Soul Retrieval: Astrology Forecast September 25th – October 2nd, 2022

September 26th, 2022

By Lorna Bevan

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

Between the Equinox and Sunday’s Libra New Moon, there’s a cosmic switch, a sleight of hand as the Sun and Mercury swap signs, both crossing the mysterious Super Galactic Centre at 2 Libra in different directions. At the same time gas giant Jupiter in Aries opposes the SGC for the next few months.

The SGC is a mysterious superstructure of the Universe; not a fixed star, but an incredible whirlpool of cosmic materials. It is the very centre of the known and observable Universe as seen from the Earth. This powerful black hole devours everything in sight and has the mass of 30 trillion Suns, an impossibly large concentration of matter, energy, light, and power. According to Philip Sedgwick:

” The SGC channels a profound healing energy direct from Source. The Super-Galactic Centre is the greatest channel for soul retrieval of any point in the Universe. It demands that you get in there and deal with yourself. It is essential that you do so. It is also unavoidable. It will happen.”

As the timelines change with new data direct from the Noosphere, expect a much bigger, more intense bandwidth of experience. The more you withdraw your energy from anything external that leads to soul defragmentation, the more energy you have available to self-sustain, self-generate and self-realise and the more energised, present and alive you become. Draw up an Absolute Yes/ No list based on your core values – what is so essential to you, it feels like breathing? Then whenever a choice arises, listen to your body signals. If it’s not an absolute YES, it’s a definite NO.                                    

Start paying close attention to that Yes /No in all your encounters. Notice the instant physical feedback -does it drain you or fill you with energy?  Draw your tribe closer and release relationships and old alliances no longer on your wavelength. You are re-aligning with your Self and as you do so, the field around you also re-aligns.

If you’re feeling – as so many of us sensitives are – down, depleted, drained, alone or in a void like floating on the Dead Sea, know that you are not fading, falling or failing but energetically detaching from the ending of many planetary cycles. The past is withdrawing from us and we are in the process of disabling the past.

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Chandra Symbol New Moon Libra 2:

An apprentice medicine man allowing himself to be bitten by a snake.

“Existence itself initiates those who are given over to its lessons, but being so exposed to the evolutionary edge is exceedingly challenging. Transformation is a constant at all levels. Everything is becoming something else, metamorphosing before your eyes, propelled into the most extreme states imaginable. You feel the greatest anguish and loss, amid bursts of freedom. Finger on the pulse of collective cycles, right on the cutting edge, you are committed to planetary changes personally and pervasively. You absolutely feel the impact of what is going on and what needs to go on. Destiny obsessed. You come out the other side either lost and confused or ready for anything, courageous, visionary, and an incredible generator of possibilities unlimited.”

~ Inside Degrees Elias Lonsdale.

Aries Weekly Forecast: Sep 25-Oct 2, 2022

Sunday’s New Moon in your opposite sign of Libra amplifies the intensity of all your relationships, especially your closest commitments. With dramatist Jupiter travelling backwards through your own sign, every little incident could quickly turn into a soap opera, if you’re not careful. Take a good look at who you associate with, at who your closest alliances are and adjust any dynamics that are out of balance. Call time on anyone who is a taker or drainer.

Your tribe is your echo chamber, so choose carefully.

Taurus Weekly Forecast: Sep 25-Oct 2, 2022

You may have had nudges about health checks earlier in September. At Sunday’s New Moon, start implementing any tweaks and adjustments to your routines and book an appointment with the doctor or dentist. If you have been overdoing it lately, this is a gentle reminder to listen more closely to your body’s many messages. Better to slow down, treat yourself with kindness than to suffer stress or burnout. With your own planet Venus supporting you in Libra from September 29th, see how many enjoyable ways you can find to relax and to put your wellbeing back at the top of your agenda.

Creating harmony and beauty.

Gemini Weekly Forecast: Sep 25-Oct 2, 2022

On the heels of the Libra Equinox, Sunday’s New Moon lights up the most self-expressive part of your chart. Adding a touch of dramatics, Jupiter in your angle of groups, networks and alliances is about to expand your people landscape. Look at who you spend most time with and push yourself out of your comfort zone to meet some new people with a different perspective on life. Meanwhile, as your own planet Mercury retrogrades back into your 4th House, someone or something needs your attention nearer home.

Let your creativity out to play.

Cancer Weekly Forecast: Sep 25-Oct 2, 2022

Both the Equinox and Sunday’s Libra New Moon are on key angles of your solar chart. In the spotlight is your home/work balance-always a tricky thing to manage. This is a nudge to pause for a moment to look back over the year so far and notice how this has played out in reality. With Jupiter firing up your ambitions, the urge to reach for the sky may be stressing you out. However, Venus joins the Sun at the base of your chart on September 29th, reminding you that your home is your emotional base camp and sanctuary.

