The Fruit Extract that Fights Cancer, Aging

By Anthony Gucciardi

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

You don’t need to resort to harmful cholesterol lowering pharmaceuticals like statin drugs in order to reduce your cholesterol. In fact, something as simple as fruit extracts have been shown to not only lower cholesterol, but provide numerous other health benefits as well.

Examining the effects of bergamot orange extract, a fruit grown in the Mediterranean, researchers studied the effects of the fruit on 200 patients with high levels of blood fats. Participants who ingested 100mg doses of the extract before meals saw a reduction in ‘bad ‘ LDL cholesterol by 39 percent and blood sugars by 22 percent, while ‘good’ HDL cholesterol levels escalated by 41 percent. Lead researcher Dr. Vincenzo Mollace, Professor at the University of Cantanzaro said:

“Bergamot contains extremely large amounts of polyphenols, as compared to other citrus species…two of these, Brutelidin and Metilidin, directly inhibit cholesterol biosynthesis in a similar way to statins and they are not found in any other citrus derivatives.”

Of course fruit extracts offer much more than protecting against diabetes and lowering cholesterol. Papaya leaf extract is but one of the various supplements you should have in your supplement collection. Acting as a natural weight-loss promoter, papaya leaf extract contains powerful enzymes which help to keep you thin by effectively breaking down and processing starches, carbohydrates, and proteins. In addition, antioxidants and enzymes found within papaya leaf extract help to reduce the amount of oxidation ignited by free radicals, leading to a healthy, young look. Similarly, the extract has been shown to be a good therapeutic agent for protection against gastric ulcer and oxidative stress.

The beneficial properties surrounding papaya have been known for generations, but they are now just gaining back some attention.  Some of the  healing properties papayas provide are:

  • Prevention and treatment of cancer and allergic disorders.
  • Increased quality of proteins in whole organism.
  • Revitalization of the human body and a maintaining of energy and vitality.
  • Encouraged renewal of muscle tissue.
  • Supported cardiovascular system.
  • Strengthened immune system
  • Help with the digestive system by breaking down proteins and supporting production of digestive enzymes.
  • Treatment for skin wounds that don’t heal quickly.
  • Prevention of cataract formation.
  • Lowered risk of emphysema in  smokers and passive smokers thanks to high vitamin D content.
  • Alleviated inflammation.
  • Help with nausea and constipation.
  • Fighting various cancers and aiding the cardiovascular and gastrointestinal systems.

Choosing natural health promoting foods such as papaya leaf extract over destructive pharmaceutical drugs could be one of the best decisions made regarding your health. Organic foods and health supplements alike are still the key to avoiding the disease machine perpetuated by the mainstream health and pharmaceutical industry. Supplements such as turmeric and papaya leaf extract will help to keep you from ever needing to ingest pharmaceutical toxins.

About the Author

Anthony Gucciardi is an accomplished investigative journalist with a passion for natural health. Anthony’s articles have been featured on top alternative news websites such as Infowars, NaturalNews, Rense, and many others. Anthony is the co-founder of Natural Society, a website dedicated to sharing life-saving natural health techniques. Stay in touch with Natural Society via the following sites  FacebookTwitterWeb


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