get higher and higher as the month unfolds. In the US- now experiencing the nation’s first karmic Pluto Return since the Founding Fathers – the Supreme Court made 3 rulings one after the other, de-stabilising the fragile social status quo and seeding yet more polarisation and division.

On Tuesday July 5th, Mars enters Fixed sign Taurus, where the Node of Fate is heading towards a rare conjunction with volatile Uranus, both square Saturn in Aquarius. We are skating on very thin ice personally and collectively as the food emergency and resource crises intensify.

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Also on Tuesday, fresh off an opposition to the Galactic Centre, Mercury enters Cancer heading for a clash with Jupiter in Aries on July 9th-expect the drama to increase.

  • Give up your vows of silence which only serve to protect the old and the stale.
  • Have the hard conversations and speak the truth you long to hear.
  • Re-draw your boundaries, pulling them in tighter and closer; permanently cutting ties with anyone who is a spiritual consumer feeding off distraction or drama.
  • From now on your mission is to engage only with creators, those who have already woken up. Your new template simply won’t tolerate anything else.
  • Remember your tribes are your unconscious influencers/echo chambers – choose carefully

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Chandra Symbol Mars in Taurus 1:

A red garnet ring. The garnets glow.

“A passion for bearing ripe fruits. Feeling transported by an ongoing realisation that you are in your own element, doing what you need to do and fired by an inner purpose that clarifies everything. This quality of soul is simple and direct. It makes for a primal, elemental presence. One cannot grasp complex matters in this sphere. But you know what you need to know and you’re on the beam so palpably that nothing much matters except being there. You distinctly charge the atmosphere with a pranic renewal, a source sustenance, and make way for the universal life-force to stream right in and bless with its all-forgiving radiance.”

~ Inside Degrees Elias Lonsdale

Aries Weekly Forecast: July 3 -10, 2022

Just before your own planet Mars leaves your sign this week, the God of War is at odds with take-no-prisoners Pluto at the top of your chart. In the workplace, watch out for sudden bursts of anger or rage-yours or others-and definitely don’t pour petrol on the flames. Instead, get to the root of the issue and clear the air. On July 5th, Mars moves on into Taurus and your attention switches to your income and resources. It’s time to take off those rose- coloured glasses and face your financial reality, so you can strengthen your personal security in the weeks and months to come. When Mercury crosses the roots of your chart on Tuesday, remind yourself how much family and tribe mean to you and organise a gathering of the clan.

What matters most?

Taurus Weekly Forecast: July 3 -10, 2022

For the first time in 2 years, Mars returns to Taurus on Tuesday 5th to stay until August 20th.Watch as your energy, motivation and willpower increases by the day. Set a meaningful intention, target or goal and move towards it with full confidence. On the same day, Mercury crosses into Cancer-get together with your friends and supporters and ask for their ideas. With your own planet Venus in Gemini-your angle of income- increase your rates to mirror the value of what you do or ask for a well -earned pay rise. If neither is possible, find ways to add an extra income stream.

Knowing your own value.

Gemini Weekly Forecast: July 3 -10, 2022

It’s set to be a busy month for you as your own planet communicator Mercury is moving quickly ahead. On Tuesday 5th, the Messenger crosses into Cancer -your angle of income-and suddenly your outgoings multiply. With expansive Jupiter making you feel more sociable than usual and Venus in your own sign drawing more invitations your way, you’ll want to go out and mingle. Just be careful not to end up footing all the bills in a bid to appear generous and hospitable. Find some different ways to broaden your horizons that don’t involve large expense.

Out and about.

Cancer Weekly Forecast: July 3 -10, 2022

With the Sun back in your own sign for your birthday month recharging your batteries, you’re cruising along between last week’s Cancer New Moon and the approaching Super Full Moon in your opposite sign on July 13th.On Tuesday July 5th, Mercury returns to Cancer as Mars moves out of your career zone for another 2 years-a big sigh of relief-and enters Taurus. Add to that gift bringer Jupiter staying at the pinnacle of your chart until October and you have the makings of a busy, sociable and expansive time. Make a note of July 9th-an excellent day for being noticed or rewarded in your career.

Speaking up.

 Leo Weekly Forecast: July 3 -10, 2022

With expansive Jupiter in your 9th House of broadening your horizons until October, the sky’s the limit. But first, you have to lever yourself out of your comfort zone -otherwise known as a rut- and put travel and study right at the top of your agenda. On July 5th Mars returns to the high point of your chart for the first time in 2 years. Your ambitions will grow under this transit and you’ll be in the spotlight whether you’re evolving your career, your relationship or your appearance. If your plans are blocked or side-lined by a parent or manager, don’t pour fuel on the fire. Start negotiating. Your drive to make some sort of big leap will intensify throughout July and August as Mars heads for a confrontation with volatile Uranus and the karmic Node of Fate in Taurus.

