Reflections that Will Shape the Age of Change

24th December 2011

By Eric Blair –  Activist Post

There is no doubt that we have entered a time of great change.  Everyone can feel it whether they can comprehend it or not.  The evidence is everywhere; in politics, the economy, science and technology, in earth changes and in consciousness.

Change in this great arena called life is happening so fast now that it can seem overwhelming.  It can feel as if time itself is quickening.  It can feel as if we have no control over the outcome of this transition. When, in fact, the opposite is true.  Only we can determine the future, but we must actively participate in the change, otherwise the future will be determined for us if we choose not to look in the mirror.

Life is like a mirror.  When we smile, it smiles back at us.  When we scowl, it scowls back at us. To effectively change the world, “You don’t comb the mirror, you comb your own hair and the mirror changes,” as David Icke so wisely puts it.

We must embrace the present, even what appears to be bad, because each convulsion is necessary to ultimately regain health.  The collapse of the predatory economic system and tyrannical control systems will be a glorious and painful event wrapped up in one.  But it will eventually lead to love, freedom, and peace for all.

How do I know this? Is some cosmic time traveler feeding me this prophecy? No, I simply part my hair in those directions in the mirror and have faith that the vast majority of conscious humans also project the same desire of well-being.  Those who scowl at freedom and peace and part their hair towards hate, no matter how large and fancy their mirror, will soon experience the personal reflection of their colic.

Now, those who manipulate the hate and division, and control the wars and economic slavery will likely break the mirror  during this transition, causing what may appear to be seven years of bad luck for the rest of us.  But those who previously enjoyed the largest and most powerful reflection devices will be limited to the scattered jagged pieces left by their tantrum, while the rest of us keep smiling.

For sure, we face very real challenges ahead that will make it difficult for each of us.  Many people’s way of life is dependent on the current hideous reflection.  Unfortunately, these folks will likely be cut the deepest when the mirror shatters.

In order for the rest of humanity to survive and navigate the mess, they must first recognize their own distorted appearance and give themselves a makeover before the collapse arrives.  Thankfully, many are offering them combs and brushes, but they must also be willing to groom themselves.

No amount of force will bring about the necessary reflection, because the ideas of force and fear will have been shattered in the old mirror.  We must gather the tools to shield ourselves from the approaching shards, and cultivate the skills to put the pieces back together in a way that reflects the more attractive values of peace and freedom.

We must rebuild with a foundation of love, especially for those who couldn’t see before — and even for those who broke the mirror — or we will create small splinters in the new mirror that will eventually result in the same hateful reflection.

It will actually be much easier to rebuild than to dodge the shrapnel of collapse.  All we must do is pause in front of the mirror, reflect on the type of world we want to see, and smile.


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