Natures Answer to Treating Infections

By Dr. Rachel Fresco

Guest writer for Wake Up World

One of the biggest challenges to our health comes from microorganisms that cause disease. From the Common Cold to Candida, Sinus infection to UTI, yeast, fungus, bacteria, and viral infections affect us all. With increased use of antibiotic drugs, new “superbugs” such as MRSA (methicillin resistant staph aureus) and C. Difficle are rampant in hospitals and nursing homes, and there are no new drugs that easily treat them.

While science has focused on single species of bacteria in treatments, we now know that 80% of infections have what is known as a biofilm, a polymeric coating that protects and houses a multitude of disease causing organisms in a cooperative community. With their built in armor, biofilm encapsulated infections are difficult for our immune system to detect and respond to, and also resistant to treatment. Recurrent ear infections, periodontal disease, Candida, urinary tract infections, and chronic sinusitis are some of the most common biofilm related infections, and many contain both bacterial and fungal species. Focusing treatment only on antibiotic therapies and ignoring possible fungal complications is one reason treatment often fails and these infections recur.

In nature, plants have evolved to defend themselves against these complex diseases by developing a multi-faceted arsenal of natural antimicrobials within their structure. In published research studies from universities and hospitals around the world, plant extracts have proven to be some of the most effective treatments for biofilm and superbug infections. Research scientists in one study stated that the only way to take advantage of the effectiveness of natures defense systems was to use the components en planta i.e. the whole plants or part used such as a root or leaf. Isolating ingredients that could be patented proved less effective. For the drug companies, this is not good news, unless they begin to focus on creating naturopathic medicines.

For those of us that work in natural medicine, this is not news at all. There are thousands of years of historical use of plant-based medicines to treat infections. Recent research has proven that some of these plant based components such as essential oil of Oregano resist biofilms by inhibiting quorum sensing, the communication between organisms necessary to start the biofilm infection. Others such as Gentian and Goldenseal, and Bilberry prevent the bacteria from adhering to surfaces, and still others dissolve the biofilm coating. Some components such as Black Walnut and Garlic prevent antibiotic resistance by inhibiting Multi-Drug Resistance Pumps that have evolved to stop antibiotic agents from working.

Plant based medicines also modulate our immune system by activating and up-regulating our immune response. Shiitake mushroom has been proven to increase the T-cell count and increase macrophage activity against offenders. And many ingredients such as Olive Leaf extract work double duty, as antimicrobial and antivirals, directly inhibiting complex challenges to our health.

These natural medicines are effective and inexpensive, and as more clinical trials and published studies show, point the way towards a healthier future for us and our planet. By using plant medicines and essential oils in combination, we can share in nature’s wisdom and successfully treat infection, without the side effects of creating further drug resistant strains, and without disturbing our intestinal flora or polluting the environment.

Two formulas with the same effective plant medicine ingredients that I created for health professionals and have been used for the past 25 years by thousands of their patients are Naturcillin ® and Naturvirex ®.   Now these are available to pro-active consumers that want to keep themselves and their families healthy.

How do you use these to get well and stay well? First, put them in your medicine cabinet next to the Band-Aids, so that they are there when you need them. If you wait until you are in the throes of having a problem, like a cold, sinus infection or food poisoning, and it takes several days to arrive, you have missed the window to “cut the problem off at the pass”.   Of course these botanical medicines will still help to get you well faster if you already have a problem, but wouldn’t it be better to avoid the suffering in the first place?

Once you have them handy, at the first sign of a “sniggle” in the back of your throat, or any discomfort take 1 dropper full 3 or 4 times a day of the liquid Naturcillin ®, or 3 of the liquid filled capsules, use the Throat Spray every hour until there is not more sore throat. I always take 2 Naturvirex ® 2-3 times a day with Naturcillin ® for a one-two punch against any possible infection.

Follow this up for a few days past the point when you have no more symptoms. For prevention use ¼ dropper Naturcillin ® and 1 Naturvirex twice a day, especially when traveling, or exposed to people who are have already come down with something.

Now, if you have Candida or another more chronic problem, you can use a lower starting amount like ½ a dropper full 2-3 times a day, and 1 Naturvirex 2-3 times a day. Continue for 2 months then assess your symptoms to see if you can go to a smaller maintenance amount. You should notice more energy, a reduction in bloating and fatigue, and feel your memory and thought process sharpen.

Anytime you need support contact an integrative or naturopathic doctor or other health care professional to be sure you are on the right track. Remember, any time there is high fever, severe pain, or other symptoms of great concern you should not hesitate to go to an urgent care facility or health professional immediately.

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About the Author  

Dr. Rachel Fresco, L. Ac., Ph. D is founder of Bio-Botanical Research, Inc. Since it’s inception in 1989, Rachel has utilized her background in medical herbalism, naturopathy, Chinese medicine and clinical nutrition to create products that have a significant impact on health and wellness, serving the needs of health professionals, pharmacies and individuals. By addressing concerns relating to infection, as well as the digestive and immune systems, her products have helped thousands of people worldwide.


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