Review with Contemplation of THRIVE! – Now Free Online

8th April 2012

By  Amaterasu Solar

Guest Writer for  Wake Up World

I finally had the opportunity to see Thrive. It’s now offered free on the web by the Thrive Movement ( In the film, the “main man,” Foster Gamble, son of Gamble of Proctor-and-Gamble fame, brings Us a message of free energy, alien involvement with Humans, and information that suggests that there is an elite who are planning complete planetary domination by controlling the few People left on the planet after They have exterminated most.

In truth, none of this surprised Me in and of itself, given that I have investigated many reports of many things, and the pattern I discern matches well with exactly these things. His message seems to be that all living things, by nature, should thrive – yet Humans are not.   In this, it is not difficult to see He is correct. By far, most Humans are struggling at best. Foster points out that this is because of the fractional banking system and its pattern of lending money and then reining it in, causing bankruptcy, poverty and misery, while the elite who control the banks usurp property as payment.

More and more, He points out, We are seeing the effects of Our slavery to the debt these elite have created for Us to pay back ad infinitum.

The film ends on a positive note, suggesting that We eliminate the Fed (or equivalent for other countries) and have public, not private money creation. He makes other suggestions, such as the principle of non-intervention, and builds a reasonable solution.

I understand that some details were left out for time consideration – chemtrails are referenced in a graphic but not brought up as a talking point, for example; however, I want to point out a vital aspect here that Foster seemed to have missed completely in His understanding of what is going on, as well as a few additional concerns.

The key element He has missed is the VERY intimate relationship between money and energy. All money represents is meaningful energy expended. Nothing more, nothing less. This is confirmed by economists like Jeremy Rifkin, who wrote in His book,  Entropy, published in 1980:

Every time we add our labor to a product or perform a service we expend energy and increase the overall entropy of the environment.   Every time we exchange money for a product or a service, the legal tender we use represents payment for previous energy that we expend.   Money, after all, is nothing more than stored energy credits.

It turns out that even that evil entity, the Council on Foreign Relations, says as much.

So adding abundantly what money represent, removing the cost of energy all down the line, makes the cost products, transportation and home operation approach zero. Adding robots to do all necessary work no One WANTS to do (or not enough People), and the cost of Human energy is removed. At that point, the abundance of this planet We share will flow freely to ALL of Us. This is by FAR the biggest reason the power elite have hidden and suppressed free energy.

It is very clear that Humans WILL do work They WANT to do for free. Witness Linux. Linus Torvald didn’t get paid. The programmers who took His work and improved upon it didn’t get paid. They were in Their bliss, programming, making things better, solving problems.

For a detailed look at what the addition of free energy, robots and a small set of parameters would do for Our planet, visit:

One glaring thing that Foster failed to go into, which I think is very important, is Agenda 21. If He had addressed this in the film, it would have added greatly to the effectiveness of the film, as well as raising awareness of this insidious plan to rule the world by the elites, out in the open and easily researched by any who are interested. I am concerned about this omission, as it leads Me to concerns about the true motives behind this film.

Also… There is a scene in which caterpillars are used as a metaphor for society and it was disconcerting to see the monarch butterfly emerge. The Monarch Programming is the not-so-secret successor to the MK ULTRA mind control program, a program for which there is plenty of information that proves that it DID take place. We can hardly expect that They just said, “Oops. We were found out!” and then just quit this line of pursuit. (One of many links about this program:

I note that the image used for the cover of the Thrive video has the Illuminati “One Eye” in the form of a band being lifted from the eyes of a woman, with only one eye free to see from.   I contemplate whether this is a message that the whole – which, as is Their wont to “hide” in plain sight Their plans – a code to say it’s part of Their plan, or whether its use is to say, “We’re looking right back.”

All in all, I say this movie is worth watching, as long as One keeps in mind that there is likely much more to its appearance now than meets the…er…eye.

About the Author

Amaterasu Solar  is a multidisciplined economist, social engineer, and layman physicist, also studying emergence, fractals, chaos, and other elements of science, who has spent the bulk of Her 50+ years on this planet seeking solutions to the problems that beset Humanity. Her father was deeply involved in the study of electrogravitics, teaching Her, describing His successful experiments in gravity control and overunity (“free energy”), and painting a picture of flying cars, floating cities, and all the energy We can use as the world She would grow up in because of His work. When the technology of electrogravitics became highly classified, Her father never mentioned His work again.

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