Wake Up World’s articles on HAARP, the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program.

Weather Modification Causing Global Climate Chaos and Environmental Catastrophe

By Dane Wigington

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

What major factor causing “Climate Change” are they not telling us about?

More alarming articles and studies are surfacing each day which confirm the rapidly changing state of Earth’s life support systems and climate. Humanity has decimated the planet in countless ways and the repercussions are becoming catastrophic.

Though there are certainly many parts to this unfolding story, the largest piece of the puzzle by far still goes completely unacknowledged by most of the scientific community and all of the mainstream media-corporate-military-industrial complex. The massive elephant in the room has been, and still is, “stratospheric aerosol geoengineering” (SAG) also known as “solar radiation management” (SRM).

What Is Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering and Why Is It So Dangerous?

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Climate Engineering, Weather Warfare, and the Collapse of Civilization

By Dane Wigington

Guest Contributor for Wake Up World

Planet Earth is under an all out weather warfare assault. Our collective reality has reached a crossroads of unimaginable proportion, the world which we have all known is changing by the day. Many still aggressively deny the rapidly unfolding changes, and the same deniers often condemn those who are willing to acknowledge and speak out about what is unfolding. The life support systems of our planet are being systematically ripped apart. Though there are many sources of damage to the biosphere, climate engineering is by far the greatest single assault on all life.

Awareness of the climate engineering subject is growing rapidly and the issue is justifiably frightening to the newly awakened. Many are still avoiding looking down into the global geo-engineering rabbit hole, not quite ready to admit it is actually going on – such a notion is clearly and understandably terrifying to them. Those of us who have been fighting to expose climate engineering for many years would do well to remember our own initial skepticism on this issue. What matters is that increasingly, people are sincerely investigating and speaking out, exposing the climate engineering crimes occurring in the skies around our globe.

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Exposed: Global Geo-Engineering Psy-Ops Documented

By Jay Dyer

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

From Geoengineering to directed energy weapons, the System is set on total control.

There has been much speculation in the last few years as to the authenticity of the claims of “chemtrail” spraying of the ionosphere by secretive groups for unknown reasons, with such claims generally receiving the scorn of tinfoil hat insanity. Distinguished from “contrails”, the normal water and ice crystal formations that result from aircraft exhaust vapor, “chemtrails” is the popular name for aerosol spraying by planes in different layers of the atmosphere under the cover of numerous global geo-engineering programs.

Is this possible? Could there widespread global aerosol spraying programs?

Not only this possible, it’s already being done, and has been going on for decades. With origins in World War II cloud-seeding, the development of weather modification and mass geo-engineering programs is no longer even covert, with numerous papers, programs and examples now made public.

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The False Politics and Faulty Science of Climate Change

8th December 2014

By Ethan Indigo Smith and Andy Whiteley

Contributing Writer and Co-Founder of Wake Up World

The carbon emissions=climate changedebate is a redundant distraction to the broader actuality of humanity’s blatantly destructive environmental practicesThe question at the core of the climate discussion is not if the planet is warming, or whether carbon levels are to blame, the question is whether our current way of life on planet earth is sustainable. Yet this supposedly scientific debate has deteriorated to narrow political rhetoric that keeps us debating the details, not the central issue.

Is human activity negatively affecting our planet’s health, and risking humanity’s future? – Yes. Are our current practices sustainable? – No. Are carbon emissions the single cause that is altering our environment such that it is causing global temperatures to increase? – There is little scientific consensus, but it is secondary to the broader matter at hand.

Whatever the temperature may be, or how wild the storms, it is only a symptom of our collective disconnection from Mother Nature. Living a lifestyle that is incompatible with nature, we have allowed our atmosphere, water, soil and food supplies all to be ruined by ever-increasing environmental, industrial and agricultural poisons. And now, with unprecedented rates of disease affecting ‘developed’ nations, the irrefutable reality of our increasingly toxic lives — changing climate or not — is reason enough to end the narrow carbon debate and initiate the many systemic reforms we know are now essential to our survival.

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Geoengineering and the Nuclear Connection

By Ethan Indigo Smith and Andy Whiteley

Contributing Writer and Founder of Wake Up World

The complexity of nuclear experimentation is beyond the pale of postmodern human comprehension. It also reveals, although we would like to believe otherwise, our inability or unwillingness to consider the unseen. Whether it is invisible because of ethereal origins or because it is nano-sized poison does not matter; collectively we tend to obfuscate the unseen. Nuclear experimentation also reveals our collective inability to conceptualize time, and to understand just how long nuclear radiation lasts in our environment – and how long our karma lasts.

This short-sightedness was not always the case. Indigenous cultures across Turtle Island, A.K.A. North America, knew they would one day return home to the spirit world, and that their stay here on Earth was equivalent to the blink of an eye. So they considered the Rule of Seven Generations when implementing procedures that would alter the planet in any way, beginning with harvesting herbs, to ensure their society’s long term sustainability. In fact, the indigenous cultures were so considerate of their people’s future as to make sure there would be enough herbs left seven generations from the harvest. Understanding their place in the delicate ecosystem, the Turtle Islanders contemplated the unseen and the distant future, always.

Today we have collectively foregone such considerations. And it was no accident that brought us here.

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Who Stole the Weather? The Reality of Geoengineering

By Zen Gardner

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

The Reality of Geoengineering

The increasing existence of the persistent geoengineering trails we regularly see in the sky behind high-flying jets has rapidly become commonplace knowledge. Ironically, these trails were first called “chemtrails” in US military program literature, but this term was soon demonized as “conspiratorial” by these very same powers and their cohorts in order to squelch information getting to the mainstream public.

So what are they spraying, and why?

