Are Higher Vibrations Making You Sick? Integrating the Energetic Shift

Are Higher Vibrations Making You Sick

By Nanice Ellis

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

Have you considered that an illness or emotional issue may be the result of an energetic overload?

It is no secret that human consciousness and the consciousness of the planet are going through monumental shifts. Many of these shifts are a result of an influx of a higher frequency energy coming into our planet and especially flowing into each one of us. You might say that the evolution of humanity is a transformation of energy.

This higher vibration energy will ultimately help us to heal many of the issues that we are now experiencing in our lives and in the world, but this energy is also responsible for creating other challenges that we may also be facing. Each one of us is an energetic being and we each have our own vibratory fingerprint. If our individual energy is not aligned with the new  frequencies flowing in, the energetic transition from low to high can be extremely overwhelming to our bodies and minds, and as a result can create emotional and physical issues.

Symptoms of energetic overload commonly  include: anxiety, headaches, body aches, backache, depression, emotional issues, confusion, injury, shaking, sleep issues, energy surges, even neurological issues – and any acute or chronic illness may be (at least partly) the result of an energetic overload.

Think of it this way;  when you put too much energy into an electronic device, like plugging a 110 volt device into a 220 volt outlet, that device may try to handle the energy at first, but if it keeps coming, the energy will damage it, causing it to malfunction or burn out completely. It is not the energy’s fault nor the device’s. The problem is that they are incompatible.

There are many explanations of  this influx of higher vibration energy, and why it is coming now. Is it an  increase in solar flares?  Part of an  ancient timeline, like those of the Mayan? An effect of our journey through the cosmos?  Or a return to Source. Regardless of where this energy originates or why it is now coming, the bottom line is, it is occurring and we are all effected by it. And if your physical-self cannot process the higher frequency energies that are now moving into your body and environment, physical and emotional challenges may result.

Integrating the Higher Vibration

In order for your body to easily and effortlessly process this higher vibration energy, two things are required:

1. The vibration of your body must be compatible with the vibration of the incoming energy. In other words, your body must vibrate at, or near, the same frequency as the incoming energy. The level of your vibration is always in direct relationship with the frequency of your thoughts. Positive and loving thoughts produce higher frequencies while negative and fearful thoughts produce lower frequencies.

2. Every part of your body must be free of emotional blocks so that the energy can flow evenly throughout your whole body. Blockages occur when we store issues in our bodies – this includes past hurts and future fears. Any disempowering belief that we hold can result in an emotional block that is stored in the body. We may not notice this blockage until energy tries to flow through this body part and the energy gets stuck. Stuck energy then gets stored until the blockage is released. This stuck energy becomes stagnate energy and the result can be illness or even injury. Pain may also result without any physical manifestation of illness or injury. The pain, with or without physical manifestation, is our bodies way of telling us there is a blockage that needs to be addressed so that the energy can flow. The emotional issues must be released in order for the energy to flow. When the energy flows, the body heals.

For example, if you have an emotional issue of the heart that has not been released, the issue may cause an energetic blockage and when a higher vibration energy tries to flow through, it cannot. Eventually, the energy blockage may manifest into a physical issue. Addressing the physical issue alone is not enough for healing. The emotional block must also be released.

The body does not lie. If you pay attention to your body, you will know exactly where energy is flowing and where it is stuck. The longer energy is stuck in any particular body part, the greater the physical or emotional distress.

The good news is that when the energy flows freely through your body, it has the power to heal you and support your ascension to the next level of consciousness, including health and well-being.

If You Have an Energy Block or Overload…

If you believe that you are experiencing a higher frequency, or greater influx, of energy that is causing issues for you, you can ask your higher self to lessen the energy and then gradually increase it at a speed and intensity that your body can handle. But it is also essential that you consciously prepare your body for higher and greater frequencies of energy.

There are many things that you can do in order to align your body to higher frequency energies and to support increased energy flow:


  • Breath work can be a powerful remedy for moving energy. Imagine that as you breathe deeply and slowly the energy is moving equally through all parts of your body. Focus more attention on the areas where energy may be stuck.


