Vibrate On the Level You Want to Exist On

Vibrate on the level you want to exist on

By Sarah Womer

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

For those of you who have people in your lives who are a psychic drain on you, this is important information!

I was recently watching Spirit Sciences on YouTube. If you haven’t yet seen any of their videos, I highly recommend them to watch, they present important information in a clear and concise manner so anyone can grasp some of the more nuanced and esoteric topics of spirituality.  There was an episode on dimensions that briefly discussed our ability to travel between parallel dimensions and universes by simply changing the state of our harmonic vibrations into disharmonic or more harmonic vibrations.

This is a complex topic that has many aspects to it, but it gave me a revelation, one that has been a lesson I have been trying to apply and make sense of for a while now….

If you knew that your suffering was a knife you hold in your hand, cutting you because you are holding the sharp blade end, then wouldn’t you set this knife down or simply turn it around and grasp the handle instead? I think most of us would agree that to avoid unnecessary pain is a given and preferable state of being and would lay down our weapon or at least stop grasping the deleterious blade. And yet, we fail to recognize that our separations and frustrations and ailments are a blade we grasp and harm ourselves with, and continue to cling to them, continuing the self destruction and suffering!

We will come back to that….

The frustration you feel in your own life is separation from God. However, I do not refer to the Christian or religious god that many people equate with that word. I mean unity consciousness or the understanding that we are all connected – we are all one. To feel that someone is attacking you or you are “right” or “wrong” is to feel that you are separate from them somehow. This isn’t true. We are all connected and their suffering is your suffering; your suffering is their suffering. The frustration and anger and fear that people feel is the feeling of separation from each other, including nature.

If you look at it from a scientific mentality, we are all comprised of varying densities of atoms and there is no separation of matter between individuals or objects. All that we see is the manifestation of matter in a state (solid, liquid, plasma, gas) as perceived by us. We are, essentially, all connected; it is the speed of vibration and density of atoms that comprises us, but there is always something that is constantly changing and connecting us moving through the atoms that float between me and another person or object. If you think of an atom in its basic form as the nucleus, circling proton and electron and add in the concept of electron exchange as happens between atoms, then you start to realize that we are electrically connected. This could even be similar to the friction or “shock” that you get from static electricity.

Anyway, we think we are unique and separate from each other – we are not. We are different manifestations of spirit and consciousness but we are connected. We share in the same experiences and learn the same things. We feel the same feelings and suffer the same catastrophes. We are one.

But because we have learned to be disconnected from Source, we are afraid so we grasp our weapon and try to defend ourselves against perceived threats. But there is nothing to defend against as we are all connected. In essence we are only fighting ourself because we are already one with each other and every living thing. So really, we are grasping the blade end of our dagger hoping to defend ourself against our “enemies” who are really just reflections of our fears, anxieties, frustrations and ultimately our disconnection from each other and life – Gaia.

This is not the same conversation as saying “don’t fight someone beating the living crap out of you because we are all one.” This person is attacking you because of who you are, what you look like, or any other issue as the friction or separation from Source. This person is lost and separated and now is causing you to question this same existential crisis they are facing! Don’t let them! You are connected to them and all of Earth, just like everything that exists on Earth! However, to forget that is to suffer. To suffer that is to inflict suffering upon yourself and others. To inflict suffering is to give others the same conflict you are suffering from.

How does this manifest?

Imagine that a family member or friend is angry. They are picking at you and trying to hurt your feelings for so long and you refuse to let them. Now eventually 1 of 3 scenarios will happen.

1: Direct confrontation!

Finally you lose your composure and get fed up and give them negativity back. They have succeeded in displacing their lack of connection to source to you. Now they see “okay we are connected I see…” but you are angry and disconnected feeling as though it was a personal attack (there may have been personal attacks but it wasn’t personal) and that interconnectedness should not manifest this way or feel so hurtful. You are partially correct but we will come back to that….  :)

2: ‘Drive-by’ negativity dump

One person comes through sending out negative energy and they leave but all of a sudden you are angry and acting cruelly like the person that just came through your space. What happened? They felt disconnected and dumped their fears like your energy space was a landfill and then left after opening to source again (or at least resetting their preferred state of disharmony). But the disharmonic energy continues to vibrate in your space and your body will tune to the energy vibrations that are around it.

