The Awakening Soul – Floodgate of the Apocalypse


30th October 2013

By  Zen Gardner

Contributing Writer for  Wake Up World

Apocalypse: disclosure of knowledge, lifting of the veil; revelation

More and more terrific folks are stepping out and making serious conscious-driven life changes and it’s absolutely thrilling. When we’re led by our hearts it can’t go wrong. But that doesn’t mean there won’t be trials, tests and obstacles.

We all have them.

But acting in response to the awakening is a different batch of challenges compared to the trials of those attempting to just exist or get ahead in our matricized world. Any conscious and aware lifestyle change to whatever degree is upstream in relation to the predominant down river current carrying those embroiled in the system. As a result we meet with criticism, cynicism, anger, a sense of betrayal from friends and loved ones, ridicule, financial challenges and other complications stirred up by those resentful of our freedom.

It’s not an easy road.

Most of us have experienced those challenges and setbacks to varying degrees our whole lives. I’ve had several major paradigm shifts and complete turnabouts in my life leading up to where I am now, as have so many. There were always wild, unexpected and difficult to deal with elements that were often either extremely traumatic, or just plain took me by surprise, several appearing as if I was hitting a wall…when I wasn’t.

The key is to keep moving. To keep moving you have to keep consciously responding, constantly dissolving elements you’re faced with one lie or easily solved situation at a time. If you do, the illusory world around you will crumble in significance as a new life of personal majesty is born.

Being born isn’t easy.

Birthing the Apocalypse – We’re in Transition

Transitioning is a term used for going through the final stages of labor during the amazing act of giving birth. How appropriate. That idea is what triggered this post, and a response from one of the many wonderful folks who frequent my website. Many, like myself, are in serious transitions and learning profound life and consciousness lessons hand over fist.

The key is to be willing to let go of the shore. That’s where the seeming cost comes in, but in the grand scheme of things it’s infinitesimal, no matter what we let go of.

This is from Sand, inspired by a deep article penned by Ida:

My husband and I made a move to provide a refuge for family if needed. We knew it wouldn’t be easy, but are now discovering that was an understatement. During this adventure, I’m finding the need to call back to what Grandma S. taught me waaaayyyyy back when. The many lessons from Grandma are helping to get through some of the hard days. Just this past Sunday, while harvesting black walnuts, I had the nagging thought that our steps to “simplify” our life were not working out so well. I’ve been questioning whether it was the right thing to do.

As I picked up the nuts, that little voice kept saying, “It’s too hard. I can’t keep up with all the work that needs to be done. I’ve made a huge mistake. I’ve made our lives harder – not easier. Harvesting food, preserving food, cutting firewood, building the woodshed – it’s too much to handle.”

And then a memory popped into my head. I was maybe 8 years old, and Grandma and I were collecting black walnuts in the backyard. As we gathered, she would tell me the steps to getting to the delicious nutmeat. It seemed like such a difficult process and I told her so. She said, “if you don’t think about and just do it, it’s not so hard.” Hmmmm! Ok. That was a good clue, Grandma. Thanks.

Never realized before, but Grandma S. is so zen. So, I guess I’ll keep going for now – get out of my head and just do it.

Those are brave folks who’ve taken the Truth to heart and acted upon it, despite all the unknowns in front of them. There are many like them. Look how it’s stirred them to new depths as well as heights, both of which are wonderful teachers in life. We each need to do the same however we’re called.

I have many other dear friends and acquaintances who are building gardens, preparing their families physically and spiritually, participating in local information campaigns and directly exposing the agenda, developing alternative methodologies such as reiki or other healing and other empowerment techniques, empowering others, uprooting and even selling their homes in order to move somewhere safer, or just tuning in mightily to the shift we’re undergoing and passing it on in any way they can via writing, speaking, music and many very creative multi-media formats.

Therein lies the revolution of spirit and humankind. Rejecting the matrix of deception and self-serving ego and stepping into a life led and empowered by the Creative Force, whatever the cost.

After all, it costs a lot more not to. It’s really a no-brainer.

We Are the Revelation Unfolding

Activism? Everything we do and share matters in more profound ways than we can imagine, especially in light of trying to change a decaying and obsolete system. Our every thought, deed and intention matter immensely. Our neighbors and friends realize we’ve activated when we step out. Your family will know you mean business and aren’t just blowing smoke about your “crazy” ideas and convictions. A lot of wonderful dynamics get initiated. It reverberates through many dimensional levels because of and beyond all those influences.

That’s the revelation.

It’s the revelation of you, it’s the revelation of me. It’s the personal conscious release of the wellspring of infinite love, awareness and conscious creative power. As we each wake up and manifest the very real infinite world of loving inter-connectivity and unlimited spiritual resources, the new world we long for is being born.

Trying to patch up or redesign the existing structure in the face of this gargantuan awakening is like trying to put out the sun with a garden hose. Yet they try.

The Point – Universal Birthing Is Everything

We’re up against very serious forces that seem to “out man” us. They don’t. We just need to awaken our own innate spiritual nature and raise our conscious awareness to deal with them at the most effective level. What appears impressive that they’ve showcased, and has apparently taken our covert scientific community by storm, is none other than matter manipulation by mind and technology.

Oh, how the greedy reptilian left brain mind craves for this type of shallow technology–just as it was programmed to do. How convenient.

Fact is we all have these innate superior consciousness capabilities, no matter how technologically advanced this ugly onslaught against humanity appears. However, we conscious humans wouldn’t think of using such magnificent power and energy in such ways as those manipulative controllers. Yes, we would rather heal the planet and everything on it. Instead of clamoring for power we’d feed the world, dissolve any wars, and cultivate a planet of love, plenty, empowerment and discovery here and far beyond.

Is that why they hate us so? Is our very loving existence the bane of theirs?

It would appear so. We’re certainly diametrically opposed.

Approach life consciously – but dive in wholeheartedly and do your part.

The Apocalypse is here – and it’s you and me.

That’s the true Revelation.

It’s that simple.

Love always, Zen

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