How to Flush the Liver

By  Dr. Edward F. Group

Guest Writer for  Wake Up World

To understand  liver cleansing, it’s necessary to understand the function of the liver is to process toxins. If a liver running at 60% efficiency is leaving 40% of toxins unprocessed to accumulate in and float around, what effect do you think that has on your body?

The liver is one of the body’s most vital organs; a functioning liver is necessary to live, and a well functioning liver is necessary to live well. Although the liver is a toxin processor and robust in its abilities, it  isn’t  impervious to toxicity itself. Certain things, such as too much alcohol or a diet heavy in processed nutrient-deficient foods, can damage it, vastly reduce its efficacy, and contribute to a myriad of factors that promote health problems.

Unfortunately, due to the availability and mainstream infiltration of a toxic-laden lifestyle, too few people realize that what many consider “normal” is actually a lifestyle that burdens the liver, and really the body as a whole, with toxins that slow down it down. A healthy lifestyle is the key to keeping your body, and especially your liver, in top shape. And, occasionally flushing the liver to alleviate toxin  build-up  can be beneficial.

Many people  aren’t  quite sure where to start with a liver flush so lets remove the mystery out of liver cleansing once and for all. Detoxifying it of excess toxins is not as hard as it may seem. Actually, liver cleansing involves nothing more than a simple change in diet and a few natural and organic supplements.

To Detoxify Your Liver, Stop Giving It Toxins

I cannot stress this enough, if your diet includes processed foods and  refined sugars, you need to change your diet and remove those unhealthy items. Those foods contain chemicals that can quickly overload the liver with so many toxins it’s almost like you’re waging chemical warfare upon your body’s innards. I remember a few years ago I saw an experiment in which french fries from well known fast food chains were left uncovered, outside to degrade on their own. Weeks, and even months, later their appearance hadn’t changed much. What does that say about what’s required of your body to process and break down that stuff? Your body and a car have at least one thing in common, pouring sugar in the gas tank will make them run miserably. Simply eliminating toxic foods from your diet will give your liver immediate relief and benefit. Replace toxic foods with fresh, organic fruits and vegetables to further the process of gainful turnaround. A grapefruit for breakfast, a leafy green salad consisting at lunch, and lean chicken seasoned with broccoli for dinner will help flush the liver naturally.

Herbs Can Stimulate Liver Detoxification

There are a variety of herbs that can support liver detoxification efforts as well.  Organic chicory root,  organic dandelion root, organic peppermint leaf, and organic turmeric are just a few examples. These, and other herbal remedies, have been used by herbalists and indigenous cultures for centuries as therapies to assist in the removal of accumulated toxins from the liver and stimulate the production of bile, a vital component to digestion and health.

Herbal remedies don’t directly detoxify the liver. Metaphorically, chicory root is not like “draino for your liver.” Instead, what herbs and nutrients do is stimulate the body’s natural liver functions that make it cleanse itself. Most people forget that when the body is given everything it needs, it’s very capable of taking care of itself. When nutrient deficiencies occur, that’s when body process deficiencies occur. Ceasing to intake toxic pollutants in the form of processed foods, refined sugars, and alcohol over-indulgence is the first step to liver cleansing, kicking your body’s natural cleansing abilities into gear is the second.

Organic Food, Organic Supplements

Many of these herbs are readily available in health food stores at affordable prices. Others, however, are not so easy to obtain in natural, organic form, and can be expensive if you attempt to purchase each one individually. Remember, I highly recommend you only and always invest in pure, high quality herbs and extractions. If a supplement company isn’t willing to disclose the conditions in which its product was grown and processed, there’s a chance they’re trying to hide it. Sure, you might be able to buy discount peppermint extract. But, if the plant wasn’t grown naturally and organically, do you think it’s going to provide many of its natural benefits? Don’t take a step forward by altering your diet to include healthy foods and then two steps back by neutralizing their benefit with cheap, low quality supplements.

The guessing and legwork have been removed with Livatrex ®, an all-natural supplement manufactured from proven herbal ingredients of the absolute highest quality possible. If you want to experience the benefits of a detoxified liver, take inventory of your diet and make the changes you know you need to make; and consider adding  Livatrex ®  to your efforts to maximize your liver detoxification.

What is the BEST Liver Cleansing Program?

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  • Name (required)

    Nice package for health education

  • Derek

    Coffee is also a great way to detoxify the liver

  • emma

    what about milk thistle?

  • OM

    The best & the cheapest cleansing can done by drinking 1 liter of hot (hotter than warm) as soon as you wake up. Follow this with Yoga Asanas of twisting around the stomach/intestines areas…plus your routine asanas…Warm (hot) water will not only flushes out toxins/debri from the liver but also from the intestines which tightly adheres to the walls of the intestines. After the asanas you will literally feel that the flushing taking place when you pee…Ayurvedic/Herbal tablets Liv 52 DS & Liv tablets are alos available from Himalayan Drug Company, India which manufacture only Herbal products. Happy Healthy Energized Living…..

  • Bea

    Fasting on regular basis can be an excellent way to rid body of accumulated toxines

  • Name Angela

    You didn’t mention milk thistle which helps the liver regenerate. There are some very good studies on this.

  • sue

    in my opinion, the only way to detox your liver is to remove the hundreds of intrahepatic “soft stones” by doing a very cheap and efficient liver flush.. ie Hulda Clark or Andreas Moritz as explained in “the amazing liver and gall bladder flush”.. i have done over 20 of these procedures over the last few years and completely turned my chronic poor health around…you cannot clean out your liver using only herbs and tinctures.

  • sue

    this procedure also gets rid of gall stones, completely painlessly..enabling you to avoid expensive surgery.

  • Anna

    Lately, I have been encountering articles that say detoxing is a myth and that the body is able to do this on its own. Any increased sense of health from changing your diet and eliminating refined foods and sugars and increasing quality foods comes from doing just that, not because it’s increasing your body’s ability to detox. Are there any studies you can share about detoxing, and can you speak to this skepticism?

  • ACurtis

    Doing a liver cleanse isn’t a good idea if one doesn’t know if they have genetic liver issues dealing with Phase 1 (CYP P450 cytochromes) or Phase 2 (metabolism pathways to include methylation/MTHFR), because if you don’t know about these issues and you do a cleanse, you can make yourself even sicker by flooding the body with way too many toxins for the liver to process (the whole reason your body has toxic buildup IS because–for a very large portion of the population–people have genetic issues that don’t allow their body to detox). Just be very careful. Best way to know for sure is to be tested for these genetic issues. You can do some safe and gentle detoxing, but don’t do an all-out, huge detox until you know for sure. This is from someone who has genetic liver issues and detoxing–with safe, all-natural food-grade foods, products, teas, and tinctures–still was hard on my body. You need to know that you have these issues so that you can take supplements to help support the areas of the body that aren’t able to work well/where the detoxification pathways are blocked while GENTLY detoxing.