You Are Being Called?

6th February 2013

By  Susan Harper  Todd

Guest Writer for  Wake Up World

You are being called, can’t you hear? Stop what you’re doing and listen. How many things are you doing or thinking about while you’re reading this? Is your mind on something else? Are you thinking that the quicker you read this the sooner you can get on with the next thing?  

No wonder you can’t hear the call, which is tugging at you through your intuition. But now it has brought you here, to this moment right now, where you are reading these words. There are no coincidences of course, this is exactly where you are meant to be right now. So stop and feel these words. Feel them speaking to you. Do you feel their truth? Only you know what is true for you.  

Whenever you read something, whenever you hear something do you question whether or not it is true for you, by checking in with yourself to see whether it feels true for you? It’s true for the person writing it (possibly) but that doesn’t mean it’s true for you. And that goes for everything that comes to you through your senses. Everything that you hear, that you read, that you see, that you taste, that you smell, that you touch. But only your sixth sense, your intuition, tells you what is true for you about those things – whether they are right for you or not. That is what your intuition is for, it is your guiding light.  

Because unless we pay attention to everything that is bombarding our senses and filter it, by discarding what does not feel good to us, then we are opening ourselves up to being controlled by our external environment. And in fact this is exactly what has been happening for a very, very long time. Which is why the world is in the mess it’s in. We have given our power away. We have been brought up to fit in with the crowd. We have been taught to think and not to feel. Not only that we have been taught that feeling is wrong, weak! We have been taught to believe everything we hear in the media. We have been taught that authority is anybody outside of ourselves…. When in fact the Truth is quite the reverse. The ONLY authority we are answerable to is Ourselves. No one else.  

Because we have been taught to ignore our sixth sense – in fact most people don’t know they have a sixth sense – we have had no conscious means of filtering everything that is bombarding our other senses. So we have mostly just accepted everything that is presented to us – everything we read, see and hear on the media for example – as truth. This also means that everything that reaches our other senses is a means of controlling us. Sugar is put in all foods, so we become addicted to it, put on weight, hate ourselves, feel unworthy, become depressed. So we need drugs for depression and become addicted to those…and so it goes on.  

The media controls us through its constant broadcasting of negativity and drama, relying on us to draw ourselves into a downward spiral of fear and lack through the Law of Attraction  – which causes us to attract more and more of the same.  

What causes wars? Religion. Yet another way of controllling us.  

So…. Put whatever you’re doing down. Put all thoughts out of your head – better still leave them in another room – and pay attention to what you are reading. See how it feels. Remember you are meant to be here right now reading this…So I will say it once again.  

We are being called now like never before. We The People Are Our Own Authority. Each and Everyone of Us is the Authority for Ourselves. No one else has the right to authority over us. We are the Guardians and Custodians of this Planet. Mother Earth is in our care. It is now time. The things we thought were going to happen at the end of 2012 and did not appear to happen – have in fact been and are happening and if you don’t see them it’s only because your mind is in the way. Your ego is in the way. Or you’re looking the other way. There was no instant visible revolution. But it is happening behind the scenes. All the things you have ever wanted (and what are those?) are being brought forth. They are probably things like, love, security, contentment, the ability to just be yourself and answerable to  no one  to be able to be open, to be at one with yourself, to be able to love your neighbour because you feel no threat…to have MONEY. And yes, those things that  you’ve  always wanted are available, including money.  

Now it is time to pivot. To swivel. To turn the coin over. To see how bright and shiny and golden it is on the other side. We have never bothered looking on the other side of the coin because we just assumed it would be the same old dark mucky colour that money has always been until now. But as we know money has been used and abused. Used to manipulate us, to control, to keep us in fear. To keep us scared. Of not having enough.  We’ve  been made to think money is dirty. But that sort of money is mostly just bits of paper with different values stamped on it. That sort of money is mucky, in every sense of the word.  

Lets turn our attention to Gold. Gold is Beautiful. It is shiny, it is Golden, it is Precious. It reflects the light when  swiveled.  This is the other side of the coin. This is Truth. This is beauty. Yes the Real Money is not mucky and dirty it is Beautiful. And it is our Birthright. Abundance is our Birthright.  

