Is the Sun Speaking Through Synchronicity?

14th  March 2012

By Chris Bourne

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

We are cherished beyond measure by the divine.

As unsettling as it can sometimes be, I deeply admire the way benevolence speaks to us through synchronicity. Of course the matrix view is that everything happens by chance, there is no guiding flow in a particular direction, we are not cherished beyond measure by the divine. Fortunately some of us know different! So when this latest solar storm strikes earth right on the very anniversary of the Fukushima Tsunami, whether the wider world takes note or not, it spikes in my awareness and makes me sit up and take notice. I believe very firmly the soul of the sun – the solar logos – is speaking to us. What might ‘he’ be saying?…

Have you had 11:11 experiences yet? So many people have. They find themselves turning towards the clock at precisely 11:11 or their attention is drawn to their phone or computer exactly at that time. Or the numbers simply appear on the bank balance or other sequences that we’re given. So why 11:11 – what do they represent?

Some say it relates to a specific time on a specific day – like for example this winter solstice something is going to happen at that time. For me though, the universe in its entirety simply does not work according to a fixed time. Beyond the realm of the human mind, everything happens in space time continuum. There is just one moment of now everywhere, which is continually reshaping and therefore creating the appearance of time because there is the experience of movement in a certain direction.

To me, it is very clear indeed what 11:11 is relating to. These represent four centres of consciousness: your own soul, Gaia, the solar logos and the soul of the Galaxy. Humanity has been out of alignment with the some or all of these centres for too long and that realignment is now beckoning.

Warning shot across the bows
It is not that some overly paternal being is chastising its wayward children and coaxing them firmly back into line. It’s more that there is a flow, and highly evolved beings align with that flow, bringing their energy to bear as an expression of who they are. The solar logos is no different.

Right now humanity stands in a very precarious position, and last week, I feel we’ve been given an important ‘warning shot across the bows’.

Our society is currently dependent on the global electricity grid, fired by a range of power stations including four hundred that are nuclear, each of which is cooled by systems that are reliant on the grid. If one of those solar storms were to strike with any kind of meaning, then the grid could easily go down and with that the cooling systems of at least some – if not all – of those power stations.

Is that then the significance of this latest solar storm happening on the very first anniversary of Fukushima? Where others see chance, my heart feels synchronicity.

Surrender to the flow
I share this possibility not to spread fear, but to spread awareness. Some in spiritual circles would likely say: “we should rather manifest the reality we want, one that is safe and loving”. However to me this is quite delusional. We’re an intricate part of a much greater system to which we’re being invited to surrender. Loving thoughts may make people feel better yes, but they’re not going to change the overall directional movement. For too long humanity (aided by Opposing Consciousness) has been manifesting illusionary realities – eddy currents in the flow – which are now being unwound.

    Yes it’s surrender that I’m inviting.
    I’d say we need to surrender many things.
    In particular, we need to surrender the idea
    that today will likely be just like yesterday,
    Because in the future that is opening in front of us,
    the only certainty will be uncertainty.

But there’s absolutely no need to fear this. Rather the other way around. When we’re locked in the mind, planning and strategising what we’re going to do on that tablet pc or not-so-smart-phone, we’re much less in the heart, feeling the flow of the field and what now wants to happen. What is benevolence inviting of us? For each of us there will be a divinely lighted path, helping us confront all our distortions, that we may peel them away and unfold the spiritual wings of our destiny.

End/Beginning Times
We’ve recently completed a deeply insightful Openhand Facilitator’s Gathering here in Glastonbury. It’s incredibly moving and inspiring to share space with people who are committed to clearing ‘their stuff’ and making themselves open to the flow. When the mind is not trying to shape the reality it wants, amazing shifts of energy and depth of insight can happen.

For all of us, our landscape of the reality we previously held has quite strongly changed – we’ve had to surrender the past. It’s easy to think and imagine that ‘tomorrow’ is going to turn out just like ‘yesterday’. For a while longer, for some people around the world, that may continue to happen. But I know in my heart the earth, our solar system and our galaxy have entered a new time line. It’s clear to me at least, we’ve entered ‘End/Beginning Times’.

As we sat together in meditation, the feelings we had and the visions we saw, strongly suggested it would be very risky to continue to sleepwalk through life expecting today to function exactly as yesterday. It’s time to embrace continual change, continual flow. It’s about becoming totally conscious in every step we take.

A new landscape
The amazing thing is that when people actually do this, there comes with it an incredible sense of freedom and liberation. The restrictive bindings of our out-dated society fall away and people find themselves floating ‘heavenward’. It’s absolutely nothing to fear – quite the other way around. It’s something to take joy, liberation and expansive freedom from. A new landscape indeed.

So to me, the solar logos is taking his turn to speak to us. I suspect this is just the first of many such ‘sharings’ in the not-too-distant-future, I think the hand of benevolence will provide many warning signs.

The time has come to listen and to realign: to feel in our hearts the bountiful expansiveness of the moment and to allow the flow to direct our actions. This day and every day

About the Author

At the age of 40 Chris was involved in a life threatening car crash in which he thought he would certainly die. This precipitated total inner surrender and a rapid reconnection with the conscious life force through all things.

He found himself suddenly able to experience and contemplate through multiple dimensions of reality to see the deeper purpose of life itself. He began to remember his true reason for being here.

He explains…

“During the crash, time seemed to slow right down and I was guided back through key moments of my life. I was realising that every moment in our lives has but one underlying purpose – to reveal an aspect of truth about ourselves to ourselves. I was beginning to dissolve every belief and value our society had conditioned within me.”

“This was my initial awakening to the magical unifying consciousness of the soul. Over the eight years that followed, I was guided through four other inner ‘Gateways’ of consciousness. I have since come to know the process as the five key expansions on our journey of Enlightenment and ultimate Ascension into multi dimensional living – our divine birthright”.

Prior to the crash, Chris had a rich an varied professional career in industry, in teaching, as an Officer in the Army and finally as a web development entrepreneur before being initiated on his spiritual path. With a Masters Degree in Natural Sciences from Oxford University, participants in the work are finding his integration of grounded scientific understanding and profound spiritual realisation deeply engaging and transformative.

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