The Hidden Antidote For Depression

The Hidden Antidote For Depression 1

By Nanice Ellis

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

It is no secret that depression is a worldwide epidemic, but did you know that a hidden cause of depression is the fear of self-expression? If you often sacrifice self-expression in exchange for acceptance, appreciation or approval – or to avoid negative consequences like rejection or conflict – you may become depressed.

Every time you shut down self-expression in order to get your emotional needs met by others, you are actually rejecting your Real Self – cutting yourself off from your intrinsic source of energy and power, and thereby diminishing your natural state of peace, joy and love. The result is often what we refer to as depression.

But, why would we ever do this to ourselves?

From birth we are taught to believe that in order to be accepted, appreciated, or to get any emotional needs met, it is necessary to follow a set of rules, regulations and limiting beliefs that were handed down to us from parents, teachers, religion, culture and society. If we fear that others will withhold love and approval if we don’t conform, we are likely to restrict our self-expression whenever it contradicts with the pre-existing ideals of those around us. We may even feel as if our survival is at risk – making us believe that self-suppression is a better choice than self-expression. Unfortunately, when you constantly repress your Real Self, there is a huge unseen price to pay.

Depression is the unavoidable by-product of not being who you really are and a direct result of repressing your Real Self.

When The Need For Peace Turns into Depression

Yes, it can be wonderful to choose peace over adversity, but if you are habitually choosing peace in order to avoid conflict, you may be sacrificing your Real Self. Negating yourself or your preferences, in order to avoid conflict with others, may sound evolved and selfless on the surface, but when we look deeper, we see that continuously closing yourself down in order to avoid conflict causes chronic depression.

Self-expression is a sign of spiritual evolution. Self-expression allows the Divine to shine through you like a priceless work of art. Choosing peace over expression just might mean repressing Divinity.

Indeed, sometimes being our Real Selves causes others to feel uncomfortable and maybe even to judge us for being different – and on occasion there could be conflict. This is all true, but what is also true is that when you have the courage to express your Real Self, you call forth a higher version of reality where you can truly be your Real Self. Yes, this might mean overcoming the opinions of others on the way to this vibrant new land of expression but it is nothing you can’t handle. When you get there, you will discover that there is nothing easier than just being yourself. The people in your life will learn your new song and the steps to your new dance, and many of them will sing and dance along with you, and those who don’t will simply go on their merry way.

Your only job is to be You. If you are not going to be You, then who will? Being You requires that you follow your joy, listen to your heart, and express yourself in all ways that feel like YOU.

Get Plugged In!

When we express our Real Selves, we are tapped into the source of who we really are and, as a result, we are plugged into unlimited life force energy. When we hide our Real Selves and suppress expression, we disconnect from this immense source of energy and power, and if we do this for a prolonged period of time, eventually we become depressed, and it seems as if the whole world is against us. This means that in order to fit in, be accepted or to keep the peace, we often sacrifice the very life force that gives us the vision to create extraordinary lives and the energy and enthusiasm to follow through.

Depression is a result of being disconnected from the Supreme Energy of the Universe, but at any moment, you can get plugged back in, by choosing to be who you really are.

Certainly, seek professional help for depression when needed, but don’t depend on pills or doctors to save you. You can only save yourself by finding your Real Self and getting plugged into a Universe that loves you.

Listen To Your Heart

You cannot live your life according to anyone else’s ideals, values or expectations; you must choose to live life for yourself. Every time you suppress a desire to try something new, connect with other people, laugh, have fun or create, you repress the life force energy within you – shutting down the source of a fulfilling and meaningful life.

Depression is the long term consequence of not living your life the way “something inside you” really wants to live it.

The way to live a “life worth living” is to live it from your heart. You must throw out the concept of right and wrong, good and bad, sinful and saintly and begin to discover your own personal truth that is not influenced by anyone or anything (as long as it does not physically hurt you or others, the sky is the limit).

Impossible you might think – but it is what you have unknowingly been seeking. You will not find the answer to your happiness in anyone else’s diary or vision board. You can only find the answer for yourself – perhaps independent of everything you have ever learned. If you want peace, bliss and a “life worth living,” there is no other way.

How far down the rabbit hole of self-suppression must you sink before you begin to question the illusions you have been living?

If you were to know me now, you would never imagine that I once suffered from chronic depression. It began when I was just a child and it lasted for decades. Living with depression was very much like having an invisible disability that affected every aspect of my life. I tried everything to overcome it, and I sometimes had success that would last for weeks or months but that dark cloud always returned. More than anything I wanted to experience joy and I wanted to be at peace with myself, but it would take me years and years to find this permanent cure.