  • Yoga, tai chi or any type of movement that gets your body moving in unison.

Body work

  • Massage, Reiki, acupuncture, acupressure, or any body work that moves energy.

Talk nice to your body

  • When we are negative about our bodies, we lower our body’s vibration and when we speak well of our bodies, the body’s vibration naturally rises. You might even want to speak lovingly to your body. Self-love is one of the best ways to increase your vibration.


  • Since our bodies are mostly water, staying hydrated allows you to keep your vibration up. If your body is dehydrated, your vibration is compromised.


  • Everything that you put into your body has a vibration and this vibration directly influences your body’s vibration. Junk foods have lower vibrations while raw natural foods have higher vibrations.

Master your thoughts

  • Negative thinking lowers your body’s vibration while positive thinking raises your body’s vibrations. Loving thoughts vibrate high while fearful thoughts vibrate low. You can instantly change your body’s vibration, simply by changing your thoughts.

Release emotional blocks

  • Utilize an emotional healing process that allows you to release emotional blockages – forgiveness is usually a good bet.


  • An addiction indicates a blockage of energy. In order to release an addiction, the cause of the addiction must be addressed.


  • Meditation allows you to let go. In letting go, your vibration naturally rises.

Turn it off

  • Turn off the TV and unplug from the internet – turn off anything that negatively effects your energy. Be responsible with your attention.


  • Spending time in nature allows your vibration to naturally rise. The plants, trees and animals speak to us at unconscious levels. This inner communication helps us to align with the rhythm of nature and as a result our vibration easily rises.

Detox your body

  • By releasing stored chemicals and toxins your body can align upward.

Speak your truth

  • Holding back your truth or hiding your voice can most certainly trap energy in the body. Be bold and express yourself in healthy ways.

Listen to your body

  • You intuitively know what influences your body’s vibration. Make the necessary adjustments.

Honor the Temple

No matter how it may seem, you have complete control over your personal vibration. It can be challenging to align your body with these higher energetic frequencies, but if you are to grow, heal and wake up, this energetic alignment is essential and the positive payoff is immeasurable.

When we finally integrate higher energies into the physical body, the results are greater clarity, increased vibrancy, natural energy, youthfulness, physical health, mental well-being and a superior ability to consciously create.

Think of your body as the temple for the expression of spiritual energy in the physical form. When you honor the temple that houses your spirit, you naturally raise your vibration so that higher energies can align you upward to greater and greater versions of who you really are. This is the sacred journey back to wholeness.

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Nanice Ellis

Nanice Ellis has been a professional Life Coach for over 20 years, successfully coaching women and men from all over the world. She is also an author, Theta Healer and Master Neuro Linguistic Practitioner.

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  • Science H. Logic

    This is a pseudo science. Getting sick is caused by viruses and bacteria and not vibrations. I have not seen one case where a doctor says “I think your vibrations are off.” and then prescribes some meditation. If think doctors and drug companies are only after money, your are right but so are these people. The only difference between the two one is trying to sell you something that works (doctors) the others are selling you wishful thinking. So please. for humanity, stop buying into these fake cures.

