The Healers Toolbox

2nd March 2011

by Capt. Randall

Guest Writer for and author of  Forbidden Healing, The Curiously Simple Solution To Disease

In “The Healer’s Grail” I outlined our predicament as Earth-dwelling biological entities. We operate on Solar ENERGY in the form of  ELECTRONS and must consume Sun-charged phyto-nutrients and metabolize carbon bonds with the help of  OXYGEN.

Opposing life today are mismanaged soils and electrolyte mineral deficiencies, oxidized/damaged fats, processed electron-stripped foods and all manner of toxic metals and organic poisons that lead to acidity, damaging free radical formation and electron shortages…ALL of which prevent oxygen delivery to mitochondrial motors and the generation of more electrons. When lacking charge, our cell structures become prone to oxidation, so membranes, enzymes, mitochondria and DNA all come under attack,  OXIDATIVE STRESS! A “mechanical” approach to healing can address this energy shortage and electron imbalance using a toolbox full of common supplements.

Master the use of these basic “tools” first;

Vitamin C

Baking soda (sodium bicarbonate)

Apple cider vinegar

Magnesium Oil

Oregano Oil

Lugol’s iodine

MSM Sulfur Crystals

Food-grade Hydrogen Peroxide


The repair protocol begins with large  electron inputs. When “mechanics” (healers) measure body voltages and pH to assess electron inventories, they find that where there is illness… there is acidity and shifting voltages. The first step obviously involves raising charge. This can be performed using large inputs of the electric vitamin, Vitamin C.  Quantity is key here, and creating overwhelming surges in body charge is what initiates healing. (Loosely; electrons=voltage=pH=Oxidation Reduction Potential )

Counter-intuitively, the next order of business is to  oxidize. Vitamin C not only restores electron inventories, but in IV application or in oral mega-doses to bowel-tolerance it releases hydrogen peroxide around cells, cleaning them of pathogens, toxins, waste materials and unwanted debris. These  oxidative bursts mimic normal immune function in inflammatory response. Food grade hydrogen peroxide, MMS, ozone and even iodine are other helpful oxidizers and HBOT a super-oxygenator.

Then, to boost oxygen penetration,  alkalize. When pure Vitamin C is mixed with baking soda, sodium bicarbonate, in a small glass of water, the acidity of ascorbic acid is neutralized, producing sodium ascorbate and CO2 bubbles. The left-over bicarb or even an added half-tsp of sodium bicarbonate alkalizes blood and acts as a pH buffer. K and Mg levels and sulfur intake should be optimized to enhance oxygen supplies.

Real nutrients are the long term answer. Fats are critical, but most folks use the wrong oil in their “crankcase.” Easily oxidized feed-lot animal fats and unholy homogenized milk, heat processed “polyunsaturated “ vegetable oils and all their hydrogenated misshapen trans molecules become incorporated into membranes, blood vessels and nervous system tissues where they diminish oxygen transport and surface charge. It’s important to supply fresh Omegas, monounsaturates and forbidden saturated fats like butter, coconut oil and those from grass-fed animals. Sugars/carbs turn into bad fats when consumed in more than small amounts as they raise acidity. High sugar intake results in glycations, sugar-protein caramelizations that stick to various cell structures like Gorilla Glue.

We have lists of acid forming and alkalizing foods to guide us toward a slightly alkaline balance and we have ORAC ratings (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) to make-plain antioxidant values in food choices. Note the wide range of conditions impacted by single substances in abstract correlations. Note the universality of Vitamin C or turmeric or garlic.

Charge detractors include metal burdens like amalgams, root canals, bromine, chlorine, fluoride, intake of burnt/oxidized foods,“dead” water, electromagnetic pollution and the toxic mental frequencies of fear and stress. Detoxification and elimination are enhanced using chelators that catch toxic molecules mobilized by inputs of electrons and oxidizers above. Chlorella, clays, humic/fulvic acids and charcoal do that job.

Usually once biochemical balance is restored, mood and intelligence become elevated and one regains emotional equanimity. Some will have to become more mindful in order to benefit and realize that the condition of their body and their life’s eventual destinations are purely the result of their own states of consciousness. Chance enters the equation only rarely. Personal responsibility implies freedom from all the externally inflicted rules and irrationalities of our enculturation… permitting the free expression of the spirit, the will. Higher states of mind empower electrochemical “placebo” healing within and impact surrounding matter via the universal energy matrix.

The Forbidden Healing protocol follows an electrochemical path, but there are many variations on the theme now being used successfully by innovative healers around the world. Breathing, acupuncture, electrical, magnetic, bio-frequency, aroma, sound, bio-photon and other energetic therapies cross-over into the realm of physics and enter healing through different doors. In the end, they all provide more electrons, stronger body charge, increased oxygen penetration and mitochondrial output, expressive DNA function and enzyme production, higher vibratory frequencies and normalized biochemistry. “Electrons is electrons,” energy gathered… energy generated….any which way you can.

Understanding redox principles in health and healing ends the disorganized approaches common to both drug and natural therapies. When we accentuate  Electrons and  Oxygen, and eliminate acidic free radical varmints, optimal conditions can do nothing other than promote life. We have labeled hundreds of symptoms as individual diseases, yet basically all boil down to oxidative stress. This perspective is proven out every time efforts are directed at reversing it… when multiple “diseases” disappear. Just a new way of thinking.


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