The Hidden Antidote For Depression 2
Artwork © Christian Hopkins Photography.

People who lovingly express their Real Selves are simply not depressed. They are the people who go through life singing and dancing. They have made the choice to live their lives from the inside out and not care one bit about what other’s might think. Joyful people know that, in the end, what they think and feel about themselves and their lives is all that matters. They are the people who die with smiles on their faces and feel the deepest sense of gratitude for having lived the best possible lives they could have imagined. You have the very same choices right now.

You might be depressed because you have a history of oppression but as long as you blame the outside world, you will remain powerless to heal yourself. Instead of trying to overcome oppression, turn your attention toward expression. The way to climb out of the pits of depression is by the ladder of self-expression. It is true, that when you are depressed, it is often difficult to get in touch with self-expression, but if you can take small steps consistently, you will make progress. The journey from depression to expression is one day at a time. Every time you express yourself you are one step closer to emotional freedom.

The only thing that is required for an extraordinary life is bringing your Real Self to the table.

What Is Required To Be Your Real Self?

Meet Your Own Emotional Needs

Until we wake up and become conscious, our emotional needs dictate our behavior. The need for approval, appreciation, understanding and acceptance often rule our lives, causing us to sacrifice ourselves in order to get these, and other, emotional needs met. But, it never works, because if you have to hide your Real Self in order to gain approval, for example, it is only your false-self being approved of, so you never really experience approval. Instead you may even feel like a fraud.

As long as you expect others to meet your emotional needs, you will stay locked in a prison of your own making. You unlock the doors of your prison when you stop looking to others, and you meet your own emotional needs. How can you expect anyone to appreciate you, if you don’t appreciate yourself? Ironically, as soon as you practice self-appreciation, the world will reflect it back to you. If you are no longer needing others to meet your emotional needs, you won’t have to change or hide yourself for any reason, or for anyone. You will be free to be yourself – your real, true, authentic, beautiful self! This is the whole point.

Re-evaluate Your Life

When you finally decide that the cost of not being yourself is too much to pay, the first step to take is a non-judgmental assessment of your current life. In order to determine where you are out of alignment with your Real Self, a willingness to be honest is required in all areas of your life. It is important to approach this evaluation with curiosity rather than judgement. Judgment will lock you into negativity, while a sense of curiosity will begin to loosen your past reality and allow you to start thinking about what is possible.

Listen to Your Inner Voice

Deep inside you is a voice that is whispering divine instructions to you. This still small voice speaks through your secret desires, your creative drive and your greatest fantasies of a life well-lived. You may think, “I don’t know what my inner-self is saying,” but this is only because you have been suppressing your deepest desires for so long. When you don’t listen to that inner voice, it becomes almost impossible to hear, but once you begin to listen and take inspired actions, your divine voice will become louder and clearer.

Apply Unconditional Self-Allowance

It is time to release that inner critic that focuses continuously on everything that is wrong. It is time to embrace yourself from a loving space of self-allowance. You don’t have to accept anything. It is not about acceptance. But, if you can begin to allow yourself to be where you are right now, you will likely experience a sense of peace which will allow you access to your inner-self. From a space of unconditional self-allowance, you can find your truth, and ultimately manifest that truth in ways that support your greatest and most extraordinary self.

Embrace Soul-Worth

When you base your self-worth on possessions, accomplishments or how you think others see you, your worth is transient – and it remains inaccessible, as long as it depends on external things. This type of artificial worth invokes fear and anxiety, even when you are experiencing what you consider success. But how can you be your Real Self if your worth is contingent on things you cannot control?

The greatest healing is to own your worth. Stop giving it away and stop looking for proof outside of yourself. Look deep inside. Your worth is guaranteed and unconditional. You have worth just for being. This is Soul-Worth! When you remember that worth is intrinsic and unconditional, you gain access to personal freedom, where it doesn’t matter what the world thinks or says. Imagine having the freedom to discover yourself and ultimately the freedom of glorious expression.

The Hidden Antidote For Depression 3
Artwork © Christian Hopkins Photography.

Re-align Relationships

When you make the conscious choice to be the Real You, you may disrupt the dynamics of current relationships where you have not been your Real Self. Some of your relationships will begin to improve, while others will naturally fall away. It is normal to focus on what you might lose but there is so much more to gain when you align with who you really are. The relationships that remain and the new ones that will ultimately show up will be more satisfying than you ever imagined. It is only by being who you really are that you can truly connect with others. The most essential aspect of any connection is the Real You. When you have the courage to be the Real You, positive energy infiltrates everyone around you. As you express your Real Self, you invite others to do the same. If you want to be the change you want to see in the world, this is it!

