Positive And Negative Feelings Are Your Internal Guidance System At Work

15th March 2012

By Enoch Tan

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

Positive and negative emotions are your inner guidance system. Your feelings are a feedback mechanism to tell you whether what you are doing is right or not, whether you are on course or off course. The better you feel, the more in alignment you are with what you want. The worse you feel, the more you are not in alignment with what you want. Your feelings tell you whether your thoughts or actions are in vibrational harmony with your desires or not.

Whenever you feel negative emotions, it is a signal that you are doing something that is moving you away from what you want. Negative emotions are a cause for action. Either you need to change what you are thinking or what you are doing that is creating the emotion you don’t like. Ask yourself what are you thinking or doing that is causing those negative emotions. Find out what you can think or do in order to feel good again.

When you feel really happy about doing something, it is a signal that you are doing the right thing. So continue to do it and not let thoughts of doubt or insecurity deter you from doing it. Focus on your intent and do not take action until you feel positive emotion within you. In that moment you will know what to do. When you take action it will be the right thing at the right time. Allow your positive feelings to lead you to doing the right things at the right time.

When you think about the decision that you plan to make, does it make you feel happy, excited, hopeful, relieved? Or does it make you feel depressed, unhappy or otherwise negative? Use your emotions to guide you, and see if you get a yes or no answer through your emotional response. Positive feelings would be a yes answer and negative feelings would be a no answer.

When we ask a question, it is important to allow all emotions that result to come up. If we have questions about the feelings that arise, we can ask a question about them. It is okay to ask questions and to then feel whatever comes up. Frequency or feeling is the closest thing we can communicate to the universe with. As we sense our feelings, it helps us move from being unsure of the process, to becoming aware and comfortable of the process. Follow your intuition. When your intuition is a no, something doesn’t sit right. When your intuition is a yes, it feels perfectly in place.

Intuition is a gut instinct, and feels like a strong tug at one’s heart and mind. There are differences between intuitive emotions and subjective emotions. Intuition is always in agreement with truth but subjective emotions go contrary to truth, and require ignorance of truth to follow. Following subjective emotions involves wishful thinking and a conscious effort to not look at certain facts. Intuition is stronger, deeper, and longer lasting than emotions.

Positive signals consist of light and energetic emotions whereas negative signals consist of dense and restricted emotions. To sharpen your intuition, you need to know exactly how your positive and negative signals feel like. There is a specific frequency that they vibrate at. Any higher or any lower is not the true signals. The more feedback you have in confirming your feelings, the better you become at using them to guide you.

How do you know if your positive feelings about something are artificially generated, or that they are your true feelings about it? Think about how you would feel if you removed the self limiting thoughts and beliefs in your mind. The feelings that you feel about the decision without anything stopping you, will tell you whether you truly feel positive or negative about it. You will know what you really want instead of what you think you should want.

Say to yourself that you don’t know how your desire is going to come to you, but you know it’s already been done. All you need to do in that moment is to put yourself in a state of acceptance and gratitude. Then ask your intuition to show you what you need to do right now that can help bring forth your desire. If you feel a prompting to do anything, do not question it, just do it. If you feel no prompt, then do nothing. Sometimes doing nothing is doing something. You should only take inspired action.

Just pay attention from time to time if you are being prompted to do anything that may assist in bringing forth your desire. You may receive directions internally through intuition, or externally through a suggestion from something you read or a person you talk to. You will have a feeling that the message is important. You must follow it. The more you trust your intuition and feelings by acting on them, the more strongly they will serve you.

Sometimes when you are in a state of happiness, you will receive thoughts to do something that would get you what you want. You may find that the place you expect it to be doesn’t seem to have what you are looking for. But since you received such a thought, you could look further into it because it is there for a reason. When you look around further, you might find that there is indeed a place that contains what you are looking for.

There are times when you have positive feelings for several choices that you are considering. So that means all are good choices. If you have to choose only one of them, then become aware of how much positive emotion you feel for each one. The one that you feel the strongest positive emotion for is the best choice. You should only go for the best choice and not just what is good or even great. Go for what makes you most happy and it will be the best choice about any situation, person or activity.

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