 Now’s the perfect time to adjust, re-balance and set new parameters for your happiness.

Leo Weekly Forecast: Sep 25-Oct 2, 2022

Both the Libra Equinox and Sunday’s New Moon are signalling that it’s time to move on. With Venus joining the Sun on the 29th, both aligned with Jupiter in Aries, the sky’s the limit where study, teaching and travel is concerned. If you have something to say, to write or to publish, start now and make sure your voice is heard by your preferred audience. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a book, blog, a podcast or an online programme, get your heartfelt missives out there. One caveat: Mercury is moving back into Virgo, so take a close look at how your finances are supporting you or undermining you.

Adding a new income stream.

Virgo Weekly Forecast: Sep 25-Oct 2, 2022

The Sun may have left your sign for another year on the 23rd but the good news is that your own planet Mercury has returned to Virgo until October 11th.This retrograde gives you another chance to make a course correction if you’re not getting the results you hoped for. Frame it as a do-over and create a new blueprint that more closely reflects who you are now. In the process, leave any old goals that have lost their juice in your dustbin of history. Take your time and enjoy the process of recalibrating instead of being  harshly self-critical. On Sunday, the New Moon helps you see a way to improve your cashflow.

Getting up to date with yourself.

Libra Weekly Forecast: Sep 25-Oct 2, 2022

As the Sun lights up your sign again from the Equinox, this is your week and your personal New Year and it starts on Sunday 25th under a stunning New Moon amplified by lucky Jupiter. You are back in your element with your batteries re-charged. At the dark of the Moon, take some quiet time to look back over the year so far. Say goodbye to the losses, the wounds and the disappointments then tally up what made you happy, put a smile on your face and what is definitely worth doing more of. As your personal planet the lovely Venus returns to Libra on the 29th, indulge in something that makes you feel beautiful and nurtured.

Because you’re worth it!

Scorpio Weekly Forecast: Sep 25-Oct 2, 2022

At Friday’s Equinox, the Sun entered the deepest, most hidden part of your solar chart until October 21st.The month before your birthday each year is when your batteries are at their lowest, so, knowing this, don’t keep pushing ahead regardless, cut yourself some slack and listen closely to your body’s many messages. Sunday’s New Moon is for rest and quiet as your 12th House of ancestry, memories, dreams and reflection is occulted by the Lights. Then on September 29th, Venus supports you in creating a personal sanctuary for renewal when you need to remove yourself from the tresses of daily life.

Be alert for signs and synchronicities.

Sagittarius Weekly Forecast: Sep 25-Oct 2, 2022

Sunday’s beautiful New Moon in Libra starts a new cycle in your social life. With the Sun opposite your own planet expansive Jupiter, start re-connecting with your tribes, networks and friendship groups. After all, this is your support system and, if you have chosen wisely, they have your back through both good and hard times. Mercury travels back across the pinnacle of your chart until October 11th, turning direct on October 2nd.If you have changed your mind about a plan or project, now’s the time to re-work the blueprint and make sure you involve those you work alongside in the discussions.

The 26th is a good day for a difficult conversation.

Capricorn Weekly Forecast: Sep 25-Oct 2, 2022

Both the Libra Equinox and the New Moon on the 25th are activating a key angle of your chart, suggesting either the need for a course correction or thoughts about a change of career direction. No matter how it plays out for you, it marks the end of an old cycle at work. This fits in with Mercury travelling back into Virgo until October 11th, giving you the chance to have important conversations or tie up loose ends. It all looks like very smooth sailing with Mercury meeting Venus on September 26th.

From the 29th, you’ll be flavour of the month-make the most of it.

Aquarius Weekly Forecast: Sep 25-Oct 2, 2022

After the Libra Equinox and Sunday’s bright New Moon, the Sun and Mercury have swapped signs. The Messenger, travelling back through Virgo, gives you the chance to take another look at your finances before he turns forward again on October 2nd. Monday September 26th is a lucky day when you might stumble across a bank account you’d forgotten about or come up with a simple way to instantly reduce costs. After the 29th, Venus gives you itchy feet to travel-either literally or in your imagination. If you are taking on a programme of study or creating a communication platform, start it now.

Looking towards the future.

Pisces Weekly Forecast: Sep 25-Oct 2, 2022

Your angle of commitment and finances is activated by both the Libra Equinox and the stunning new Moon on September 25th.If you have shared resources with a partner, the 26th is the time to invest in something important, such as a house purchase or opening a savings account. Think about how you can safeguard what you have and grow it even further. Meanwhile, Mercury is backtracking through Virgo until October 11th,so work closely with those close to you and check they’re on board with your ideas.

Your efforts will start to bear fruit after the 29th.

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