Practice Expression

When we are depressed, it is easy to go further and further into seclusion, but that only makes us feel worse. Chances are, if you are going into seclusion, you are excluding more and more things, people and opportunities from your life – this adds up to deeper depression. When our lives are not an expression of our Real Selves, it is easy to shut down to everything, but in order to rise above depression, it is important to include things in your life that might make you feel better. You don’t have to expect huge changes in yourself overnight – you just have to move step-by-step in the direction of self-expression.

If you practice even small acts of self-expression every day, you will naturally gravitate toward emotional freedom. Dance, sing, paint, draw, write, make a video, dress in ways that make you feel more like you, or express your hidden gifts and talents. Any expression of you will do!

Speak Your Truth

An essential aspect of self-expression is speaking one’s truth. It is not that you have to tell everyone everything – that is not the point, nor is it helpful. The point is being willing and able to verbally express yourself, without fear of consequence. The greatest consequence is to sacrifice the beautiful gift of your life because you are too afraid to stand in your truth, and be seen. What truth do you need to express to the people in your life? Remember, speaking your truth can more powerfully come from a space of love. Love for yourself, love for another and love for your truth.

Mind Your Own Business

It’s none of your business what other people think about you. Every time you alter your behavior because you are worried about what others might think, you stop yourself from being the Real You. As long as the opinions of others matter, you will never be free to be yourself. You already know that you cannot please everybody, no matter how much you monitor your behavior, so why not just please yourself? Yes, you can still care about others without caring about what they think about you. As you are committed to being your Real Authentic Self, you give others permission, and space, to do the same. This is a priceless gift to those you love.

Take Chances and Make Changes

If you have not lived as your Real Self, your life and relationships are based on a false image. Being your Real Self means taking chances and making choices that support you regardless of whether others approve or not. It means that sometimes you go against the grain and do what is right for you, simply because it feels right. The people in your life might negatively react but it is your life we are talking about and your life is far more important than any reaction you will get from anyone else. As you begin to re-create your life around your most authentic self, a new freedom emerges that will carry you forth to an amazing new life.

Set Boundaries

Believe it or not, boundaries allow you to be more of who you really are. When you set and enforce boundaries, it allows others to understand what is acceptable and not acceptable to you and what they can expect from you. When you say “no” and mean it, you free up time and energy to say “yes” to all those things that are an expression of who you really are. What boundaries do you need in order to be your Real Self? Keep in mind that some of the most important boundaries are the boundaries that you will set with yourself, for example, I will not judge, criticize or limit myself in any way.

Talk Nice to Yourself

You cannot overcome depression if you continue to think or speak negatively about yourself. Every word you think or say is recorded in your subconscious mind and later played back through the manifestation of reality. Carefully choose thoughts and words that support self-expression.

Activate Your Senses

Our five senses are the way in which we connect with the world, and the way in which the world expresses itself to us. But, often when we are depressed, we close down our senses and refuse to participate in receiving life’s expression. Intentionally re-activating your sense of hearing, taste, touch, sight and smell will assist you in moving out of depression, and back into a receptive and loving world.


In order to get reconnected with your Real Self, you need to go inside. Meditation is one of the most direct routes to get there, and, as a by-product, it will allow you to connect with your sixth sense as well.

Christian Hopkins
Artwork © Christian Hopkins Photography.

Be In Nature

One of the reasons that it is so powerful to be in nature is that it is believed that the natural DMT in your body communicates with the DMT in nature and this helps to rebalance your body, mind and spirit.


When we are depressed, our breath tends to be shallow. Breathing deeply for even ten minutes a day can bring life back into your body. You can even imagine breathing in golden light energy to all the cells of your being.

Move Your Body

I know that it is difficult to get moving when you feel depressed and lethargic but do your best to do it anyway. Any kind of movement will do – dance, yoga, walking. All movement is expression.

Express Emotion

When we repress emotions, over a long period of time, we become depressed. In order to heal from depression, it is usually necessary to express your emotions. Often, beneath depression is repressed anger that needs to rise and clear. You don’t need to be afraid of anger, as it is a step up from despair. There are no good or bad emotions. They are all beautiful gifts of expression.

Wake Up

You cannot be depressed and ‘awake’ at the same time, no matter how much you know about being awake. You can only wake up by getting plugged into the source of who you really are – and fully expressing that source.

When you make a commitment to being your Real Self, you access the power to naturally transmute depression through the power of self-expression.

At first, you may not be able to discern between the Real You and the false you, but this is only because you have grown accustomed to acting in ways that perpetuate the false you. Being the Real You requires a daily analysis of what supports and empowers you and what doesn’t. It’s like using an internal navigational device to set, and re-set, your course over and over again – until you finally know your destination in life. As the Real You naturally surfaces over time, your path will become clear and your choices will seamlessly align with who you really are.

