The Single Most Important Thing After Waking Up

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By  Openhand

Contributing Writer for  Wake Up World

Okay it’s a bold title. Please pardon my lack of humility! Yet I think there is something, that if it’s not the most important thing we can do after waking up, is certainly very high on the list. I could define it colloquially as ‘owning your stuff’. We’ve realised that everything is interconnected; that everything is consciousness; but then the next step is accepting that literally everything we create is the product of our inner configuration of consciousness. Both the ‘good’ and the ‘bad’. So we need to own our creations and blame nothing ‘out there’ for what happens to us. This is amazingly empowering when we can do it. It’s a real game changer…

Just like a movie

So maybe you’re in a challenging relationship situation. Or you’re finding your job a daily grind. Family or work colleagues just don’t understand you or where you’re coming from. You’ve found a place of cosmic connectedness that those around you just don’t seem to understand. Here’s the point though…

The outer world is a reflection of the inner. Just like a movie, you project outwards both the positive and the negative aspects of your self. You’re being presented a mirror, so you can empower yourself to change.

This is of course exactly how the infamous  Law of Attraction  works. Not the distorted one being banded around, where we try to manifest in the outer world our desires by intentionally manipulating our inner self. What is supposed to happen is that we unveil beingness and in so doing, the outer world is shaped accordingly.

Not as sexy as manifesting your desires?

No it’s not as sexy as ‘manifesting your desires’. Yes it does require commitment, courage and hard work. But anything that was ever worth having, was really worth working for. Effortless working yes, unwinding frustration and struggle yes, but nevertheless, intently applying commitment and focus.

The point is you have a destiny, a  destined way of being,
and the universe will work tirelessly to help you unveil this.
It will constantly shape and change situations to help you be more of who you truly are.
And being your true self, is just like nothing else in existence.
It is unique. Magical. Superlative.
Be yourself, everyone else is already taken!

So how might you work on yourself in this unglamorous way?

  1. Firstly it’s to totally and utterly accept that every situation and circumstance you find yourself in was created by you.
  2. In the beginning,  not  to try to change it with some intention or purposeful avoidance;  not  to try and create some alternative reality.
  3. Accept it totally and ask “What is this situation revealing to me?” Feel intimately any internal resistance, tightness or contractions inside.
  4. Soften into your tightness, accepting it totally and then work to unwind it. Place your attention right in the heart of it and see perhaps a knotted ball literally unwinding (or an appropriate feeling/visualisation that works for you).
  5. Work to realise what was the outcome that I thought I needed from this situation? What could I not accept? Remember that you are eternal, absolute, all there is, and need nothing outside of yourself.
  6. Now let go of the attached need for a desired outcome.
  7. Open an internal space, breathing deeply through it. Look for, feel, and attune to authentic arising beingness. Let your being shine through in whatever way feels like the core of who you are.
    Shine forth! Express you, and watch the world shape in a positive way.

Nothing else going on

Now I’m not telling you this is easy. I’m not telling you that you can “buy the DVD for £5.99” and master it in five minutes. It could take a lifetime! But then mastery is what we’re here for. There’s bundles of joy to be found in mastering mastery.

And in any case, there is nothing else going on! We might pretend for a while that it’s about this or that: gaining that promotion, completing that creation, finding a truly successful relationship, but these are all the  products  of what you are being. Find out who you are –  who you really are  – and the right things will all shape miraculously around you.

What’s more, you’ll find absolute harmony in the outer with regards to how you’re being on the inner. Indeed, this level of acceptance, could just about be, the singularly most important thing since waking up!


(Chris Bourne)

Updated September 2014

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About the author:

I am a Higher Dimensional Catalyst. I ‘walked into’ this incarnation back in 2002 through the circumstances of a life threatening car crash. With the previous soul I had a sacred agreement that I would help fulfil his destiny of Ascension and move on. In so doing, we established the  Five Gateways  route  map to benefit others in their spiritual evolution. In return, I have had a full familiarisation as to the complex and challenging situation Humanity faces right now here on Earth. It has prepared me to assist in the catalytic shift of consciousness.

My soul is now centred in the higher dimensions where I find myself in communion with a benevolent presence acting through the weave of life which I call “Openhand”. Working with this energy through the field, means I can energetically highlight blockages, help dissolve karma and activate beingness within people simply by sitting in meditative communion with them.  It’s a divine gift that fills my heart and inspires the  Openhand work.


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