Remote Viewing

By  Susan Harper Todd

Guest Writer for  Wake Up World

Several years ago now I began practising Remote Viewing. I can’t remember now how I first came across it, but the moment I stumbled across a website which talked about Remote Viewing and how to do it, I wanted to try it. When I did, I found it was something that I have the ability to do and so I have kept practising. I know that our gifts are there to be used and nurtured – they are showing us what we are here to do. It is our intuition’s way of leading us to the life we were born to lead.

Remote Viewing

Remote Viewing is something we all have the ability to do – for we are multi-dimensional beings. Remote Viewing is moving our consciousness from one location (our immediate surroundings) to another (remote) location. It is using our consciousness to see something that we cannot see with our physical eyes – in other words it is demonstrating the non-local nature of consciousness. It could also be described as using our third eye.

Consciousness is incredible… it is what we are… It seems to us as though our consciousness is confined to our brains or our minds, but it is not. Our consciousness is everywhere… it is wherever we put our focus – and that could be in a building on the other side of the world from where we physically are now, or it could be focusing on an image on a piece of paper inside a sealed envelope on the table in front of us.

We are not our mind. We are not the words we are thinking right now. We – that is to say our consciousness – are the part of us that is witnessing what we are thinking. When we are witnessing what we are thinking instead of being immersed in what we are thinking then we are conscious and awake. When we get sucked into being the words in our mind, being part of the scenario that is playing out in our mind rather than being aware of what is going on around us – that is being unconscious and asleep.

The website I first started using to practise Remote Viewing posted an image behind a black screen every day. So all you could see was a black square with a question mark in it. The challenge was to ‘see’ the image behind the black screen. The answer would be revealed the following day. So what I would do, was to close my eyes and ‘tune’ in to the hidden image with my consciousness – to try to ‘see’ it remotely. Although I did correctly see the image some of the time, I was by no means right every time. It is something that takes practise, because although we all do have the ability to do this, it is unfortunately not something that is taught in school – but it should be!

However the more I did it, the more I started to get frustrated, because I began to see images that were being posted a day or so after I had remotely seen them… So for example one day I remotely saw a red sun rising over the horizon. The following day the correct image was something completely different so I assumed I was wrong. However the day after that, the correct image was the red sun rising over the horizon that I had seen 2 days previously… So I was seeing the future. And this kept happening. I kept seeing images that had not yet been generated by the computer. I saw them several days in advance of them being posted…

This might all sound quite crazy but there is plenty of scientific evidence to back up Remote Viewing and the fact that it is possible to see future events. For example Robert Jahn, an American Plasma Physicist and Brenda Dunne, a Psychologist, conducted 653 Remote Viewing trials between 1976 and 1999.

These studies showed that spatial separation is not an important factor: the same degree of success is seen whether the agent and the percipient are in the same city or whether they are separated by thousands of miles. Interesting neither does time matter… In most of their trials, the receiver ‘saw’ the information from the agent precognitively – up to several days before it was sent, and before the image had been randomly selected from the target pool.

Quoted from the book “Source” by Joseph Jaworski.

Time does not matter because there really is no such thing as time. Time is not actually linear (although we see it as such), but holographic and everything is happening at once…which is how we can see future events – and how I saw ‘future’ remote images. However that’s another article!

Remote Viewing is just one of the many things that we, as multi-dimensional energetic beings, are able to do. We’ve just forgotten that we can. And once we start to use our gifts then we find that we are able to do more and more extra-sensory things… Our intuition and perception becomes much sharper, we start to feel and sense energy much more easily. We start to realise that we are energy. We start to BE who we really are!

The military have been using remote viewing for a very long time… to ‘see’ remote targets in countries in which they are not physically present. Your consciousness can be anywhere on this planet (or off it for that matter) in an instant – in the instant that you think of where you want to be, you are there – for you are your consciousness. It just takes a bit of practise.

If you would like to have a go at Remote Viewing here are two websites to get you started:

This one has comprehensive instructions on how to do it and a test to check out your remote viewing ability:

This website has a daily remote view test where they post a different image for remote viewing every day

Have fun with it and let me know how you get on!

All Love



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