I will be honest with you, there is a mountain ahead, and you must climb that mountain to escape the valley of depression. It will take concentrated effort and energy that you probably don’t have right now, but if you decide to step into your power as the creator of your life, you will begin to access unlimited energy that will take you anywhere you want to go. From the high peak on the mountain, life takes on an effortless flow that brings joy, peace and fulfillment in every moment.

If I could speak to my past “depressed self,” I would tell her, “There is a bright light at the end of the tunnel and you must do whatever it takes to get there. Listen to your heart, discover who you really are, and find the courage to truly express your Real Self.”

You are meant to be happy and you are meant to create a brilliant and extraordinary life, and no matter how it might seem, you can get there from here.

Escape The Matrix of Depression

Escape The Matrix of Depression - Nanice Ellis

We are not meant to be depressed, yet millions of people worldwide suffer, from mild to chronic, depression, and don’t know why. New from author Nanice Ellis, Escape the Matrix of Depression will help you to understand the core reasons why a pandemic of depression darkens the world, and how you can free yourself.

Nanice overcame many years of depression in her own life and, as a Life Coach for over 20 years, has helped countless people worldwide awaken from depression and reclaim their lives.

‘Escape The Matrix of Depression’ explores and answers the following:

  • Is humanity programmed to be depressed through education, religion, culture and more?
  • Did the Great Depression cause our ancestors to be depressed, and have we inherited depression in our DNA?
  • Could depression be a survival mechanism for habitual Negative Thinking?
  • Is depression the result of suppressing our real selves?
  • You will learn how to overcome depression by learning how to turn off the four Disempowering Programs that cause depression.
  • Recognize, and stop, Negative Thinking
  • Self-Expression as a key for healing.
  • The importance of Self-Permission.
  • How Beliefs set the stage for depression.
  • Trusting Yourself and how to do it.
  • Depression and the Vibrational Parasite.
  • Also, included, is a chapter on Teen Depression, and how to help your teen.

‘Escape The Matrix of Depression’ is available here on Amazon.

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About the author:

Nanice Ellis main 150x150 Are You More Awake Than Your Family? 12 Ways to Heal Family Relationships for the HolidaysNanice Ellis has been a professional Life Coach for 20 years, successfully coaching women and men from all over the world. She is also an author, Theta Healer and Master Neuro Linguistic Practitioner.

Helping people to make quantum jumps in their lives, Nanice’s very unique coaching style is often referred to as the “Nanice Effect”. By using powerful and proven manifestation techniques, Nanice coaches people to tap into the power of the Universe and live their dreams, bridging the gap from the imagination to the realization of that dream. She works with leaders, coaches, healers and anyone who wants to live life to the fullest. You can learn more about the coaching programs offered at: Coaching Programs with Nanice.

Nanice is the author of several books, including the inspirational The Infinite Power of You! and Even Gandhi Got Hungry and Buddha Got Mad! She is also the host of radio showChai with Nanice. Her books are available at: and here on Amazon.

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  • A lot of people need medication to treat their depression because mental illness is connected to the state of the body. Chemical imbalances and physical illness like chronic pain are causes of depression that cannot be “cured,” or even treated by lifestyle and perspective changes. If you are depressed, go see your physician. Get blood work done. Then take that blood work to a psychiatrist. And if they prescribe you medication, know that it will take time and patience to find a prescription or cocktail that works for you. And there’s no shame in needing medication for depression or other mental illnesses. Just like there’s no shame in taking medication for an ulcer or a heart problem.

    If working on your own isn’t helping your depression, get help. There is rarely an “antidote” for depression. It’s not a poison. It’s a complex condition.

    • Mihaela Iulia Mustea

      Truth. My Mom had it, I have it , my 13 age teenage has it. Major depression with panic attack. Only medication helps, often relapses…. not easy at all.

    • dsa127

      Yea, i feel ya. I am great 90% of the time. A super happy positive person. But there’s that 10% day every once in a while where i can not get out of bed. The anxiety is just crippling. Fortunately I can tell myself that it’s just a bad day and it’s temporary, but I hope the people with more consistent depression get the help they need.

    • Brian Harvey

      “chemical imbalance” is a fiction made up by big pharma to sell pills…

    • Monnelle Duckie

      Sad that drugs used to treat depression cause hundreds of side effects and make depression worse in the long run. Try missing on days

    • Monnelle Duckie

      Yes please tell me how drugs with side effects that include suicidal thoughts and liver failure are suitable to treat depression.

