Ten Obstacles to Achieving Personal Independence

By  Activist Post

Independence and self-sufficiency is built into the very fabric of any pioneering nation or society. The modern world, by contrast — particularly the U.S. — is in a dangerous predicament as life on the homestead has been traded for lives in suits within urban environments.

Running in tandem with this reduction in physical self-sufficiency is the emergence of global governance that seeks a post-industrial world where people are destined to be centrally managed along with resources by a comparably tiny but powerful group of elites.

Clearly it is becoming more difficult to achieve personal independence. But it is still possible with knowledge and planning.  In order to achieve personal independence, it is essential to first identify the obstacles being presented, then do everything in our power to find ways over or around what is being put in our path to freedom.


Modern society has all but eradicated the instinct of self-preservation. Just a generation ago it was common for both men and women to be knowledgable about how to fix household items,  garden, prepare and preserve food, etc. Today’s skills that are admired are in the digital realm. While some of these skills are essential in a high-tech world, many are obstacles to personal independence as they distract from the essential hands-on living that takes place in the real world. Re-focus on  learning basic skills  such as hunting, fishing, food preservation, electrical, and plumbing, among others. Commit to a path of self-sufficiency.


Our health is being assaulted at a rate never before seen. The sheer amount of ways  humans and our environment are being poisoned  is staggering. We also have a branch of mad science known as  Transhumanism  that seeks to permanently alter the structure of what it means to be human. To combat this, we must seek a  balanced lifestyle as one of the surest ways to personal independence, as it reduces the need for a corrupt and inept medical system that is the standard the world over, and will  force itself upon us  if we don’t become wise to their methods. Learn  how to eat healthy, use medicinal herbs, improve your  mental and spiritual health, and get sufficient exercise to protect and even  reduce DNA damage  on a path toward becoming more fit to overcome all obstacles thrown your way.


The focus of  modern education  is centered around producing non-thinking drones who, by their very nature, are dependent on an operator. It’s an education system that  prevents us from determining possible threats, let alone  puts zero emphasis on teaching real skills to deal with those threats. Once we gain the knowledge to recognize what threatens our freedom, health, finances, environment and so on, we will be armed with the motivation to break free. Then we must educate ourselves and children as to the  path and methods needed to achieve independence. One of the most effective ways to ensure that our children are being taught how to live an independent lifestyle is to consider pulling them out of indoctrination centers and  homeschool them. And once they are home teach them how to think critically by identifying the  modern methods of mind control.


The concept of community is literally being turned on its head. The modern trend is to create a form of mob rule that is displayed in concepts like  Communitarianism. This is a system where any true individual is perceived as a threat, instead of as an integral part of the whole. It seeks less diversity, not more. A strong  local  community is, however, essential in achieving one’s personal independence, as it is a support structure during times of stress or hardship, as well as adding much-needed social bonding and the intellectual stimulation that comes from dialogue and debate. A group of other like-minded individualists who  share values, resources, and skills  can reduce the overall dependence on agencies and governments that seek exactly that. Although personal independence is the goal, having a  tribe of peers  for support makes it that much easier.


The economy is working against us on so many levels, such as currency devaluation due to deficit spending on endless wars and corporate bailouts, which is resulting in rising food prices and a host of other pressures to our financial independence. But it’s also one of the primary reasons to seek independence. True freedom begins by first  not being a slave to finances. One should explore solutions rooted in a decentralized model such as  local co-ops and alternative markets, as well as  barter networks and alternative currencies.  For those with Internet skills,starting a blog or website  can be a relatively fast way to generate extra income, or even to attain full economic freedom from nearly anywhere in the world. Buy  tangible assets and explore strategies  for insuring against economic collapse to remain independent regardless of overall economic conditions.


Major industry stifles alternative and free energy inventions,  Nikola Tesla  being the best historical example of this suppression. Energy prices are also rising under the weight of a collapsing dollar. Continuing war in the Middle East is putting pressure on oil pricing, and coal supplies are dwindling along with government shutdowns over alleged environmental concerns. Now is the time to consider getting off the energy grid as quickly as possible.  There are  energy breakthroughs  which seek to make this happen on a wide scale and should be investigated. In the meantime, you can make your  residence more energy efficient through weather proofing, or by installing  solar  or  wind power  as a good first step. There are  alcohol options  to run your vehicles. Reducing your dependence on outside energy sources also will be a priceless investment even without the prospect of economic collapse. And if a full-blown collapse does take place, you will be in a much better position to remain independent as core infrastructure fails.


There are many reasons why our global store of  fresh water is in deep trouble. Everything from industrial pollution, environmental disasters, hydraulic fracturing, pharmaceutical poisoning, and a private corporate takeover by commercial bottlers like Coca-Cola and Nestlé  threatens our most precious natural resource. Droughts can create shortages and drive up prices at any time. Ideally, one should have a source of water on site, but it is essential to at least identify  sources of spring water in your area,  then learn  water storage techniques. It also good to have a  water purifier  for both travel and at home as a backup.


A looming food crisis is quickly coming to a head. Food  inflation, shortages, and riots  are being announced for 2013 by the mainstream media. We know that documents such as Henry Kissinger’s infamous  Memorandum 200  called for using  food as a weapon. To maintain independence during this crisis it is essential to learn  the best methods for  off-the-grid food production. Even with a small property, you can convert your lawn to a perennial permaculture garden as shown in the video below.

At minimum you can create a  seed bank, or invest in  bulk food storage  to preserve food security as well as to have a store of tradable goods. At the very least, identify and support your  local farmers markets, family farms and co-ops  to build the strength of your own community which will help preserve your personal independence.


Most of us still believe a man’s home to be his castle. The outright violations of property rights has reached a scary level, especially in urban centers where roving gangs of corrupt, violent and untrained  bureaucrats and their police henchmen even demand  home gardens be removed. This, combined with eviction over property taxes (like this 101-year-old woman), has removed nearly all semblance of what it means to have one’s own place of shelter and refuge.  But people are fighting back. To regain personal independence it is necessary to organize locally and agree to resist such intrusion. This has been done with some success in certain areas in regards to  food freedom,  and protecting those who face  wrongful eviction.  If it is exceedingly difficult to change local statutes, or if your property taxes are foolishly high, it may be time to relocate to an area that offers more freedom.


A wave of legislation seeks  to criminalize  personal independence. You have to know that when the  Amish are being attacked and imprisoned, we are very far away from where we started. Raw milk demonization, an ongoing drug war that is a complete disaster, persecution for home gardens, and even declaring certain types of  livestock to be an invasive species  are all signs that legislation is out of control. The biggest obstacle to legislation is the power that we grant it. Any dictator can make a law, or create an agency to enforce made-up regulations. We must have the courage to resist and be active within our local communities to tell our government (and show them) where the line in the sand is. Tyranny never stops until it comes face to face with an entity bigger than itself. That entity is called We the People.

For anyone who has done even a limited amount of research, or simply looks around with open eyes, our supposedly advanced modern world is becoming a veneer that is wearing very thin. Centralized government aims to demonize anyone who espouses concepts centered on an independent lifestyle. It is more important than ever that we spread the word about what central planners have in store for our world, then commit ourselves to standing our ground,  not being slaves, and redoubling our efforts to preserve a strong, but peaceful co-existence. The only way to do this is to empower ourselves and others with the knowledge and skills that will remove the anxiety of being unprepared and defenseless. The open hand we extend should be one given to offer assistance, not to beg for it.

Please share your own advice or strategies for personal independence in the comment section below.