A Collective and Personal Pattern Interrupt: Astrology Forecast November 13th – 20th, 2022

November 14th, 2022

By Lorna Bevan

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

The total lunar eclipse across Taurus/Scorpio-signs of Illumination and Death-downloaded freedom codes in preparation for the permanent switching of the planetary train tracks in 2023. Frame this Post Eclipse Shift as a collective and personal pattern interrupt.

As the eclipse defrag/reboot continues to deliver tangible, physical, economic and political shifts right through next year, your choice is clear:

  • either fixate on the imaginary chains that bind you or on the key that sets you free.
  • either stay hypnotised by the drama of the old world burning or focus on your new creations

Everywhere you look, the New is gradually overriding the old, amplified this week by aspects to Jupiter the expansionist from Venus, Mercury and the Sun. On November 16/17, Venus and Mercury enter Jupiter’s visionary sign of Sagittarius together. From next week, they will start a series of conjunctions to the Great Attractor, whose strapline is: On the wavelength of the Creator’s voice.

Factor in that linear progress from A to B is unlikely, since Mars is retrograde in Gemini until January 12th making an exact square to slippery Neptune on November 19th.All sorts of unpredictable variables will cause delays, false starts, backtracking and regrouping. See it playing out already in Russia’s retreat from Kherson, in Musk’s purge of Twitter and Trump’s loss of momentum.

We are now in the In-Between- the start of the transition into Pluto’s Aquarian paradigm from the death clutches of Saturnian Capricorn. Let what comes, come. Let what goes,go.

For the inside track on the 2023 shift, get “Pluto in Aquarius 2023-2043”

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Chandra Symbol Mercury/Venus in Sagittarius:

A woman manacled in solid gold chains.

“Vividly attached to your own personal limitations, idiosyncrasies, and karmic backlog, you are identified within the strict circle of familiar difficulties, dilemmas, issues and problems. Habituated to a thick atmosphere of being surrounded and enveloped by all the places you have hung out forever. Immobilized in your will and truly feeling incapable of overthrowing the past. You feel chaotically fascinated by and deeply saturated in patterns, syndromes, and subconscious escapes. Yet in the fiery midst of this very enchantment, you can go free if you inwardly come to a place where all the old spells no longer work and your resurgent spirit simply refuses to confound itself any further.”

~ Inside degrees Elias Lonsdale

Aries Weekly Forecast: November 13-20, 2022

The changes in your approach to your finances, the need to better conserve your resources and increase your income will ripple out for the next 6 months. Take it one day at a time and expect to have to go back to the drawing board between now and mid-January as your own planet Mars retrogrades. From November 16th, you start to feel as if you’re back in your element as both Venus and Mercury enter fellow Fire sign Sagittarius, shortly to be followed by the Sun on November 22nd.Think of it as a welcome flicker of optimism amid the post-eclipse fall out.

After the dark, the light.

Taurus Weekly Forecast: November 13-20, 2022

The surprises and turnarounds from last week’s total eclipse at the midpoint of Taurus will start appearing one after the other for the next 6 months. The takeaway is: whenever you have a choice to make, from now on choose the new and unexplored over the safe and known. From November 16th, your personal planet Venus enters fiery Sagittarius, followed by Mercury and next week the Sun. Shared finances and the terms of partnerships-personal and professional-are up for renegotiation.

Take your time and trust your instincts.

Gemini Weekly Forecast: November 13-20, 2022

With action planet Mars retrograde until January 12th in your own sign, don’t be in any hurry to get from A to B. Even the most clear -cut plans and projects are liable to glitches, delays, do overs and reworking. Instead of being frustrated, take a deeper look at why everything always has to be done in a rush and slow down and smell the roses. That way, you enjoy the journey instead of always focusing on the future. From the 16th, both Venus and your own planet Mercury move into Sagittarius followed by the Sun on the 22nd, lighting up all your close relationships.

Spend time with the people who truly mean the most to you.

Cancer Weekly Forecast: November 13-20, 2022

This week from the 16th, work and routines move centre stage demanding your attention, as both Venus and Mercury enter Sagittarius to be followed by the Sun on the 22nd.This is always a busy time of the year for you with loose ends needing to be tied up before the Solstice on December 21st. If you prioritise and delegate, you can make good progress. Luckily, you have support from Jupiter and Neptune in fellow Water sign Pisces -anything connected with publishing, editing or studying is very well starred. You might even find yourself inspired to push the boundaries!