  • Troy

    PERFECTION!!!!! Hope you don’t mind but I’m gonna add this link to my next youtube video

  • Troy

    Man do you really need to be told that this advice does not apply to people who have secret desires to molest children or kidnap,rape, torture and murder people? Come on yo!

    • crizz1066

      If someone’s been abused, they can have metal issues meaning they will do they same thing. This is why this simplified bullshit doesn’t work. Sounds good, but doesn’t hold up to the real world.

  • Troy

    I have Bipolar Type 1 and I cannot function without my current medications but this advice can be enormously help as 1 component of the several that I use. Also for anyone trying to live a more happy and pleasant life. Quality of sleep is actually more critical for me than meds, therapy, diet or anything else. Taking the advice of this article is already how I live but I was very glad to see it written because there is an epidemic of people living their lives consumed with what other people are thinking about them.

  • Brian DiCarlo

    Those are beliefs Ranger, and sounds like words that were told to you, and you are just mimicking the words. Educate yourself in truth and energy/vibration. Listen to Nanice, she knows what she is talking about.

    The energy-body drives the physical body(including chemistry)… and the mind drives the energy-body, and the Soul drives the mind. Depression is a cause and a symptom, and stuck energy is usually the case. Stuck energy as in the bottle-neck of intertwined beliefs, expressions and emotions wanting to be heard and expressed and let go of.

    Medication may be a means, but never a SOUL-ution. You will spend your entire life trying to find a magic-bullet in a chemical-formula. Life does not work this way. It is too dynamic, and Soul (loving-intelligent field) is balancing and harmonizing ALL our subtle bodies and energy, 24/7. Use the medication wisely and to stabilize the system, while you cultivate a life-style that includes elf-expression and energy awareness. Just beware of this, all medication has its downside and comes at a cost, either in hormones or libido suppression, or flatening out of life passion and motivations. The emotional-energy-body is the juice of life. Most all pharma. cocktails medication suppresses in some way. SO, suppression = suppressing LIFEforce.

  • John Doe

    Try this: you are not your thoughts. Thoughts are entirely neutral and hold only the value we give them. A large barrage of negative thoughts judged as negative and given meaning was the cause of my depression. When I noticed that the thoughts have no intrinsic meaning beyond what i gave them, even if I felt them emotionally, I was able to let them go. A thousand weird thoughts a day, weird feelings to go with them, you can recognize that they don’t mean anything – not about you or who you are. It ain’t easy, but nothing worth doing is.

  • goodlfe

    From the article: “What Is Required To Be Your Real Self?
    Meet Your Own Emotional Needs”

    Just how this is done appears to be missing from The Rules.

    Do you say to your Self, “Self, It’s OK to be lonely.There, there Self, don’t worry that you aren’t accepted by others, I will comfort me. It’s OK that you’ve accomplished nothing, because only what you think matters to us. The fact that you are still living, and thus have Soul-worth (at least temporarily), will give you hope, for I am with me.”…..?

    My self-company is pretty good. I like myself for the most part, but my greatest happiness is found in the company of others, and if they like me, they don’t care enough to seek my company, and I find myself lonely and depressed and aware only of my worthlessness to others, and my exclusions.
    So, I don’t know how to meet my own emotional need for companionship.
    I realize it’s stated that I’m not to care too much what anyone else thinks & they’ll suddenly flock to me. Yet I’m Always myself. I’m not pretentious, have few and humble possessions…and while They focus on accomplishments, all mine are in my lonely past. And most do in fact think I’m a weirdo, but who can worry about that? Not a rhetorical question..That one I agree with. We are what we are. Which apparently doesn’t help things.
    Thus, I’m surprised & rather saddened that my would-be friends all seem to have discovered their Real Selves without me.

    • Neil

      There isn’t any point to life and if you have some grand plan i can assure you you will eventually die anyway enjoy small goals and give happiness to others where you can. Yes you are a weirdo be proud of it like the rest of us.

  • Linda H

    Maybe the question is “Why did you disconnect?”

    • Brian DiCarlo

      I am not sure that is a fair question, or productive one… maybe how are you imposing the disconnect was made, or in what way do we feel disconnected? These issues are very complex, the brain is very complex, its the most complex computer and gadget around haha . Soul is very complex and mutidimensional, and in fact, (we/ Spirit/Source) ARE older the time and wiser than soul. Idiots like to make things simple and keep it simple and comfortable, which in an Absolute way of ‘ALL IS LOVE’, simple is True, yet this does not indicate what is needed in spiritual pragmatics, knowledge, nor the nuts-n-bolts of the alchemical mind, transcendence and transformation. I mean we can say we keep letting go until there is nothing left, and that surely is a major part of it but practically speaking it is typically a long process and we have to address daily responsibilities along the way…not to mention if the brain is offline, it is challenging to focus on tasks within ‘responsibility.’ .

