Support California’s GMO Food Labelling Ballot – Nov 2012

11th November 2011

By  Jack Adam Weber

Contributing  Writer for Wake Up World

Dear Activists and Fellow Insanely Sane Humans who love this Earth,

We now have a golden opportunity to begin to save our planet and humanity a huge burden. I just received word from Organic Consumers Association (OCA) that the ballot initiative for mandatory labeling of GMO foods will be on the California ballot in November 2012.

PLEASE DO WHATEVER YOU CAN TO HELP. Spread the word, give them some money to help spread the word, and share this and the linked articles far and wide. For those of us who care about sanity and the preservation of Nature to make a difference, this is a key moment in history. Here’s the rub, in a nutshell.

To my understanding, every state has ballot initiatives, for which citizens of that state can vote on Acts and legislature to determine laws and regulations for that state. Federal laws, on the other hand, apply to the nation as a whole and are enacted at the national level, i.e. the White House. As we have seen, GMO labeling and curtailing GMO progress on the federal level has been almost futile, given that Big Agro-business is in bed with our so-called policy makers. No matter how many petitions we sign and noise we make, our supposed democracy has not listened to the desires of its constituents to curtail Big Agrobusiness. The state ballot initiatives, on the other hand, allow the residents of a state to vote on important issues, which have a better chance at allowing democracy to work.

Video – Genetically Modified Food – The Right To Know

In a previous article by OCA I learned that a victory in even one state could help to foil Monsanto’s, as well as other large bio-tech companies’, GMO proliferation. Why? The reasoning is that if GMO’s are mandated to be labeled in one state, people will wonder why they should not be in all states. This will also pose a publicity nightmare for Monsanto and other companies trying to justify the safety of their twisted inventions. A victory in just one state would essentially be a key blow in what is described as the Achilles heel of the GMO enterprise: state ballot initiatives.

We now have an opportunity to pass legislation that could severely cripple the GMO machine. We need to support Californians and the groups in California now working to spread the word about this ballot initiative. Please share this with anyone and everyone you know in California. Again, here is an information page and to donate.

GMO foods are responsible for the depletion of top soils, the pollution of our water, air and minds (via media lies), the poisoning of our millions of innocent people, the uncontrolled and grotesque overuse (any use in my opinion) of herbicides, pesticides, and fungicides, especially RoundUp, among other human and Earth rights and abuses. I just learned that a GM mosquito has been made and being tested in Florida. We need to stop this GMO craze now.

Yes, it is insane that we have to do take action because this issue is so insane to begin with. But so it is. Put your insane sanity to work and let’s try to make this happen! This is the opportunity we have been waiting for, for too long.  Give the residents of California your crazy love today.  Here is the announcement by OCA.

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