What if life has bigger plans for you than you do?

Virgo Weekly Forecast: July 3 -10, 2022

Your personal planet Mercury flies ahead at full speed this month and so will you. On July 5th, the Messenger enters Cancer, turning life extra sociable. Expect invitations to come your way or, better still, do the inviting. Since Venus is at the top of your chart, you’ll be highly visible and much sought after. Also on Tuesday 5th, energy planet Mars returns to fellow Earth sign Taurus for the first time in 2 years heading for a rare triple conjunction with volatile Uranus and the karmic Node of Fate later in the month. Taurus is your 9th House of expanding your horizons-body, mind and soul-so take some short trips or plan a travel adventure for August.

Places to go, people to see.

Libra Weekly Forecast: July 3 -10, 2022

With gift bringer Jupiter in your opposite sign of Aries, luck and opportunities will arrive via partners of all kinds-personal and professional. Who can you think of in your life who is always extra supportive and generous? The Sun in Cancer is crossing the top of your chart until July 21st, increasing your visibility and reputation. When Mercury arrives there on July 5th-19th, get your voice heard, ask for what you want. The Messenger rules business and money transactions as well as data storage, so check your financial security and look out for opportunities to grow your career.

As poet Robert Herrick wrote: “Gather ye rosebuds while ye may for old time is a flying….….”

Scorpio Weekly Forecast: July 3 -10, 2022

July is set to be memorable for just about everyone as a very rare meeting in Taurus between unpredictable Uranus and the karmic Node of Fate gets closer and closer. For you as a solar Scorpio, your one- to -one partnerships-both personal and professional-are well and truly in the frame, intensifying through the last week of July and the whole of August. Mars enters Taurus this Tuesday July 5th for the first time in 2 years giving you the motivation and courage to start difficult conversations you may have been delaying. To relieve some of the stress, make the most of Mercury in fellow water sign Cancer with the Sun from July 5-19th to plan some trips or to start a new course of study.

Looking at the elephant in the room.

 Sagittarius Weekly Forecast: July 3 -10, 2022

Do you feel as if life is going at 100 miles an hour? That there are not enough hours in the day to get everything you planned done? If so, it’s due to your own planet gas giant Jupiter in fellow Fire sign Aries amping up the pace and dramatising everything he touches. This is not a fleeting transit. The Gift Bringer will stay in your 5th House of romance, children, pleasure and self-expression until October, delivering opportunity after opportunity for you to find new love or make a creative breakthrough. Talking of love, Venus in your partnership zone is boosting your powers of attraction and personal magnetism through to 18th July.

Swap stress for joie de vivre.

Capricorn Weekly Forecast: July 3 -10, 2022

The start of July could bring clashes at home within your tribe and family. It seems as if an old issue has come up yet again. Now it’s time to make sure you sort it once and for all. Luckily, Mars exits this part of your chart on July 5th, not to return for another 2 years, so those personality clashes begin to fade away at last. As the energy planet shifts into fellow Earth sign Taurus, there’s time for fun, enjoyment and creativity at last. Any sort of physical activity or sport will work its magic to de-stress you. It’s a wonderful time to take an outdoors trip with children or to go into nature to let your creativity flow.

Be sure to unwind ahead of the Capricorn Super Full Moon on July 13th.

Aquarius Weekly Forecast: July 3 -10, 2022

With gas giant Jupiter in your angle of communication until October, life is busy with places to go, people to see. Then on July 5th, Mars enters Taurus and the action begins at home and in your family. Feel your foundations being shaken as later in July, unpredictable Uranus meets the karmic Node of Fate in a very rare conjunction. This could play out on a practical level such as home renovation, a house move, replacing the windows, digging a new garden. The need for change could come from global economic events or the climate crisis or both. For the moment, attend to what needs repairing or updating and focus on looking after your physicality.

Your wellbeing is your security.

Pisces Weekly Forecast: July 3-10, 2022

Until July 21st, the Sun is travelling through fellow water sign Cancer putting you back in your own element. Mercury flies through Cancer between July 5-18th, making you extra intuitive and sensitive to hidden undercurrents. If you can get to water-the beach, a lake, a river or a swimming pool-make it a priority for your emotional wellbeing. This is all the more important as by the end of July, Jupiter turns backwards joining your other ruler Neptune in going over old ground until the end of the year. You’ll start to feel the inner pressure to get things done as Jupiter slows right down mid- month. As Mars enters Taurus on July 5th be extra careful about what you say and how you say it. Instead of arguments, put your energy into learning a useful new skill.

Find some practical ways to de-stress.

Originally published at hareinthemoonastrology.co.uk and reproduced here with permission.

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