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Within spiritual evolution, it’s important to move beyond the need for an outcome in the external world. The soul has no need for the world to be a particular way. Yet the outer is an externalised manifestation of the inner — a ‘mirror’ so to speak. Therefore it would be natural to look for some result of internal energy work. In fact, to an energy worker, who catalyses the field, it is essential to generate ‘feedback loops’ which accelerate and build the energy. The soul is yearning for this. How might we find that sense of completion in a world that is often so insensitive?

Working the field

Some people are here to ‘work the field’ — to unravel blockages, to assist in reharmonisation of free flow, to  catalyse and shift energy. Energy workers have a profound gift to be able to do this and also to activate shifts of consciousness within others. Much of the time, this catalysation goes on behind the scenes and unseen, often even by those whose evolution is being helped and nurtured by it.

“It’s not the towering sail,
but the unseen wind that moves the ship”

    William Shakespeare

It’s all about resonance. Frequently I’ll be doing something, minding my own business, maybe something even as innocuous as having a cup of tea in town and I’ll feel a vibration, a download of energy. I’ll experience it as a surge through my being and a sudden expansion will happen. In the beginning, I was a little confused as to the effect of these surges, but then the universal language of synchronicity would put me in the picture — I’d notice some external impact on the person sitting next to me or someone across the room. They’d shift in some way. I’d ask the question “is this the person I’m here to help?” and immediately notice some movement of body language to confirm it. This is what I mean by a ‘feedback loop’.

Feedback loops

Feedback loops are vitally important to such energy work. Without them, there’d be a sense of incompleteness, of non-fulfillment. The energy is flowing out from the source, through you, into the outer world and back again. You’re being the conduit for some universal action and you amplify its effect by bringing attention to the loop. But if you can’t feel the completion of the cycle, the energy will be less effective or even dissipate.

The same happens when you’re directly exchanging with someone, when you’re in dialogue for example. You know the interaction is divinely given, you know you can feel the truth of the flow in that moment, and you know what they’re supposed to get from it (at least you have a strong idea), yet all too frequently, there’s a locking of horns with no deeper connectivity. How often have you felt that with friends, parents, children and the less sensitive? Such exchanges can be pretty frustrating!

But they needn’t be. And we can still accelerate the energy, catalysing profound shifts by changing our internal focus. Imagine you’re in discussion with someone about some aspect of truth you’re feeling they’re supposed to get. But they don’t get it, they refuse to get it. On the plane of the intellect, there’s no completion or harmony through some kind of verbalised acknowledgement. Yet underneath, you’re feeling the download of energy, the activation of frequency. The inflow is looking for a connection to let the energy flow. It’s easy to become disheartened. Especially as your soul is compelling you to act. It’s the very reason for your being. How might we facilitate the interaction more effectively?

Holding the keys

The first key is to feel the energetic boundary between you. This is all about  being empathic. Your field begins to enfold theirs. You’re activating a vibration (one of  the Seven Rays of Divine Impulse) and you begin to notice the resonance happening in their field. All is good, except for such an empath, if the other person is not fully acknowledging the impact, the risk is your energy becomes dissolved into theirs. So you have to be mindful of the boundary. If this starts to happen, you’ll need to contract your boundary and refocus on the purity of the vibration you’re resonating so that it strengthens again. This will likely cause some dissonance on the plane of the intellect – some disconnect. At the level of mind, it may feel a little weird between you — disharmonious.

No matter. It’s important to do it nevertheless — to stay focused on the energy and the beingness you’re given to radiate. This is where you’re using your empathic skills to become more catalytic. You may even notice that the other gets uncomfortable, a touch tight even, frustrated or where you might be activating karma, they could even get angry and wound up with you. Nevertheless it is your calling to continue.

“The small man builds cages for everyone he knows…
While the sage, who has to duck his head when the moon is low,
keeps dropping keys all night long
for the beautiful rowdy prisoners.”


Not confronting the shadow and splitting focus

Be mindful that you’ll be activating shadow identities in that person too. And the shadow will often want to ‘shoot the messenger’! It’s so important that we don’t try to directly confront the shadow. All that does is give energy to it. Instead it’s about holding the space for them to express, yet inwardly you’re still vibrating that activational frequency. You’re still being the catalyst.

Truth does not fight against illusions,
nor do illusions fight against the truth…
Illusions battle only with themselves.

    A Course In Miracles

At this point, where you’ve found the right alignment of the energetic boundary and you’re still resonating the frequency you’re given, but now you need the completion of that feedback loop. So you might have to shift your attention to a higher plane of connection. This will require the ability to split your focus, partially maintaining connection on the plane of the intellect (certainly enough to continue to converse), and you’re also looking for some synchronicity perhaps or sense of rightness and acknowledgement (by the universe) on a higher plane, in a higher dimension. When you find this, the feedback loop completes, the energy accelerates, the catalysis takes place and you feel fulfilled about the engagement. It feels like heaven!

Summary of Pointers

So in summary, here are some pointers for such under-the-surface energy work I’ve found help me:

  • Accept and acknowledge the work you’re here to do, even if it goes unnoticed. It’s important not to deny our calling.
  • Watch for those all important downloads and then when they happen, bring attention to them.
  • Look for and notice where the energy is being directed — it will come to you if you ask the question.
  • If you’re in conversation with that person (or even a group), master the art of split focus: stay engaged at the level of intellect, yet keep feeling for the vibration of being.
  • Let your field expand out to encompass there’s, it will find a natural alignment, yet be careful of the boundary, not dissolving your energy (yourself) into theirs.
  • Let the catalysis begin to happen, but now watch for the feedback loop — the confirmation that the energy is connected up and flowing.
  • Finally, hold your attention both on the surface level interaction and simultaneously the feedback loop. Watch and feel the energy build.

Completeness, harmony and joy

These are highly advanced and sometimes complex energy interactions. Yet when we can master the exchanges, we’ll find a sense of completeness, harmony and joy, even in a world where few acknowledge what you’re doing.

The work you’ve come here to do is profound and utterly invaluable. I trust my sharing might have helped ease the burden a little. Take heart, you’re performing invaluable universal service!

In loving support,
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