Have you ever seen the video of metronomes falling into one vibration?! It takes about 5 minutes but all vibrations eventually synchronize.

The same will happen to you, whether that is a negative or positive vibrational energy. Our preferred state is health, but if we are already unhealthy or struggling from stress (like someone coming into your space yelling at you or complaining bitterly about everything) then we are more likely to “tune” into their disharmonic frequency to match their (low) vibration.

Of course you can affect how vulnerable you are to negativity. But for now, we are just introducing concepts.

3. The battle-worn survivor

The third way that a situation will end is “Battle Worn Survivor.” The negative person leaves, the positive person relaxes after weathering the storm and feels a bit worn out and drained but hasn’t been affected immensely by this barrage of friction and psychic meltdowns! The problem with the survivor is that repeated attacks can leave even the most aptly prepared and positive person vulnerable. You always need to be able to recharge and reset after having your energetic feathers ruffled even if it was ultimately an unsuccessful ruffle.

The point is this friend or family member is suffering and they are showing you their suffering and disconnection from their self, their community, and Earth (Source) by using their fear of being alone and anger at being abandoned and singled out to attack you. Their personal attacks are a way to say “I need to know that you are affected by my actions” but they don’t know why they need to feel this, so it is scary, maddening and they can be abusive because of it.

Even if that person seems ‘nice’, any person that demands you keep being present for them but doesn’t reciprocate presence or positivity for you is not caring for you and is suffering. You do not need to keep putting up  continued suffering-based demands from an individual, because that is not helping either of you. If they are using a language to say “I lack connection and I need to feel source so I’m angry” but it continues to harm you, you can conclude you do not speak the same language and they (as well as you) would be better served finding people in your respective lives that can speak the language needed to communicate these concepts. You are not disconnecting your relationship to them – that is impossible as we are all one. You are however asking them to find an appropriate interpreter, which is the highest form of love you can provide this person so they may also elevate, ascend and enlighten themselves and stop suffering!

Letting go of the blade….

That seems easy enough to grasp intellectually but in practice it can be hard not to get angry or frustrated with the attack and demand for proof of connection that comes. It can be challenging not to be affected by a barrage of negativity especially when it is someone close to you. However, this is just proof of our interconnectedness and how we, despite our disharmony, are all one.

So when you feel that you are disconnected from someone, you are grasping a blade in your hand pretending that you must defend your person against an insult, against abusers, against evil and manipulative people…. but you will always be grabbing the sharp blade and harming yourself, because you are not seeing the truth.

This is the yogic concept ‘avidya’, the  opposite of vidya  (knowledge): which is a shield against truth. Perceiving yourself as an individual against anyone or anything is failing to feel connected, which is not the truth. Failing to feel connected because of ignorance is suffering. Suffering is the same as holding a blade tightly in your hand and not letting go, which is ignorant because if you were aware of the truth – that the blade is unnecessary and holding it harms you – you would not continue to hold the blade!

Now, this is where the “vibrate at the level you want to exist on” part comes in.

There are two ways to perceive this next bit of information, the first is less esoteric than the second. The second will require a bit of dialogue on parallel universes!  :)

So the first idea about vibrating to a higher level of consciousness is that you must vibrate to a harmonic level of bliss, and your life will attract and bring into synchronicity the bliss harmonic. Just like the metronomes in the video, your continued harmonic vibration will eventually make everything fall into line and your life will take shape in the way that it is meant to be – which is full of bliss!

The secret of life’s intention to be blissful is another story, but trust for now that the purpose of life is to be on the path (harmonic vibration) of bliss (ananda)…. and that’s the basic principle of yoga! Yoga is a tool and path to bliss consciousness or living with source at perfect harmony always. It’s possible!

How do you know that your life will bring the “metronomes” of others into positive blissful alignment with yourself? Because the preferred state and expression of the universal existence is bliss (harmony), that will always be what any life form will strive to return to. The metronomes are all going to the same beat, but they are out of synch. The harmonic vibrations of life are all going to the same harmony but sometimes some become out of synch. There will always be a state of dis-ease when there is out of synch vibration (like the chaos of out of synch metronomes or even just one out of synch metronome) and that causes the harmonic vibration to re-tune itself so that it may become in synch and harmonious. Akin to tuning an instrument or cleaning an instrument or replacing parts in that instrument, your body will retune itself to reach the harmonic vibration of bliss – its natural state.