  • Tracey J

    This article ridiculously puts all depressed people into one basket –
    it’s stereotyping and also ignoring scientific evidence to the contrary.
    Evidently, they’ve never met someone with true clinical depression and
    really do a disservice to people
    who have genuine depression, not just sadness. Depression isn’t just
    being sad. That being said, certainly self-expression can help with SOME
    of the symptoms of depression, but it is not a cure for clinical

  • truth sayer

    There’s a hell of a difference between cross dressing and raping a kid. If you need it to be pointed out then it doesn’t surprise me that that there are nuts who associate being gay with paedophilia for example. THE KEY IS IF YOU HARM NOT GOOD IF YOU DON’T HARM GOOD. It’s really quite simple and up until I read your comment, I assumed it went without saying.

    • crizz1066

      So if someone’s been abused, they can have metal issues meaning they will do they same thing. This is why this simplified bullshit doesn’t work. Sounds good, but doesn’t hold up to the real world.

      • truth sayer

        Have you ever been there?

  • Jule

    “”The way to live a “life worth living” is to live it from your heart. You
    must throw out the concept of right and wrong, good and bad, sinful and
    saintly and begin to discover your own personal truth that is not
    influenced by anyone or anything (as long as it does NOT PHYSICALLY HURT YOU OR OTHERS, the sky is the limit).

    I think the above statement should read… (as long as it does NOT PHYSICALLY OR MENTALLY HURT OTHERS).
    Telling someone “the sky is the limit” after you have thrown “out the concept of right and wrong, good and bad, sinful and saintly” could have scary implications if offerred to a narcissist.

  • wokjr

    It’s depressing to think you are not expressing yourself. How do you know you aren’t doing it? Well, I guess, if you are depressed. If you are not depressed, then does that mean you are expressing yourself? Fritz Perls called it, repressed anger. Than again, anger is a cloak for helplessness or vulnerability. I’m not sure this is a science. It’s a hypothesis. Try it and if you can make sense of it, see if it works if you can get over the circularity. Or try leaning to sing. Or try cognitive therapy. Or lighten up your diet. Get a divorce.

  • Brian DiCarlo

    never own a disease! you are not that special.

    • Brian DiCarlo

      This IS a Loving statement…it is liberating, and that is what Love is. Who would want to OWN a disease, and why? And who would want to be special, and why? you will hav eto anser that for yourself, but here is my answer: Someone who is working things out, holding on, has a firm identity; and someone who feels entitled, which is a superior attitude and a disguise for not seeing ones subconscious fear, shame and guilt. This is a statement pointing at this to be realized. And this is said from Love and compassion, for the eyes that can see it, and feel it.

      • Tracey J

        nobody wants to own a disease, this is not a loving statement. nobody does, stupid question. quit being so judgmental and speaking as if you know the answers and like people who have diseases somehow choose it. disease is a word (because we do communicate here on earth) so call it what you want. affliction? hurdle? illness? there’s a reason we don’t call it a party. it’s liberating to think our mind can overcome our mental or physical suffering, but do you choose to feel that pain when you hit your thumb with a hammer? well, i bet YOU do, 99% of us don’t, and it hurts like hell & we do deep breathing, think happy thoughts and bam, the swelling thumb is still there, nail hanging off and everything. you are definitely an avid supporter of this woman who is trying to sell books, but ever hear the saying “don’t judge until you walk a mile in my shoes?” nobody feels special ownership with a disease & for you to behave like they do shows how far removed from reality you are. so, define cancer for us then, if you don’t like the word disease, what is it? what is ALS? you’re belittling real people on here who are dealing with real diseases or disorders that they struggle with. i’m going to go meditate now and will my illness away-POOF begone!

        • Brian DiCarlo

          I hear you Tracey, and I understand.

          If it is helpful to you, 9 years ago, I went through an initiating event(call it a major trauma), and then suffered in agony for years and years, in brain-body seizures, unable to move for days, sometimes weeks in bed, and unable to walk anyhwere normal again. I took antiseizures medication JUST to get me able to lift a leg and walk into work again, and up through to where I could STOP working and explore my Life and what happened. I went ass and heart deep into Spirit and Soul, as I lost everything for the third time in this little souls lifestream incarnation. No job, no money, no car, humiliatingly getting help with rent, and living alone in a dumpy freezing cold apartment, and on food stamps. BTW, I worked as an resourceful Engineer once upon a time.

          I happen to know a tad how this alignment with the OverSoul works, by DIRECT EXPERIENCE…but never claim it to be my knowledge. I want to share, mostly.

