Revolutionary Shifts Bring New Freedom – Astrology Forecast June 2nd – 9th 2024

June 2nd, 2024

By Lorna Bevan

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

Revolutionary Shifts Bring New Freedom

“If you do not fill your energetic field with new experiences, new ideas, and new versions of yourself, your field becomes dim and worn, bored with the same old story.” ~Barbara Marciniak

Without any exaggeration, this is a watershed moment when an old way of life is being over lit by the New. Finally, there are glimmers of new light in dark places……accompanied by a literal breath of fresh air.

Just look at this week’s stunning line up of Uranus conjunct Sedna/ Jupiter/ Mercury/ New Moon/ Venus in Air sign Gemini – it has personal choice and freedom written all over it.

Circle June 3 2024 when Jupiter at 1° 53’ Gemini exactly trines Pluto at 1° 53’ Aquarius.

Gemini and Aquarius are both air signs and associated with people and ideas in free circulation. This date is a pointer to life after 2025, when revolutionary Uranus will be in Gemini and the worldwide web changes beyond recognition.

Starting now, the new long term magnetics of the crystalline Air element are going to change your communications, connections, communities and alliances in unexpected ways -flagging up impending huge shifts in technology that will reshape your mental and social environment. Individually and collectively, our tastes, preferences, values are going to shift quite radically.

Tune up and turn up your BS detector as the noise from the Tower of Babel that is the media reaches a new pitch whilst sinking to new depths……

  • pull away from group-think, from seeking safety and anonymity in crowds and echo chambers to connect with the people who are standing on common ground with you

  • work in/with multiple Tribes – be a node/a hub/a connector

  • become very, very deliberate about only energising your energetic space with meaningful touchstones – only those places, people and things that speak to your soul, that are a reflection of your energy signature….

  • become very, very selective in your choice of social media feeds, online communities, the books you read, the programs you watch, the people you spend time with – what you feed your mind is as important as what you feed your body. This becomes your psychic clothing, your armour, your protection

  • focus on feeding friendships and not defeating foes. No matter how difficult it might be, we have to build alliances, create community. Create safe places and gather your tribe to have radical conversations about uncertain futures. When we come together, we learn how to heal.

  • consistently update your technology and expand your communication platforms

Chandra Symbol New Moon Gemini 16: a single sunflower wilting and dropping its seeds

“The sun shines so bright that it compels all of us to empty ourselves out and bake in the light and the warmth of spirit. We are transfixed by solar power and impelled to unite with our destiny, no matter how extravagant or unlikely that destiny proves to be. A momentum is pulsating, with edges to track.

In order to do so you have to breathe into it and let go a whole lot, and then there you are, calling onward. You can hear it. Everybody else can too. And now the spirit-caller cracks through and brings futures alive in the light of a sun that never sets.” Inside Degrees Elias Lonsdale


Aries Weekly Forecast: June 2nd – 9th 2024

As several planets shift into air sign Gemini, make plans to study, travel and generally expand your horizons. Get organised, find a big project you’re longing to get your teeth into and make a start on June 3rd, a well starred day for new and bold adventures.

Who do you know who can help you?

Taurus Weekly Forecast: June 2nd – 9th 2024

Take heart! As the planets move on into Gemini this week, the wonderful luck you’ve been experiencing in the last year with Jupiter in Taurus is going to hold! Gemini is your money zone, so until July 2025, you have opportunities galore to earn more, attract more. Investing in yourself will pay dividends-upgrade your technology, enrol in a study program.

No more underearning-if you are self-employed, raise your fees to reflect your worth.

Gemini Weekly Forecast: June 2nd – 9th 2024

Your personal new year gets off to an auspicious start as Jupiter returns to Gemini for the first time in 12 years aligning with Venus and a New Moon. Between June 3-6th, start big and throw yourself into new adventures. What have you always longed to do, become, learn or experience? Choose something you’re passionate about and gift it to yourself for your birthday.

