Beyond Reach: Exploring the World’s Top Five Secret Maximum-Security Sites

May 31st, 2024

By Paul A. Philips

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

Top-secret, maximum-security places would indeed be good hiding spots if the location were geographically remote. Hidden from prying eyes, these locations often reside in Earth’s most inaccessible and hostile environments. Whether nestled deep in rugged mountain ranges or situated in the desolate expanse of frozen tundras, these sites exploit nature’s barriers to enhance their secrecy. In a naturally hostile area with adverse weather conditions, geographically remote top-secret, maximum-security places become virtually impenetrable fortresses.

Then there are the man-made, inaccessible, maximum-security places for hiding things, such as underground bases or surface-built shelters. These human-engineered fortifications are designed with sophisticated security systems, including motion sensors, surveillance cameras, and heavily armed guards. Their purpose is to keep the public and potential intruders at bay, maintaining the secrecy of whatever is hidden within their confines.

So, in light of this, here are 5 of the world’s top-secret, maximum-security places.

1. The Vatican Secret Library

The apostolic Vatican secret library (below photo) contains some of the world’s most treasured books, scrolls, and papers.

Over a million are not only protected conventionally, as you would expect in maximum security places (guards, cameras, infrared, heat, and motion sensor detectors).

But also by astral cameras. Escorted by an entourage of guards, only scholars and authorised people such as men of the cloth are allowed to view these works and take notes.

Some say that several of these books, scrolls, and papers were taken from the magnificent Alexander Library in Egypt before being purposefully burned down. The library contains a wealth of enlightening knowledge that has been hidden and suppressed from the public today.

What secrets do these works hold that we, the people at large, are not privy to?

For more on the Vatican and their extent of control go here.

2. Mount Yamantau

Another mystery to add to the other top-secret, maximum-security places

Located in Russia at the Ural Mountains Bashkortostan, the mysterious Mount Yamantau place. This is said to be busy with construction work. It has been said it will be a storage place for objects related to the Russian Federation. Others claim that the area is being constructed to make an underground city for hundreds of thousands of inhabitants.

Are those overseeing this project having it built in anticipation of World War 3?

Well, who really knows.

3. Dulce Underground Base

Dulce is said to be one of well over a hundred deep underground military bases in America. It is located 2 miles below ground in North New Mexico. It has been reported to be roughly 30 miles long and 10 miles wide!

Further reports claim that this ultra-highest of top-secret, maximum-security bases (including 3,000 real-time security cameras) harbors many deep and dark secrets. These involve laser weaponry, robotic transhuman soldiers, and behavioural research related to mind control programming.

Then there’s reprogramming, telepathy, remote viewing, astral travel… Also, some of the most disturbing genetic experimentation said to occur on floor ‘level 6, aptly nicknamed ‘Nightmare Hall.’

There have been a number of interesting accounts regarding the Dulce Underground Base.

4. The Mormon Church’s Storage

Located some 200 metres below Granite Mountain near Salt Lake City, the Mormons have a storage facility and church. Able to survive a nuclear blast, it protects papers and objects considered to be precious, kept in safes and areas reminiscent of bank security levels, with heat and motion sensor detectors…

Pictures inside this place are not allowed and are nearly impossible to find. All that can be found are pictures of the outside entrances/exits during its construction in the 1960s.

Why the secrecy?

5. The Greenbrier Resort

Located in the woodlands of West Virginia, USA. The exclusive Greenbrier Resort was one of the top-secret, maximum-security places where several of the most senior politicians have been known to take their vacations.

Once shrouded in secrecy, a 25-ton entrance/exit door can seal off an underground area.

No longer considered usable, the underground area was built to house a number of strategic goods, which would have made it capable of sheltering from a catastrophe such as a nuclear disaster. If a nuclear disaster were to happen, plans had been made to send the entire US Congress there.


The allure of these top-secret, maximum-security locations lies in the depths of their secrets and the extraordinary lengths taken to keep them hidden. From the ancient manuscripts of the Vatican Secret Library to the covert operations at Mount Yamantau, each site is a stark reminder of the vast knowledge deliberately kept from the public. These places fascinate us with their secrecy and fuel suspicions of a larger conspiracy to withhold transformative information and technology. As we attempt to unravel the mysteries of these fortified sites, we are left pondering the true extent of what is concealed from us and why those in power go to such lengths to keep us in the dark.

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