Bringing in the Divine – Are You Grounded?

20th December 2012

By  Trinity  Bourne

Contributing Writer for  Wake Up World

Coming back to Earth

I have always been somewhat ‘ethereal’ in nature, very comfortable in higher realms. In the past, it always seemed that I only need to close my eyes to transcend the limitations of the third dimension. Now it is with me always.

Being ‘etheric’ presented a lot of challenges in the early days of awakened life. Something that I learned early on (the hard way!) was the importance of being grounded…

The Earth connection

Without being earthed, these powerful transcendental experiences had a tendency to short circuit my system sending me into a tail spin, often taking hours (or even days) to recover from. The truth is, that when I first started having conscious higher dimensional experiences, I was ungrounded to the point where I didn’t want to return to my body. When I did, I would ‘crash land’ without a frame of reference to relate to the world. I neglected to maintain my connection to the Earth. I guess, when you have wild and cosmic experiences as I did, it is understandable there might be quite a resistance to being restricted to the limitations of a human body.

Unnaturalness of being earth bound

For some, being connected to the Earth isn’t natural at all. It is a process that has to be learned. This is really common in people who feel that they are ‘starsouls’, ‘starseeds’, ‘indigos’ or simply just don’t feel like they belong here on Earth. Nearly all starsouls feel more comfortable in an ethereal state of consciousness than a third dimensional one, so they usually discover early on in life that they can easily dissociate from being human. This makes for a perfect state of ungroundedness!

Mother Earth

The wonderful irony for me, was that despite my inclination towards the etheric realms, Mother Earth was (and is) one of my greatest inspirations. With the unconditional love of a true Mother, she has constantly been by my side, guiding me through this incarnation. I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher.

Our physical bodies are made of the same stuff that Mother Earth is. In this sense, we are all also children of the Earth. When we go out into nature our energetic frequency begins to oscillate the same frequency as Gaia. This brings us to life. It breathes us. It restores and rejuvenates our energy field. The frequency of Gaia is incredibly healing. It’s perfectly configured for optimal human beingness.

There was a point when it dawned on me that without infusing my experience of higher consciousness with an Earth connection, I was just floating around like a bubble in the wind; which is all very well, but it didn’t really serve a purpose. I often felt blissed out, yet incoherent. My spiritual experiences were amazing, with the most powerful of realisations, yet drifting aimlessly; lost in the ether. I realised that my efforts to bring in the divine were fruitless unless I gave it a firm ground to land upon.

Becoming Earthed

The answer was surprisingly simple… to ground myself and consistently reaffirm that connection until it became second nature.

I’ve since discovered many techniques for grounding energy. The most effective are often the most simple. Walking in nature is a powerful, as well as anything that helps us feel our bodies (i.e dancing, singing). I find thatbeing bare foot instantly rekindles my affinity with the Earth. Here’s a very easy method of grounding if you are meditating and have a tendency to drift off:

Bring your awareness to your connection with Mother Earth.

Feel your energetic ‘roots’ sink into the Earth, through your feet (if standing) or base chakra (if seated).

When you feel connected allow her energy to flow up through your base allowing the infusion of Earthly energies throughout your body.

Allow energies of higher consciousness to permeate through your body as appropriate.

The ethereal and earthly energies will begin to dance together and infuse.

Soul to Soul


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About the Author

Trinity is an experienced, empathic energy worker. Around 18 years ago, during a profound spiritual awakening,the world around her shattered. At the time, she became engulfed in a white, universal, timeless, formless light until nothing else existed, other than the nameless truth at the core of all sentient beings. Following which,  her path rapidly became one of deep compassion for the Earth and environment.

During her journey, she has integrated a wide variety of multidimensional gifts including clair-sentience, kundalini awareness, inner child healing, removal of energy blockages, past life regressions and karmic healing. She works hand in hand with the Angelic Realms.

Trinity is the co-founder of the  Openhand Foundation, an organisation dedicated to the evolution of humankind. She works as the divine complement to her soul mate Chris Bourne to help facilitate the global Ascension process and feels incredibly blessed to be of divine service.


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