12/12/12, December Solstice and the Sentient Earth 2012

12th December 2012

By  Sue McIntosh, M.D.

Guest Writer for  Wake Up World

Nature-lovers have an intimate relationship with Earth and understand the mutual partnership with our planet. The concept that Earth, like all planets, is a conscious, sentient entity may be more difficult to grasp.

Indigenous peoples, environmentalists and some religions have always known and revered Mother Earth and Father Sky and live lightly on her surface. Ditto for “whisperers” and others who have special relationships and great love for animals, plants and rocks.

Earth’s ancient name Gaia is now familiar. Other planets in our universe have ancient names as well, indicating old knowledge of planetary consciousness until they were renamed.

Everything is changing now, more rapidly every day. Humanity is in the most important time of its existence. The month of December 2012 marks two tipping points:

For the planet and all non-human inhabitants, the evolutionary gate/stargate to higher spiritual/vibrational levels is 12/12/12 at 12:12 p.m.  This is a pivotal moment marked by global meditations and celebration, the real “Earth Day”!   Have lunch outside!   Watch your pets!   Hug a tree!   Appreciate a flower, a leaf, a blade of grass, a yard, a park, a stream, a mountain, a vista!

The gateway for humans, the upcoming solstice (shortest day of the year)—12/21/12 at 6:14 a.m.–marks an unbelievable planetary and galactic alignment that occurs only once every 186 million years!   This alignment permits a massive influx of benevolent energies which in the past have not been able to reach us. The cosmos and God in many forms—spirits, angels, time travelers, interdimensionals, humans—will at last be able to visit en masse.

The significance of the solstice, 12/21 at 6:14 a.m., is not the end of the planet but the end of business as usual, the end of reign and tyranny of our controllers, the end of Old School, the end of all we “know”, and the emergence of a New Earth and a New Society.

Earth changes—drought, flood, earthquakes and tsunamis, tornadoes and other severe weather—are occurring for two main reasons:

The first is that hurricanes, blizzards and the jet stream certainly are being steered and triggered by HAARP—the high altitude auroral research project—based in Gakona AL but active in installations all over the globe. This incredible technology is an ionospheric heater that can cause illness and destruction to one person, one submarine or airplane, or a wide area.   It is also used in mind control and other applications.

A second technology, activated after World War II in Russia, is scalar technology, harnessing energy from the “void” to create massive weapons. This same technology will soon provide us with clean, zero-point energy, and fossil fuels will be delegated to the past.   The second aspect of these changes is a cleansing for the planet itself and its atmosphere to help get rid of near-fatal pollution.     From a metaphysical/spiritual viewpoint, our beautiful Earth has come within a hair of total destruction, and our controllers would have us believe that the winter solstice marks the end of the physical world (as has happened 4 times before) in a great cataclysm/apocalypse of fire and water to usher in the Second Coming.

The real Battle of the Gods is underway!  Our globalist controllers want to consolidate their New World Order to kill or control us all.   They plan to annihilate 80% of us with disasters—not only earth changes but lethal epidemics, ongoing foreign wars, fascist military declarations (including trains to FEMA camps and crematoria) and civil wars everywhere (including yes, in the USA!).

Global warming, for example, has not been created by common folk at all but is a cyclical phenomenon also experienced by our neighboring planets. It has been made worse, much worse, by nuclear testing, rocket launchings, and daily stealth bomber launchings to control local weather. These events have torn massive holes in the ozone layer and ionosphere. (Think we’re responsible?   Find out about the USA’s secret space program and weather control!)

Counteracting our controllers are GOD/LOVE and a host of benevolent spirits/ETs/angels who have not been able to interact freely with Gaia and her inhabitants for all of our known history.  Certainly there has been contact and miracles with individuals and small groups but not with all of us at once. These friends of humanity are incredible magicians at making lemonade: earth changes are being mitigated or prevented; miracles abound; toxic radiation is being neutralized; nourishment for our physical bodies is still possible for some but soon will be global. With intuitive/spiritual guidance, human “mystics” and “witches,” are leading the way and many others are following, “walking the talk,” and “being the change.”

The Battle of the Gods is being won human heart by human heart.   Living in the moment, hearing and obeying our own intuitive guidance, appreciating beauty and love everywhere and in everyone, feeling love/praise/gratitude with every step, selecting compassion and generosity over control and greed is our work.  Every choice is based on love rather than fear.

We are beginning to see (especially in children and young people) attitudes of love, compassion and gratitude which will “go viral” and affect everyone. Each of us participates in creating the New Earth, with all its inhabitants, by living in the moment, seeing beauty everywhere, following our intuition, and being grateful, aware and loving.

The word “apocalypse” originally meant “the lifting of the veils,” giving humans expanded abilities to see other dimensions—spirits,  angels and devils, ghosts, fairies, UFOs, etc. This ability has been natural to us in dreams, in young children and in psychic adults, but now everyone’s sensitivities are increasing.   Soon we will be able to understand vast amounts of history and myth, as other dimensions reveal themselves and become commonplace, and we will become integrated cosmic citizens.

We have grown from children of God to adults of God. We recognize that we are all ONE, all a piece of the same cosmic fabric, all GOD, each fanning our divine flame to become our own Messiah!

About the Author

Dr. McIntosh is a native of Tennessee, relocating to Connecticut for postgraduate   training in pediatrics and pediatric hematology and oncology at the Yale-New Haven Medical Center.

From 1974 to 1984 she was a member of the faculty at the Yale School of Medicine and was active in patient care, teaching and clinical research.   Administrative duties included committees on the status of faculty women, human investigation, and pharmacy and therapeutics.   From 1984 to 1991 she established one of the first private practices of pediatric and adolescent hematology and oncology in Guilford, CT, with continued privileges in patient care and teaching at the Yale-New Haven Medical Center.

The gradual onset and progressive course of severe fibromyalgia necessitated early retirement from medicine in 1991.   During this illness and while still practicing medicine, she learned, applied and taught alternative healing methods and was one of the first practitioners of integrative, or complementary, medicine.   Forced retirement allowed not only rest and healing but time and opportunity to learn about basic natures of society and life.   As a student and a seeker, she began teaching and writing about conspiracy, extraterrestrials, spiritual development and healing methods.

Dr. McIntosh has written five books—Evolution or Enslavement?   Essays in Transformation; Poisoned Americans—What Everyone Should Know about Food, Drink and Cell Phones; PIP (a meditation primer for children); Runway—A Dog’s Tale; Letters To My Grandchildren and more than 50 professional papers and presentations.  She and her wife live in Connecticut.   She is an avid organic gardener, earth-keeper, healer, teacher, seeker and trouble-maker.

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