These are very serious questions, and apparently the answers would not meet with public approval. A litany of literature, scientific studies and patents regarding such aerosol programs are readily available on the internet. By far the most dominant cover story is that they are trying to reflect sunlight from the earth to mitigate global warming. Whatever your feelings on global warming science and rhetoric, that idea is both nonsensical and extremely dangerous, both to our ecosphere and human health. It’s even since been proven that a canopy of heavy metal nanoparticulates entraps earth’s heat instead of reduces it which shoots that excuse full of holes.

So what are the true purposes? Our governments certainly aren’t talking.

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Wireless, Chemtrails And You

By William Thomas

Courtesy of WillThomasOnline.net

Next time you’re on a cellphone looking up at those long lingering plumes spreading across the sky, you might decide to end that call. If you spot any cell towers, roof-mounted transmitters or high-voltage power lines within a mile of your location, you may wish to evacuate the area immediately. And once home, you will want to permanently disconnect all wireless devices, including computer routers and “always-on” portable phone cradles. Because what you see in the sky is what you breathe. And chances are you’ve been breathing barium for more than a decade.

Barium Conducts Electromagnetic Energy

Ever since Captain Kirk teleported to the surface of an alien planet and whipped out his portable communicator, everyone Earthside wanted one. And the telecos gave us flip-phones. Along with compulsive texting, streaming video, online gaming and banking, the worldwide web and more.

It took more than 20 years to connect the first billion subscribers. But only another 40 months to connect the second billion. The three billionth “user” placed a cell phone call just 24 months after that.

Never before in human history have so many embraced such risky technology so fast. In Toronto alone, there are 7,500 cell towers. In the USA: over 190,000.

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The Dark Underbelly of Sustainable Development: Agenda 21

23rd April 2013

By Carolanne Wright

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

Sustainable development has been the catchphrase of the environmental movement for over 20 years and rarely are underlying motives questioned. After all, a majority of people want a healthy future, free of pollutants and global warming where the earth is protected for ourselves and subsequent generations. There is a catch, however. The underpinnings of sustainable development are rooted in Agenda 21, a body of regulations inspired by the United Nations (UN) “Earth Summit” conference in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. At first glance, the agenda looks beneficial and harmless — except for the fact that it sets forth a policy which strips individuals of freedom and controls private land unconstitutionally.

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Chemtrails: Do You Have Heavy Metals Poisoning?

© Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

There are all kinds of things going on with these Chemtrails. I think these Chemtrails are outrageous. They don’t belong in our sky. …We don’t need this kind of dosing the population with unknown chemicals, and messing up the body metabolism. I find it very reckless.” ~ Dr. Rosalie Bertell, May 3, 2005. Author: Planet Earth: The Latest Weapon of War.

For the past decade (perhaps even 15 years or more, depending on where you live), Americans, then the entire North American continent, and now people worldwide, have been used as uninformed, experimental lab rats for illegal aerosol spraying programs overhead with highly toxic Chemtrails. This massive project by the military, government officials, and elites continues every night and every day. Both commercial and private planes are being used. Despite thousands of calls and letters, public officials have refused to respond. Any of our real concerns are ignored or dismissed. The mainstream, corporate-controlled media and weather reports are complicit in this planetary cover-up. The global environmental consequences are already dire.

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Aerosol Crimes: Illness & Weather Modification in Los Angeles

25th February 2013

© Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

All photos ©John W. Graf

“We all share the air. We all are breathing poisoned air.” – Dr. Joyce R. Young, ND


Aerosol Crimes are the powerful words used by the brilliant and tenacious researcher Clifford Carnicom to define more clearly the Chemtrails assault. These crimes are global and have continued daily for more than a decade and a half. During this time, overwhelming evidence has been gathered by independent researchers to document an on-going military/government covert operation that has transformed our global weather. Without any public discussion and/or debate, we continue to be uninformed long-term experimental lab rats for the nefarious global plans by the cabal and elite insiders. Despite untold requests for information from various “public” officials and Dr. R. Michael Castle’s introducing a law banning these toxic aerosols, no one has responded or come forth publicly to explain anything.(1) It is quite obvious that their silence has been deliberate.

In addition, in 1996, a research paper was presented to the US Air Force, “Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather by 2025.” This “study was done to comply with a directive from the chief of staff of the Air Force.” This was “an unclassified document…and cleared for public release.” It is likely the core “public” reason of what we see in global weather modification.

See: www.fas.org/spp/military/docops/usaf/2025/v3c15/v3c15-1.htm

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The Relentless Invasion of Our Minds

By Zen Gardner

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

I can’t pound away enough about this subject, and I hope you are sounding off too. People would find it hard to believe how many types of technologies are being used on human minds today.

We all know we’re “steered” and “walled off” to some degree by influences around us, not the least of which is the media and the onslaught of its corporofascist disinformation and advertising arm.

Deeper influences include so-called modern education and the socially engineered dumbing-down of society for decades. Just look around you for how “well repeated” everything we’re told has become, with the predominance of shallow Hollywood types and the gutless sing-song intonations and political correctness in society’s language.

But there’s a lot more people need to know about electronic mind control and what it’s doing to us and our world.

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The Electromagnetic War on Humanity

By Zen Gardner

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

It gets worse by the hour.

While France wisely outlawed wi-fi in its schools due to its serious effects on children, more appliances, transmitters, signals, antennas, phone masts, dishes, and electronic gadgetry is being added by the minute.

And we’re supposed to be excited about it.

Just look at the below insane ad intended to sex-up the electromagnetic crap blasting our biosignals to smithereens.

Looks like V-rizin’ wants to “Rule the Air!” with their death-dealing microwaves.

The Orwellian voice-over?

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