  • Jay Fielding

    We need to raise more awareness about depression so people can get the treatment they need. There are alternative treatments for depression they helped me and many other sufferers out there. This book was written by a sufferer and helped change my life. There’s a review for it here

  • Brian DiCarlo

    WHAT is the natural alternative John?

    • Maria King

      Have you looked at Jeff Primacks work? He is on you tube and also has a book called conquering any disease. He says the answers are in what we eat. I found a pdf of the book when i googled the book. I found it incredible. Hope this helps.

      • Lisa Lindsay

        I looked this up and it was £399. which is way to expensive!!!! Amazon..

  • Charla Gené

    In retrospect, If you are young and not happy with your job look for another one, even if it means moving to another place. Sweat it out at a gym to get your mind off the daily grind. Meds = zombies. Wake up people. There are potentially terrible physical side effects to meds and chemicals in food. Get a pet. Go for walks. Get with nature. Look for natural remedies and organic food. Big Pharma needs you! Free yourself by researching for truth, and your realization of self worth, and value will return. Let go of people who would suppress your spirit.

    • dsa127

      That’s easy for a person who has never experienced real depression. You might have felt down, or something, but depression is a disease. A physical chemical imbalance that anti-depressants can fix. A medicine isn’t automatically bad because “Big Pharma” makes it. And yes, misusing antidepressants can have terrible consequences, but not everything is so black and white. Homeopathy and organic food isn’t going to cure someone’s disease.

  • Tracey J

    This is about one CAUSE of depression- repression/oppression, really? This article totally ignores depression as the result of trauma, brain damage, post-partem and sometimes unexplained depression that people experience (not grief-based). The theories are still varied. Some of the symptoms (such as mentioned in this article about feeling repressed/oppressed) can be helped via cognitive and behavior therapy as well as many other types of therapy AND then other symptoms respond well to chemical treatment. I could easily claim that BEING GRATEFUL was the antidote to depression – point is, she’s leaving a lot out of the equation.

    • Brian DiCarlo

      It’s ALL trauma, that could be one view… humanity has been in trauma for thousands of years??

      one, we are on our way home, back into Union, alignment, the BELOVED,
      SOURCE, GOD, whatever you want to name IT. Source is Soul, essentially.

      down the armor, and the resistance and learn from the wayshowers that
      have made it to the other side, which is just YOU over there, refound
      and integrated. There are a zillion reasons and stories, some actual
      events or not, that can be carried on for excuse–transcendence is about
      going through, moving through, moving beyond. We can spend our energy
      DEFENDING our right to be wrong and miserable, or we can spend our
      energy cultivating LIFE, and one worth Living. The Gift is Life, unpack

      Yes there are many types of depression, why get caught up in
      the details, and diagnosis that will just deepen the hole. …
      depression is the CAUSE and the symptom. Treating symptoms will
      ultimately not do it, but it(self-expression and energy work) can be
      done in conjunction with treatment.

      You gotta move energy, and
      to do that you have to know what you are feeling and thinking and
      motivated by. This is processing and integration, on the whole.

      heart must be opened up, plain and simple! Gratitude helps a great
      deal, good point Tracey. Gratitude connects us directly back with
      primordial lifeforce. Things will not balance out easily unless the
      HEART chakra starts to open.

      Of course she leaves alot out, how
      could one put in an article all the things involved with Source
      expression and the emotional body. BUT she does give you the underlying
      principle and antidote to get better. Thank you Nanice.

  • Brian DiCarlo

    I support NO narrative or story Tracey. I am on your side, just as much as anyones, if there ever was a side. Cures, illness, sickness, diagnosis, disease names, etc serve no REAL purpose. why take things any further than a dis-ease. As Jung once said ” life itself is a disease with a very poor prognosis. It lingers on for years and invariably ends with death”.

    when we synthesis life and our experiences we digest it and seek to make meaning out of IT, what is has meant , what we have learned, what it says about our nature etc…Our Essence,! this is essencing, thinking, feeling meditation, resolution. Then we offer Soul-utions. In this process we look at Causal factors, and converge on the highest causal factors, or factor for any given “effect” that concerns us. At any point in time, what model, beliefs and worldview one holds will cover the most ground they were capable of digesting and have direct experience with, and integrated through the psyche. Thus, if one believes there is no cure, then there is no cure! Similarly if in fact by way of perspective, there is a need for a cure, then there is a created sickness, as they both arise at the same time in thought or lasting belief(a firmed thought form), then there you have it. So, I agree with your analysis of the brain pathways…what i suspect is the lower mind is giving way to higher mind connections that lay dormant and unused , up until the trauma or “initiating event”, of ones choice. haha

    the way i understand “new age” is not what she has described. I understood it, once, as spiritual by-passing and denial, riding the bliss wave without doing the shadow work. since our essence is timeless eternal expression and emanation from Source, it is consistent and effectively continuous to look at developing our self-expression methods and techniques. This creates flow, and flow state… life as living art!