    • Katie

      Hi Science Logic guy/lady. I hear what you are saying….how can you trust what people like Nanice say when it seems to completely airy fairy and not based on scientific data? Clearly, this is how you assess if something is correct or not, real or false. You probably won’t understand or believe this way of thinking about the world because it is so contrary to anything you know. It is different, and if I were you I would be cautious and unsure about thinking about health and the body in such a new way too. Whilst I can empathise with how you think and see the world, I can also tell you that there are many things about the world that science still does not know, or is only just beginning to discover. One of those things is the inter-connectedness of all life through energy fields, as proven in cutting edge physics. This new science is showing that the mind-body link is no longer a nice hippy idea but actually a very real biological and energetic mechanism. I would have to write an essay to explain it all and how it works, which I won’t. What I will say is that not everyone thinks like you, and that these mechanisms about changing beliefs do actually work for many people- I and many many others have experienced the healing effects of it- and many medical and scientific experts are also discovering it too. There is data and case studies you can find that show the healing results, if you wish to find it, but usually we only seek evidence of what we want to believe, what feels most familiar and what fits with our view of the world. Your’s is clearly a worldview informed by conventional scientific modes of thinking. However, you might want to be aware that there is a new paradigm of intuitive, subtle medicine that is now here because we now realise, through our direct experience and the findings of science, that the mind-body link is as real as the chair you sit in to read this. We have discovered this because many conventional health interventions, based on the scientific reductive materialistic philosophy that you favour, has failed to explain and heal many health problems and has possibly even contributed to the exacerbation of those conditions. I could go on, it is a huge subject. But of course you are welcome to your views and I wish you all the best with coping with the fact that many people out there do use this system and that it works for them. What I do think you are missing is some empathy and tolerance towards those who think and heal themselves in different ways to you. You don’t need to save others from themselves, but I do think you might want to heal your own lack of acceptance and lack of tolerance towards others who think differently to you. Good luck!

      • Name Ben

        I felt that you handled science h logic in the most loving way.
        My words to that person is simple.
        Do not knock anything unless you have done due diligence towards it. Do your research.
        I know of 8 different ways to cure cancer but I have come to understand that there are as many as 80 differing ways up to 2014.
        Science is limited in all areas of understanding. How often do we hear of a scientific break through that we have all inately known for some time. How many times have science been wrong in its assumptions about the universe.
        Doctors on the other hand are limited as most believe you………..try leaches or sweat it out over a bowel of vicks vaporub then guess.
        Then they check their book for symptoms.The next book to check is the drug cartel handbook.
        The best doctor is yourself
        Last year I had 19 skin cancer spots on my head. I did my research and they disapeared within three days.
        Apply a mix of Lugols iodine and DMSO mixed 50/50 with a cotton bud 3 times a day……..gone!
        Doctors may have the answers but their hands are tied.

        • Katie

          Thanks for that Ben. Yep, love is the greatest cure I believe! I agree that we all need to be our own doctors too…this is the kind of awakening that we seem to go through when we are called to know ourselves and trust our own guidance.

        • george

          Get a life, learn how to understand what is real and what is not real … your life will be better.

      • Vincent Adika

        The materialistic minds are still asleep,but sooner than later they will wake up and ” smell the coffee”! I was one of them 22 years ago.

    • Vincent Adika

      It’s simply choice,beliefs and knowledge,all current and subject to change. What is right today may be wrong tomorrow. Respect all views even if u disagree with them.

      • phantomstride


      • Alfie

        I’ll never respect quackery.

    • Alfie

      Thank you Science H. Logic, couldn’t have said it better myself.

  • agnes

    these are not fake cures. these things work but you have to believe. we each have the power to heal ourselves if we can quiet enough to listen to our intuition. that is your truth and it’s sad that you are unwilling to wake up and change and make this a better place for all of us. This article is not trying to sell us anything but simply show us another truth of taking personal responsibility and healing for oneself.

  • Rogério Maciel

    Hi ! These problems you mention exist , but are due to Chemtrails+HAARP put together .
    What you are saying , is that i am not evolving because i do not feel those issues .And i don’t … so , following your logic , i am not evolving , right ?
    Wrong .I am , but you don’t need to go through those health issues .I Strongly believe that we are All Protected , and , the more you surrender to GOD , the more protection you get .So , that’s why i have a strong health , and i am evolving also .So , you don’t need to suffer to Evolve with GOD’s New Energy coming to Earth .

  • Matt LaCroix

    Thank you very much for writing this article. Nanice, you truly understand what is happening, and about ourselves. Anyone who all this makes so sense to, I encourage you to spend time with your true self and learn. Cannabis as a tool I found helped tremendously. Once you become aligned with yourself, it becomes very easy to feel that low vibration. We have our own keys for unlocking ourselves. Consciousness is like a glimmer of sunlight in a dark forest you have to navigate through.

  • Wajiha

    oh boy sooo much relate able things. an absolute good read. It always feel good to read about similar experiences of others. you get to feel less alienated :D. Thank you for writing it down.