Fratricide, Filicide, Homicide, Suicide, Genocide, Pesticides, Herbicides, Dioxides, Climaticide, Earthicide, Planeticide? Can We Hide?

25th June 2012

By  Tracy  Kolenchuk

Guest Writer for  Wake Up World

Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day I can hear her breathing.”  Arundhati Roy.

Life on the earth is tipping.  Sometimes when a tree grows, it’s fine and healthy for a long, long time.  It grows and grows. Then the balance tips – and it crashes down without warning.

Healthiness is about balance. Gaia is constantly adapting to changes from all sides, re-balancing to maintain the health of our planet.

Are we humans making our planet more, or less healthy?  How can we tell? Healthiness has two dimensions: strength and flexibility. Strength helps maintain balance in face of adversity, and flexibility allows re-balancing when strength is not enough, or not appropriate.  Are we making the health of our planet stronger?  Are the changes we are making likely to facilitate healthy flexibility in the face of dangers, or do they increase the  likelihood  of a catastrophic failure?

Illness is the result of deficiencies or excess.  Do our excesses on this planet risk killing the human race? When a deficiency or an excess is severe enough, it knocks us off balance, sometimes creating an irrecoverable situation.  Have we pushed the earth too far?

In the bible, we started with  fratricide  – when Cain killed Abel. We moved to homicide, killing others. Along came suicide, and filicide killing our own sons and daughters and even genocide.

We’re filling our atmosphere with carbon dioxide and sulphur dioxide.  We produce herbicides and pesticides, killing our ourselves, our soils, and many believe, our children and grandchildren, for cheap food today.  Cheap food makes us all poor.  Nuclear scientists once speculated that nuclear testing might blow up the entire planet, planeticide – but we pressed forward.

Our planet will survive.  But will we?  Have we grown too big for our beaches, our mountains, our oceans?

We are all brothers and sisters, we are all family.  We are one with the plants and animals.  We can’t live without them – although they can certainly live without us.

When we try to kill communities – genocide, we are killing ourselves.  When we cover the planet with poisons to kill ‘pests’, we are killing our children and grandchildren for a short term gain.

Changing the weather on our entire planet, could be the last straw.  The end might come slowly. But it might come rapidly.  We don’t know if climaticide will be a slow burn, or like a large tree crashing down, without warning.

I remember as a child, reading how – in the future – we might control the weather over the entire planet, for the benefit of all.  Well, nobody is in control and weather bites back. For centuries the planet’s heating and cooling, spring, summer, fall and winter; ying and yang, have been in balance.  That balance may be about to tip, or flip.

What can we do? Have we already gone too far?  Can we decide?  Should we hide or head in the sand?

When we talk of doom and gloom, we often refer to  Armageddon  – fire will come down from heaven and consume everyone – of course the faithful will go to the safety of heaven.  I don’t think that’s it.  It might be much slower, with decades of pain and suffering.

According to Paul Gilding, writing in The Great Disruption, “Many people  believe we will be reduced to a planet of a few million people, living in the places where food can be grown.” If there is any consolation, the very rich may find it harder to survive than the poor, who are used to making do with less.

Maybe the meek  will  inherit the earth.  What little is left.

Although there are many temperature scenarios, most news reports stick to ‘conservative’ estimates.  Run-away scenarios that are seldom discussed. They are too ugly and unpredictable for serious discussion – but no less likely. However, even with the conservative estimates, we can expect huge changes, much misery and death. Let’s be frank about it.

According to the  Skeptic, many large organizations, including all insurance companies and most  military leaders, have been planning for the coming  Armageddon  for many years.  Smaller organizations create plans for emergency preparedness – but these are not close to planning for planet wide disasters.  Will denial disappear when the first million die?  Ten million?  100 million? What will our governments do? Our governments work to increase quantities of goods (it’s the economy stupid), not quality of lives, nor quality of the planet.

It’s not the economy stupid. The devolution will not be televised.  And worse if it is.

While  poo-pooing  climate change, governments and possibly some billionaires, are trying to figure out what to do and how to cover their assets.  But they can only plan to ‘save’ a select few people.

Or will  Nibiru  spoil it for all of us? Will the rogue planet sweep through our skies and swat us out of existence, like we might swat a fly? How small we are from a cosmic viewpoint. A thin layer of life on a tiny planet – hundreds of millions of light-years from nowhere. Is 2012 the year it all ends – no matter what we do?  Is that what the ancient Peruvians predict?  Were they the survivors from ‘last time’. Are climate changes and pesticide poisons just a small issue, that will be moot within a few months?  Or is Nibiru just another nonsense marketing pitch designed to increase somebody’s bottom line for the next quarter? The  Weekly World News  predicted the collision would happen on July 21, 2012 – but I’ve stopped holding my breath.

I’m just a retired tekkie, now blogger.  I can only wait and watch and listen.  I was listening the other day, to this tune  Told Me So, by SoCalled.  Click the link to have a listen.  So sad, so beautiful.

The words include:

 – shouldn’t you be smarter, the more that you know

 – still can’t believe you left me, when I told you go

 – please don’t tell me, that you told me so

 – wish I’d heard you when you told me so…

The song is, I am sure, about the breakup of a relationship, but to me it could be a last song to the planet earth. It makes me so sad.

But what can I do? What should I do? I don’t know. I do know that I  wake up  every day with freedoms and choices.  I can choose, and I will.  You can choose, and you will. Non-decision is a choice.

I know that I will die soon – maybe soon is 40 years away, maybe it’s tomorrow.  I choose to be healthy, to live my life to the fullest and to do what I can to make the earth a better place.

to your health, to our planet,


About the Author

Canadian born Tracy Kolenchuk is the author of A New Theory of Cure and several other books.

Tracy is not a doctor. He is the founder of and where he works to change the way the world defines and looks at health, healthiness, healthicine, disease, and cure.

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