    the excuses i was pointing at was where one rather argue and shoot holes in a soul-ution or proposal or some wisdom, rather than take it in for observation and a test run to see if it has validity in their own life and reality, and experience. Justifying their own misery and story and CURRENT view of life, rather than expanding it…expending energy to defend their own story , basically, rather than using it to cultivate their own GOODNESS! this is known as an open mindedness, and foregoing the conditioned mind. Also, there is always something good to extract from someones sharing of this type, usually.

    Nanice has cultivated her own unique expression, that is obvious, and in itself proves merit, and that didn’t happen over night, that was hard won, like everyones is(usually).

    i am not sure about the psychology field, as in my experience, I always did know and vibrated higher than many in the field there…you get NO where by slicing and dicing and creating labels for things. ABSOLUTELY NO WHERE ! You only create more separation and a feelings of inadequacy and depression. when in fact, we ARE COMPLETE and all we ever need. We are in complete account-ability as Soul, and Divine expressions and multidimensional WHOLE BEINGS–perhaps this is what you mean by detail and “not so simple”. i agree we are very complex expressions(genius) as one fundamental essence of LOVE. Unfurling that is quit a different approach and orientation . The details are in the multidimensional beings that we inhabit, and unpacking and unfolding THOSE capacities but not just by analysing labels and behaviors…moral empowerment NATURALLY unfolds once Soul alignment occurs and the chakarAs are free flowing and balanced. see my remarks about the energy body driving the physical body and chemistry.

    well I expressed alot there, lol… thanks for the share and input Tracey… I think you are a courageous and loving Being, and I support that also.

  • Brian DiCarlo

    We got a lot to learn about the Mind, Causal Body, the Kingdom of Soul, and grounding the Light. Brava Tracey, sounds like you are on it and on your way past coping mechanisms.

    It’s funny how our reality tunnels work, because I never saw her article as cognitive behavioral based, as much as it was tools and “practical guidance” of self-expression. We are all different and unique expressions, from one Source (i.e. not that special). If you have some open questions and want to share anymore , please feel free.

  • Annye

    Thank you for this article. Although I’m out of the tunnel at this point and have found meaning and happiness (I insist on seeing the glass half full), the only thing that kept me from leaving this world was creating: art, writing, even cooking. And it doesn’t matter whether you are good at it or not. Just do it. Now that the darkness is behind me and I only think of death once in a rare blue moon, I got busy with life but I’m always looking for fulfillment. I like my job, have good friend, etc., but there is that little piece missing. Reading your words, I realize that I have compromised. I have left part of myself behind.

  • Elizabeth Halloway

    perfectly true

  • Elizabeth Halloway

    perfectly true

  • Katie Harrison

    Depression is a daily struggle, it takes hard work to overcome but there is hope. For anyone suffering from depression, I recommend the destroy depression system system. it was written by a former depression & PTSD sufferer, it teaches the natural steps which he used to beat his own depression and it helped me beat mine. theres a review for it here

  • Ouellette

    My inner self wants to find true love with a man that wants to father my children, I wish I could just snap my fingers and make that happen. Until then I suppose theres a lot I could work on, but 30 years old and Im running out of time.

  • William Gosal

    Depression is not a result of being somebody else,
    but a result of unknown solution to problems which occur many years before.
    You can say depression is a higher level of stress.
    When we get stress, we still can do our activities well.
    But when we are in depression, we can’t do anything.
    Instead, we don’t know what to do to our life.

    I was a depression patient.

    I know well about it.

  • Darren Wray

    “Depression is the unavoidable by-product of not being who you really are and a direct result of repressing your Real Self.”

    Choosing to be inauthentic (not being who you really are) makes you a prisoner of your own mind, and being inside the prison is depressing. So yes, depression is a by-product of not being who you really are.

    But depression isn’t caused directly by repressing your Real Self. Inauthenticity is a choice not to be real. In other words the choice to be inauthentic is also the choice to repress your Real Self. Therefore the choice to be inauthentic is responsible for both the depression and the repression of your Real Self.

    Choosing to be authentic (embracing who you really are) sets you free. You are back in the world, where being and expressing who you really are is again possible. You are once again a player of a secret game.

    “Authenticity is a collection of choices that we have to make every day. It’s about the choice to show up and be real. The choice to be honest. The choice to let our true selves be seen.” – Brené Brown