Press the restart button

Cancer Weekly Forecast: June 2nd – 9th 2024

As so many planets align in Gemini, the sign just before Cancer, your 12th House of dreams, spirit and reflection-the engine room of your chart-is going to become much richer. The days between June 3-6th at the New Moon are excellent for the withdrawal and private time you need to process recent developments. By stepping back, you’ll emerge restored to enjoy your birthday month.

Find a sanctuary and step off the treadmill

Leo Weekly Forecast: June 2nd – 9th 2024

As Jupiter leaves the pinnacle of your chart after a year- long visit and a cluster of planets gathers in Gemini, you might feel slightly bereft. Reframe your focus from your career to enlarging your people landscape, making new friends and joining interesting groups. As Jupiter aligns with Pluto on June 3rd, donate to a charity close to your heart.

Sow some seeds for a more sociable future at the New Moon on June 6th

Virgo Weekly Forecast: June 2nd – 9th 2024

Out of all the signs, you’ll feel the shift as Jupiter now in Gemini aligns with Venus and the New Moon and begins to activate the pinnacle of your solar chart for the first time in 12 years. The even better news is that Jupiter will remain here in your career zone until July 2025.Of, course, luck is what you make it, so make the very most of your time in the spotlight by seizing every opportunity coming your way to boost your status or reputation.

Don’t be shy-you’ve been waiting for this for a long time

Libra Weekly Forecast: June 2nd – 9th 2024

Feel your spirits lift this week as your own planet Venus meets gift bringer Jupiter at the glorious New Moon in fellow Air sign Gemini- your 9th House. It’s time to expand your world, to widen your horizons-literally or metaphorically. Think travel, study, getting published, starting a charity…whatever has your name on it. It’s all about claiming personal freedom, making connections and leaving your comfort zone in the dust.

The cage door is wide open

Scorpio Weekly Forecast: June 2nd – 9th 2024

As Jupiter enters Gemini until July 2025, aligning with your own planet transformer Pluto, expect to start navigating some deep psychological territory. Gemini is your 8th House-your angle of life’s big issues-existential, emotional and financial. Circumstances could nudge you to look more closely at anything from joint finances to your long -term relationship, inheritance or taxes.

Think about your legacy

Sagittarius Weekly Forecast: June 2nd – 9th 2024

Lucky you! As a Jupiter-ruled Sagittarian, there’s much to celebrate this week as the gift bringer meets Venus in Gemini and aligns with God of wealth Pluto. Since Jupiter will stay in your opposite sign until July 2025, expect your one- to -one relationships to grow, expand and deepen. The same goes for your social life-be the one to issue invitations or suggest impromptu get togethers.

Invest in other people and feel the love

Capricorn Weekly Forecast: June 2nd – 9th 2024

You’ll notice a distinct shift this week now that so many planets have left earth Taurus to gather in air sign Gemini. Jupiter is now in Gemini until July 2025 and on June 3rd merges with Venus and aligns with Pluto. This is a foretaste for you of the coming year when work and health will be your main focus. Frame it as re-start, a do-over, a chance to improve your wellbeing and your reputation.

Sow the seeds at the New Moon on June 6th

Aquarius Weekly Forecast: June 2nd – 9th 2024

The good news is that you’re looking at a whole year of growth, enjoyment and creativity courtesy of Jupiter now in fellow Air sign Gemini for the first time in 12 years. Not only that but between June 3-6th, the gift-bringer merges with Venus at the New Moon. How will you kickstart your year of self-expression and freedom?

What have you always wanted to experience, become or enjoy?

Pisces Weekly Forecast: June 2nd – 9th 2024

This is literally a huge week for you as a solar Pisces as your own planet gas giant Jupiter moves into Gemini merging with Venus and a stunning New Moon. The gift-bringer will stay in Gemini until July 2025, expanding your family, tribe and home life. Circle the days between June 3-6th to do something symbolic to strengthen your roots and deepen your sense of belonging.

What might it be…an impromptu family gathering, planting a tree or researching your ancestry?

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