Runic Forecast for April 2023

April 4th, 2023

By Emma Lange

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

Each month, Emma draws a selection of runes and interprets them to give insight into the prevailing energies of the month ahead. Here is Emma’s forecast for April.

The Scandinavian rune helps to feel the energies of the outside world. The Scandinavian rune of Berkan is a symbol of the fact that the new Force is gaining momentum, growing and increasing. Strength must be used correctly. Humanity gets the opportunity to look for new points of support. Berkano allows you to find resources where you have seen before to find. Resources are the opportunities and support of other people. The energy of this rune always brings relaxation, at this moment, when we feel its power, it seems to us that everything is stabilizing, problems go away and the world becomes easier.

During this period, you can work out your complexes that you received in childhood. This will help awaken new energy in us for a more conscious life. The energies of Berkano allow us to look at our Mother in a different way, perhaps up to this moment we have imagined her as another woman. Perhaps we idealized her, or vice versa, we constantly expected negativity from her. Now Berkano allows you to look at her as a simple person who has his own shortcomings and virtues. Berkano smoothly pushes us to change, sends us to adulthood, to opportunities. Just remember that Berkana can be upside down. An inverted rune can manifest itself in someone who does not want to notice opportunities, who keeps grievances inside himself, who does not want to change. If you feel depressed this month, then you should reconsider your emotional connections. Find for yourself exactly those goals that meet your aspirations. The Slavic rune indicates the energy of our microcosm.

The Slavic rune of Krada is a symbol of the fact that one should learn to negotiate with the energies of generations. If you want to achieve something, then you need to bring something into the energies of generations. When you know your personality programs, it is easier to understand where you can help Family Energy, and in which case the archetypes of your ancestors can help you. Krada says that it is necessary to devote energy to what you want to achieve, goals, desires, intention. If you choose Destiny, then you should devote yourself to it completely. Plunging into your Mission, you should remember that the Mission will take Time from you. Krada is like asking to be let into new doors, you yourself need to knock and follow the laws of the new house, then you will get what you want.

Ogham displays the inner world and changes in it. Ailm is a symbol of what you should look further, deeper and expand your consciousness to a new level. Set bold goals that will help you take your life to the next level. In the event that you know who you are, you can quickly achieve what you want. The inner strength of your archetypes will help you in accepting your own Mission. The energy of this tree indicates that you can study additional sciences that will help you gain sources of income. New knowledge is the way to new communities of people, to gaining opportunities. The symbol of this tree encourages everyone to go forward, not stop at achievements, learn to set a goal and you will be able to find the energy to overcome obstacles.

The Icelandic rune shows the Shadow of Humanity. The shadow shows what has been discarded or forgotten. Madr – this rune says that the Shadow can show how much you yourself can trust or not trust people. In the event that negative energy towards people is hidden in your karma, then it will be difficult to enjoy material life. Money may appear, gifts may come into your Life, but you may not experience joy. In the event that you feel depression, then you should see yourself inside humanity. The shadow will force you to go out to people, but at the same time it will send fear, anxiety, distrust. This needs to be worked on. During this period, positive karmic connections can also manifest themselves. You may think that you meet people by chance, but it will not be accidental, it is karma that throws up positive contacts for you.

Elven rune (of which Tolkien spoke) – Darrat – elven runes indicate mysticism, energies that can activate certain processes in the invisible world, and then they are realized in the material world. This rune of war, active resistance, rune of noise and impulsive action. The energy of aggression and protests will hang in the air. The God of War can even touch neighbors who will behave aggressively. Try to control your emotions. This will help you gain stability, a foothold and balance. Watch your words and the intonation of the voice you use in dialogue. This will help you avoid collisions with other people. Aggression can be looked at from two sides – on the one hand, it destroys, on the other, it deduces the formula of the genes of those who know how to win. Aggression is often seen as an attribute of strength. Aggression, strength, self-confidence sometimes come together, but you need to be able to control these points. It should be remembered that the better the surrounding atmosphere between people, the less aggression in society. Develop emotional intelligence to understand other people and stop aggression.

About the author:

Emma Lange is the author of many practices, creative therapies in the field of psychology, author of many books, transformational games. She graduated from analytical psychology, transpersonal psychology and depth psychology. Work in the laboratory of chemistry and applied physics – magnetic field research and bioresonance. She is also a virologist by profession – scientific work in the field of oncological virology. She works with neurographics, she is also the creator of therapy using neurographics, she uses neurographic drawing in the work of a psychologist. She took part in meetings with Stanis?aw Grof, Marek Solmes, Irwin Yalom, Jan Friedman, and participated in the conference of Transpersonal Psychology “Hero’s Journey” (Workshop of evolutionary knowledge and practices of Vladimir Maikov, the creator of transpersonal psychology).

Emma is currently a Lecturer in Psychology at WSB, Gda?sk where she conducts classes in pedagogy, psychology and psychosomatics 2022-04. She is the founder of Digital Psychology and the creator of Subconscious Mind Analysis. Founder and author of the Yoga Creativity club. Founder of the “Healing with the Forces of Nature” program. Psychologist of Modern Psychology, creator of transformation games and metaphorical cards. Specialist in the field of Neurography, Psychologist and Practitioner of Deep and Integral Psychology and the author Yoga of Creativity.

You can contact Emma online:

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