For a long time now everybody has been desperate for a change of this old world order, desperate for a way out of the wars, the hate, the greed. Well this is now happening. But we are being called to help. And the way to help is to BE who you really are. To DO ONLY what feels right and true for you. To listen absolutely to your intuition, which is your guide.  

Ah!…Now you’re paying attention….  

The Powers that Were have used the Law of Attraction for their own benefit, allowing us to draw ourselves into this spiral of fear, lack, poverty, violence and destruction. So, it is now time for us to use the Law of Attraction, together with the power of our mind, in the way it should be used – as a Force for the Good – to Create what we want and not what we don’t want. And we Create what we want by focusing on what we want – it’s that simple. If we really focus on choosing love, peace and abundance for all then that is what we will attract. And we will by default attract Freedom! Because that is absolutely what this is all about – Freedom for All, Freedom from control, Freedom from any authority except Our Own. The Power of The People. The Power of I Am.  

Of course, and understandably, in our minds money equates to Freedom. And so for us, that is probably the way it will come – because of course, what we think and believe we attract. As I said before it is already happening, but we are being called to help. So here is what we can DO.  

Freedom is the Gateway. Visualize what that means for you and imagine how it would feel. Absolute Freedom.  

A Muslim woman is kneeling on her doorstep in front of an open door. On the ground in front of her is a Gold Bar. It has been left there for her as part of her Rightful Inheritance. She is stunned to silence, unable to take in what she is seeing – that someone has given her a Bar of Gold… That someone thinks she is worthy of such a gift.  

She is sobbing in gratitude at the realisation that she is WORTHY of Gold. Until this moment she had never believed herself to be worthy. She and her husband had struggled with lack and fear all their lives, believing themselves to be unworthy of more. (Which as we know (law of attraction) is a self-fulfilling prophecy which has kept a huge percentage of the people on this planet in the same place…)  

This woman is sobbing in gratitude because even though she  doesn’t  believe herself to be worthy… someone does… And that for her is worth more than Gold…The knowledge that she is worthy… In that moment, her chains fell away… In that moment she acknowledged herself for the first time since she was a child…In that moment she knew what it was to feel worthy…To know that she was Love. For the first time since she was young, she gave herself permission to be her…Because being ‘her’ was worthy…  

She picks up the Gold Bar and steps inside her house. Her husband sees her in tears and believes something terrible must have happened, because she is speechless, no words will come. Have you ever been like that, so stunned that you can’t speak? I have. When something so momentous happens that no words will come out of your mouth, you can only express yourself through your emotions?  

She collapses on the floor, broken down in uncontrolled emotion. It is as though someone has died, but in fact it is just the crumbling of all her defenses that are no longer needed, the release of all the tension and stress that her body has held all of her adult life in her struggle against poverty and the system. She cannot move. Her body is limp. All fear that has been in her body for so long is no longer there. It is totally gone. There is no need to fear any more. And Nor Will There Ever Be.  

Can you imagine how that feels? To have no more fear? To see Lack dissolve in One Beautiful Moment?  

Her husband then sees the Gold Bar and he says  unbelievably: “Is this for us? For US?” And his stunned astonishment comes too from the sudden knowing that they are Worthy enough to have been given a Gold Bar…  

Yes they are Worthy. We are all Worthy. We have just been told that we are not. And we believed it.  

You see we have all felt so unworthy for so long, that what we have been attracting is more of the same. But do you also see that once we start to feel Worthy we will attract everything  we’ve  ever wanted? So now it’s time pivot. To see what has been hidden from us. It is time   to change our perception – and when we do that, miracles happen.  

The miracle is already happening and you can make it happen faster. The more of us that  visualize  this the quicker it will happen and the higher we will raise our vibration. The higher we raise our vibration the more fear and lack can no longer survive. Love is the highest vibration of all and negativity cannot survive in the face of Love.  

So are you with me, are you Opting in? You can read more about OPPT The One People’s Public Trust here.  

We are the Ones we have been waiting for.


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