Yes, it is very possible to be tuned to disharmonic frequencies but that will make you sick, tired, sad, irritated…. and you will always be suffering! That isn’t what feels good or natural and so you will be out of synch with the Earth (Source) and suffer. You will feel this state of disharmony and strive to return to a harmonic existence.

Sometimes that harmonizing will be a radical physical transformation of lost weight or detoxification, and this transformation includes physical death where the physical body returns to the soil to decompose and be reset into a harmonic state.

This brings up lots of questions about the way we currently conduct our civilization, in that we fear physical departure and return to source so much so that we try to preserve our bodies indefinitely in great monuments. Perhaps, this even makes you wonder about ancient civilizations where they practiced mummification…. But that’s entirely another topic. The point is that we either suffer and face increasingly greater states of disease, or we find that harmonic vibration of bliss consciousness and transform.

Be the bliss you want to feel

To create that harmonic vibration of bliss,  you must be the bliss that you wish to feel. If those people around you are suffering and causing you to suffer as well, you must either up your energetic game or cut them loose. It is difficult but if you come from a place of understanding, love, compassion and oneness, you will find the strength and energy to tap into this bliss vibration and the level and commitment that you need to create only harmonic vibrations around you!

When you return to harmonic vibrations, you will reset the harmonic elements around you. Any disharmonic elements will have to adapt to the prevailing vibration – harmony and bliss. The amazing and helpful thing is that once you bring most of your environment into harmonic vibration, the rest will naturally follow. You don’t even have to always vibrate harmonically because for the most part, you have corrected the disharmony by initiating the harmonic vibrations.  Any disharmonic vibrations will adapt and return to a bliss state or will be repelled.  People are metronomes!

We are not stationary objects with no attachment to the situation who will just adapt to any vibration without opinion or care. Without delving into all the factors that envelope humanity, there is also electricity and polarity.  We have electricity and therefore magnetism that drives us into certain harmonic or disharmonic states. Like electrons moving freely between atoms, we are constantly attracting and repelling other people and life forms. We invite similar frequency people by vibrating at a certain harmony, we invite people into our life by having a “hole” in our life (like attracting an extra electron), and we repel others by having our “holes” filled or frequencies harmonic.  Negative people will either have the need to change and be attracted to uplift their vibration with you, or will not be accepting change and will not be able to penetrate your vibration.

Think of it as a party with chairs – when your party is full, no one else can come unless they bring a chair or can help you get more space. Negative people want to take a chair. That’s okay sometimes and eventually they will stop being negative and become a positive person to be around, which is fun – when the metronome falls in synch. However if that person refuses to be kind, they will leave the party and they leave a seat for someone new! Now the new person may be positive or negative but either way the result will be the same: synchronicity or polarity; expansion or contraction.

This is just the pulse of life and either way it’s just a party.  :)  By allowing yourself to enjoy life and vibrate harmonically, be blissful, you are repelling the negative forces and at the same time asking that negative force, who wants to be positive, to synchronize! You become a beacon of love that uplifts everything around you!  This is the best way to serve the world.

So yes, it’s true that you should be the change you wish to see, because you are helping to inspire synchronicity in vibration. You are leading the synchronicity to a higher bliss-level vibration, and that is important! Even if some negative vibrations are repelled it is not from a lack of connection or love, it is simply a matter of spiritual language. The “negative” is someone looking for someone who speaks their language and can translate to them. That may not be you and that’s okay, or they can choose to learn your language. Either way you must allow yourself the space to be comfortable in your own energy and spiritual dialect, and not allow yourself to conform to someone else’s. Worry stems from fear and fear is a lack of connection to truth, and that is suffering – and then we start back at the beginning of this article!

Eventually all vibrations must synchronize. Where will harmony start? We hope, with you!

About the author:

Sarah WomerSarah is a mother of two and spiritual guide to many. Through Sarah Womer Yoga, she regularly leads seekers of truth and love through cleanses and yoga workshops.  She is also the author of the yoga book Yoga Zombie Apocalypse: Survive Undeath the Yoga Way.

It is Sarah’s goal to use her empathic qualities to help all find their connection to each other and the greater source of all bliss. With a drive to fully experience Life and share her knowledge with the world, she works tirelessly to expand humanity’s understanding and consciousness, to help bring more peace and love into the world.

Connect with Sarah at  or visit  Sarah Womer Yoga.

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