Follow your intuition-it rarely lets you down.

Leo Weekly Forecast: November 13-20, 2022

From the middle of this week, Venus and Mercury light up your angle of fun, pleasure and self-expression in fellow Fire sign Sagittarius, encouraging you to have a break from career issues and just enjoy yourself. Ahead of next week’s bright New Moon, start thinking about what or who drains you instead of lifting you and decide to remove them from your life. With Mars retrograde, get back in touch with friends who have dropped by the wayside or revive alliances that have taken second place to work. Be the one to reach out and strengthen the ties that bind.

People who need people.

Virgo Weekly Forecast: November 13-20, 2022

After the intensity of the total eclipse, this week brings the start of a more relaxing, enjoyable period. On the 16/17th, your own planet Mercury and Venus cross the base of your chart in Sagittarius, turning your focus to home, family and tribe. With Jupiter and Neptune lighting up your relationships, it promises a sociable, happy and busy time. Make the most of this period  when Jupiter draws attractive and interesting new people into your orbit, as after December 20th he won’t return for another 12 years.

Say a big yes to any interesting invitations.

Libra Weekly Forecast: November 13-20, 2022

Life is going to be extra busy for you between now and December 20th as Jupiter brings in more work than you expected. Check that you’re not taking on too much out of a scarcity mentality and invest some time and money in making your workspace look and feel more productive and attractive. This will pay dividends after Jupiter has moved on, not to return to this part of your chart with his magic wand for another 12 years. As action planet Mars is on go-slow until mid-January, concentrate on work in hand, tying up loose ends and completing what’s already started. November 16/17 and 22 are all good days for socialising and swapping ideas.


Scorpio Weekly Forecast: November 13-20, 2022

The ripples of change from last week’s total lunar eclipse across your own and your opposite sign will continue to bring the unexpected through to mid-2023, so don’t fall into the trap of thinking:” Oh good, it’s been and gone and nothing’s happened”. With your ruler Mars retrograde until mid-January, take a breather, cut yourself some slack and carve out some private sanctuary space. You have a lot to think about, process and synthesise, so trust your impeccable instincts and refuse to be rushed.

Noticing patterns that were previously hidden.

Sagittarius Weekly Forecast: November 13-20, 2022

Take heart, Sagittarius. After the intensity of the eclipses, life is about to become brighter and much more sociable. On the 16/17th, first Venus then Mercury light up your own sign followed by the Sun and a stunning New Moon next week. This will mark the start of your personal New Year, so this week see out the old so you’re ready to ring in the new. Do a physical, emotional and mental de-clutter, identifying what or who drains you, bores you or saps your spirit then leave them in your museum of history.

Back in your element.

Capricorn Weekly Forecast: November 13-20, 2022

This week, Venus and Mercury move into the engine room of your chart, a place which holds your deepest secrets, your dreams and your unconscious motivations. Next week the Sun and a New Moon will shine a bright light here, so in this draining Dark of the Moon, listen to your body, get some rest, take some quiet undisturbed time for yourself and go on a retreat at home. This message is underlined by Mars being retrograde until mid-January, slowing down your usual routines and putting obstacles in the way of fast progress from A to B.

Don’t try to push the river.

Aquarius Weekly Forecast: November 13-20, 2022

Until November 22nd, some sort of boost to your income is possible. Before the New Moon, make a case for a pay rise, bonus or promotion or, if you’re self-employed, consider raising your fees. From the 16/17th, when Venus and Mercury move into Sagittarius, life turns much more outgoing and sociable right through to the Solstice on December 21st. With Mars in your 5th House of fun, pleasure and self-expression, notice what lights you up and deliberately do more of it. Conversely, notice what or who drains the life out of you and let them go.

Ask yourself: What am I putting up with, tolerating or going along with for a quiet life? There’s your clue.

Pisces Weekly Forecast: November 13-20, 2022

After the intensity of last week’s total eclipse, the arrival of both Venus and Mercury at the top of your chart will be a welcome relief. This will amp up your attractor quotient, with more people than usual ready to listen to what you have to say. On the 22nd, the Sun and a bright New Moon put you in the spotlight so get ready now by preparing your communication platforms, making a podcast or writing an irresistible sales pitch. With your own planets Neptune and Jupiter together in Pisces, there’s a real sense of magic, of time flow and being in the right place at the right time.

Stay wide open for synchronicity and possibility-after December 22nd,Jupiter and Neptune won’t be together in your sign again in this lifetime.

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