Is Cosmic Music Unlocking The Matrix?

By  Zen Gardner

Contributing Writer for  Wake Up World

Music is amazing. The right combinations of vibrational sounds can open the spirit and unlock moods and emotions and stir thought and action. Discordant sounds close the heart and cause discomfort and annoyance.

This happens on the cosmic level as well. The shift in consciousness that’s taking place coincides with a vibrational change in the Universe. Like electricity or thought, it can only be seen by its effects, which come in the form of new feelings, new realizations and new perspectives which in turn bring about changed behaviors.

The Code Is Being Broken

David Icke recently talked about there being a code that’s being given to us to unlock the false reality we’re currently perceiving around us. When this goes into full effect, the whole matrix will just come down on a massive scale.

That’s a very happy thought. And I feel the same. It happens one person at a time but it’s undoubtedly happening on a huge scale.

You can also think of this code as a harmonic key. Amazing they call them “keys” in music, but that’s what they are. This cosmic change, perhaps best pictured as the sun’s current recharging cycle we’re seeing and the photon field and alignments we’re simultaneously passing through, is a harmonic vibrational combination that’s tuning us into it, and conversely, it into us.

As we resonate with that harmonic key it turns the tumblers and unlocks our doors of perception and understanding, and breaks down those layers of separateness that have been imposed on us that we’ve subconsciously reinforced in the matrix out of pure imposed ignorance.

A huge exponential spiritual awakening on a scale never even imagined!

Synchronicity Abounds

This is why so many of us are having the exact same thoughts, insights and spiritual experiences…while even continents apart. This is why you’ll see phrases of explanation or thoughts that jump out at you as your own. It’s happening far and wide and we need to learn to stay tuned to it and take full acceptance, appreciation and advantage of it.

This is also why it’s important to inspire people to develop a real trust in their intuitive senses as I’ve often harped (vibrational) upon. It’s more important and practical than people realize. Just imagine when the internet goes down and there’s no more “hearing of the ear” and “seeing of the eye” by getting confirmation from elsewhere on the things we’re sensing and learning.

That’s profound. We have an extremely “secure” alternative at our fingertips.

We can all capitalize on this river of vibrational information we’re simultaneously receiving by embracing it, acting accordingly, and passing it on. Those are acts of experiential faith.. We need to stay stark clear headed sober in our consciousness if we are to do any good during this massive confusion that’s hitting planet earth.

We may be fine, but those around us are gonna go nuts for want of understanding, and we need to be there for them.

The more we let these fabulous, loving fundamental Truths be known, however they’re given to each of us, the more will be prepared. They’ll at least know someone knew and cared, and maybe even find you out for more Truth.

Do your part. Activate. Express your Truth experience. Each of us changes the entire battlefield called the Earth experience.

If you don’t think it’s a battleground..think again. It’s our reality. And you don’t win a battle by standing still.

Words and right actions are weapons of Truth and Love – use them now.

Love always,

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